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How quickly can you get to your gun while driving?

This is a discussion on How quickly can you get to your gun while driving? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Velly fast. I usually car carry with a Bagmaster on its own fastex buckled flat webbing. It is easy to rotate the bag on my ...

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Thread: How quickly can you get to your gun while driving?

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    Velly fast.

    I usually car carry with a Bagmaster on its own fastex buckled flat webbing.

    It is easy to rotate the bag on my body toward the left hip ... fast cross draw position.

    Out of the car it is usually back to 2 oclock appendix or 3 o clock hip..
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    Which gun? The one is my belt or the one in the center console?
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    I am not too familiar with all of the areas of KC. When I was growing up my dad lived in Independence, MO and my stepmom is from Raytown, so I spent a good amount of time in the area. Yesterday I drove to KC to watch the Royals (lose to the Phillies) and we ended up getting off to get gas and ended up in a situation about like this. It was somewhere over by the zoo and there was construction in the area and made it difficult to figure out where I 435 was. We got some odd looks and a couple of odd hand signs, but nothing that really caused any alarms to go of.
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    Echo Four....

    Sounds like you were in the "Swope Park" area... At night, not a place I would want to be in if on foot. In a car, not too bad at all... Not a whole lot of people mess with people in moving cars there.

    Still a car jacking in that area is not unheard of, so if you were armed... no problems.

    Now, I haven't lived up in KC metro in 14 years and haven't worked ambulance in KC since 1986 and crime has gotten significantly worse since then.

    I was up there a couple weeks ago and I took my wife over to the house I grew up in back in the 1960's (just to see what it looked like these days and what the old neighborhood looked like). (72nd & Cleveland if anyone knows the area).

    Not far from Swope Park and about 7 or 8 blocks from the old Fairyland Park. We got a lot of looks from the locals for sure and probably not the smartest idea as we really had no business being in the area should an incident had happened. Still we were packing 3 guns.
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    one bit of training tells me that I'm driving a large weapon and seeing you cannot engage a large crowd from your vehicle. I would use my vehicle either as a weapon or to get out of dodge. One thing I have always lived by is don't back yourself into a corner where you have to fight.

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    Thumbs up +1!

    Quote Originally Posted by f8lranger4x4 View Post
    one bit of training tells me that I'm driving a large weapon and seeing you cannot engage a large crowd from your vehicle. I would use my vehicle either as a weapon or to get out of dodge. One thing I have always lived by is don't back yourself into a corner where you have to fight.
    Agreed but only so long as you HAVE a suitable vehicle! See my thread in the off topics forum titled Another Route to Gun Control
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    Due to my job I do not carry into my customer sites. I do carry when I go to these sites. I am in a slow period but have been driving 800~1000 miles a week. With my drives I have leave early and sometimes don't get home until late. When I am driving for work my XD sits either in the passenger seat covered by a lowerback pillow or behind my seat in my computer bag. when it is in the bag I can reach behind the seat and "draw it" if needed.

    When I am not working it is at 3:30 with my shirt tucked between the gun and my side. The seatbelt does not block the gun at all and it does not get uncomfortable.

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    I carry 3:30 but I put my gun in my console once I get inside my car and shut the door. My console is perfectly sized to fit my PT140. I'm planning on buying a truck by the end of the year so I figure I'd rig some kind of holster in it to put my gun in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OfClanMcnab View Post
    Yesterday I was driving to one of our remote offices, which requires me to drive through a rough area of Kansas City. A very rough area, actually. While driving through a residential area on my way to the office, I noticed a large crowd of men gathered in the road and on the shoulders. I could tell by the gigantic t-shirts, baggy pants, and lopsided ballcaps that most of them were a bit on the thuggish side. Even though I was going only 25mph, I had maybe 5 seconds to react to the crowd because there was a hill just before this spot. I was wearing a lightweight rain jacket over my gun, but it was zipped up, so as soon as I saw the crowd I unzipped my jacket, reached inside and adjusted my gun to an easy position.

    The crowd parted and nothing happened. A few hand gestures (gang signs I presume) and a lot of staring, but other than that I didn't have anything to worry about. They seemed to be enjoying a party at a nearby house (during mid-week working hours, go figure), and I didn't noticed any overt hostility or violence, other than the hand gestures. Perhaps those hand gestures are considered friendly greetings in that part of town. Still, the incident made me think about what I do with my gun while driving. Typically I take it off when I get to work and put it in my glove box and lock the glove box. If I have to leave our main office and go to a remote site, I unlock the glove box but I don't put the gun back on. Thankfully I have been getting better about making sure the glove box is unlocked, but even if the glove was unlocked, how quickly could I open the glove, grab the gun, and then yank it from the holster?

    This incident has shown me how quickly something could happen even while in the car. I didn't see any signs of hostility, but what if someone had stepped in front of my car and I was forced to stop? Someone else could easily smash a window in or just step up to the car with a gun. I have often told myself I would just run over someone if they tried that crap with me, but having been in this spot I can see how I might not even have time to do that.

    One of the great things about this forum is that it allows us to pool our experiences into one place, and everyone can benefit from the experience of one person. This experience has taught me that the best place to have a gun is on your body, even while driving.

    If I was moving I wouldn't even care about the Gun. I have a truck that I can easily turn into a 1 ton Weaon with a push of the Gas peddle.
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    Here's a great reason to have your gun accessible:

    Police Release More Detail About Juneteenth Violence
    By Jon Byman
    Milwaukee Police say a 33-year-old man has a broken tooth and cuts all over his face after a group of teenagers pulled him from his car and beat him following Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration.

    It happened after the festival ended in the 3000 block of north 1st Street which is a short distance from the actual festival. Police say hundreds of teenagers started kicking the man's car. Today's TMJ 4 video from the scene shows the teenagers damaging at least several cars.

    The man who was pulled from his car was treated and released from a local hospital.

    Meanwhile, a few blocks away a group of girls started fighting. When police went to break up the fight near 1st and Auer, the department says a 17-year-old girl started punching and kicking a 15-year veteran officer.

    She hit him in his face shield, which shattered into his face. He needed three stitches and has scratches on his neck. That 17-year-old was arrested and police are recommending charges for battery to a police officer.

    Police say there was also a fight earlier in the day in the 3000 block of north 1st Street. In that case, three women were fighting. Police say a 15-year-old boy tried to break up the fight when an 18-year-old man got involved in it.

    According to police, the 18-year-old got angry, walked away and told the boy he was coming back with a gun. The 18-year-old did in fact return with a gun and fired five shots into a crowd where the boy was standing. The 15-year-old's 39-year-old uncle was hit in the shoulder. He was treated and released from a local hospital.

    Some people think the violence takes away from the real meaning of Juneteenth.

    "I think it should be continued," said Earnestine Rogers. "It shouldn't be stopped because of some youngsters."

    It's the second year in a row that violence has broken out at the celebration.

    What happens if they shove something behind your tires so you can't move? A park bench, chunks of concrete, a couch from a nearby porch....

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    I have a second gun in my car where I can get to it quickly. I haven't practiced enough yet, but I can access my primary (4-4:30 IWB) if I need it.

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