When tired, make yourself twice as alert!

When tired, make yourself twice as alert!

This is a discussion on When tired, make yourself twice as alert! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This happened to me today. It is right at 3:30 am and I am outside cleaning the back seat of my truck (I am the ...

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Thread: When tired, make yourself twice as alert!

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    When tired, make yourself twice as alert!

    This happened to me today. It is right at 3:30 am and I am outside cleaning the back seat of my truck (I am the type of guy who wont litter so the back seat is the catch all) because I have to take Mom to the airport. I made it home from work at midnight so I have not slept a wink and I can feel it.

    Even though I did my usual scanning of the area, my attention (and part of my body) is inside the truck. I hear a car coming in faster than the way the locals drive around the neighborhood. I look up and see headlights aiming at my direction through the rear windshield so I pull out form the truck. We live in an association and all the houses are located in circles (cul -de-sac types) connected to a main road. The car turns in and I see a hand sticking out of the driver's window holding a long cylindrical object and the tosses it. I go WHOA!!! and start to move for cover (Crouch behind the bed) and the hand is already moving to go under the vest when my brain finally registers that the cylinder is yellow and it is the damn newspaper in its plastic bag. The paper lands about 5 feet from me and the driver, a lady, is shocked to see me but smiles really friendly, waves and drives away. I forced myself to smile and wave back but I was still a bit shaken. I felt that I reacted slower that i should and I should have been more aware than usual since I knew my rusted-by-age reflexes were rustier than usual because of tiredness.

    Cheap learning. I did stay alert for the trip to Miami International (always and adventure to drive down the Palmetto Expresway) and back. The wife and I had a very early breakfast at the local IHOP where I was regaling the wife with the descriptions of all the patrons consuming rooty tooties: 2 tired looking hookers, 3 Latin Gansta wannabes, some kids that looked like a rock band acting tough but smelling like colombian oregano, a young nihilistic/goth/tattoed/Bendera/Nietsche couple, another couple that looked like thy just got off third shift and were having a bite before heading home and 3 huge trucker-type gents that were wolfing down their food before going back to work.

    Yes, I was overdoing it, but that is the point. I was tired so I had to compensate for it.

    PS: No, I have no idea why the lady delivers the paper so darn early.
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    We all get there...long day...end of the week...ill and sluggish. Whatever the case may be, we all find ourselves tired and lax. I think the only thing we can do is recognize that we are tired and yeah, work twice as hard to pay attention.
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    'Tired' is definately a factor in reduced awareness. Thanks for the reminder

    Re: the paper lady - my dogs will go nuts if a mouse sneezes in the next state, but stay quiet when the paper lady drops off the daily fish wrapper at 5AM. I sure do hope we don't get a new person doing the deliveries or our current driver never gets a different car.
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    Tiredness is/can be a great problem Miggy - that's for sure. I know if I drive late and tired I have an open window and even AC on - anything to keep fresh air blowing ... something to keep the mind clearer.

    In your situation I can well imagine the fatigue effect but heck - that's (in retrospect) quite funny - re the paper ... tho it is easy to imagine that thru the fog of tiredness seeming like a threat!

    I think each of us has to find what works to kick off the weight of tiredness - in order to still function and stay ahead of the game - but it sure ain't easy at times.
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    PS: No, I have no idea why the lady delivers the paper so darn early.
    Because if she delivers the paper late, subscribers will complain!

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    Good reminder Miggy. I, too, have a tendency to let my guard down a bit when I'm tired..

    Heck, I even let my husband disarm me and put me to bed when I've fallen asleep on the couch. Usually I'm pretty aware of what is going on and just let him because he's cute and trying to help me and I'm okay with that.

    I think you reacted well though. There are some who would have just stood there looking dumb founded rather than respond to a potential threat. I wouldn't beat yourself up too much.

    LOL.. about you going over board on the descriptions of people. I do that all the time when we are in a theater together.

    My husband will go to the bathroom and come out and I'll give him the head count in the lobby, who's with who and what they are wearing. He's happy I notice but it gets on his nerves sometimes..

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    Hell, I would have still been trying to get my fat butt outta the truck... you at least went to cover and had hand on weapon.

    I think you acted quickly enough and would have been able to get shots off fast enough should you have assessed a threat.

    We are all human. Fatigue matters and there is very little we can do to change the fact that we are tired when what we are is TIRED.

    You still acted appropriately! Ok, maybe you may have been a little slower than you liked... doesn't it suck to be human?

    Miggy, despite what you think... Good Job!
    Semper Fi

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    Hey, it was just the paper, not a stick of dynamite, ya did ok.

    Sometimes I make the drive from Columbus to Cincy (about 100 miles), after work at 330 or 4 in the morning, I have found that open, windows, a loud radio and a red bull every 10 minutes does the trick (working in a bar has its perks, like free red bull), of course if the sugar doesn't keep u up, doing the happy dance the last 30 miles will.
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    Miggy You shoot the news paper delivery guy and every one on the block is going to be mad at you.

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