Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have? - Page 3

Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have?

This is a discussion on Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; .22 RF - Many thousands. .45 acp - a whole bunch of good quality ball 223/5.56 - more than enough .38 SPL - probably not ...

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Thread: Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have?

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    .22 RF - Many thousands.
    .45 acp - a whole bunch of good quality ball
    223/5.56 - more than enough
    .38 SPL - probably not enough
    12 shotty ammo - adequate - need more slugs
    .308 enough
    9mm - never touch the stuff - none
    30 carbine - enough
    30 30 - don't know - probably enough
    .44 mag - enough
    30.06 probably not enough

    I also have some ammo for guns that I no longer own.
    That should be good for barter.
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    I just had a big shooting weekend here a couple of weeks ago and depleted my stores so I have to begin restocking. But thats partially ok because some of it needed to be rotated out.

    Also, now that I have a new bushy M4, I have been stocking up on bulk .223. My target loads are too danged expensive to just burn through that gun.

    I lucked out the other day and walked into a local store chain that hardly anyone shops anymore. My jaw dropped as I saw 20+ boxes of Remington UMC or Federal Eagle for around $6.00 a box so I swiped them all up. I have since been hitting each one as I am travelling around and finding the same thing, so I keep wiping them out. None of the major suppliers ever have .223 or it is all starting at $9.00 + a box unless its wolf, which I won't buy because it is not reloadable.
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    Wow...this thread really got me thinking. I guess it is best to stock up on ammo cause if something does happen, you won't be able to get your hands on more.

    I usually like to keep a few hundred rounds for each cal I own, but after I go shooting that usually dwindles down for a few weeks.

    I would say the only ammo I have kept a steady supply on and a good supply is 12gauge #7 1/2 shot. Its cheap and effective...I like to keep at least 1K of that...I also keep 5 or 6 boxes of 00buck
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    14000 .22LR
    1500 .22 magnum
    6000 .223 (2k is "the good stuff)
    4400 5.7x28mm
    8000 7.62x39 (how good does this get?)
    10000 .308 (3k is "the good stuff")
    2500 50 BMG (750 is "the good stuff")
    5000 12 gauge
    1500 .380 ACP (500 "good stuff")
    730 9x18 Makarov
    2300 .38 Special (1000 "good stuff")
    115 410
    430 .270 Winchester (all "good stuff")
    2530 30-06 (1000 "good stuff)
    120 .375 H&H Magnum
    100 .458 Win. Mag
    150 .45 Long Colt
    200 .454 Casull
    3500 45 ACP (1500 "good stuff))
    3950 9mm (2000 "good stuff")
    866 .44 Magnum
    1519 10mm (1000 "good stuff")
    2 12mm Gyrojet (need to restock this!)

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    Not enough. Although that should be changing after I have to stop paying for school.
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    Well, Ive been through a few shtf's like Hugo and Andrew. I really don't see the need for thousands and thousands of rounds. Hundreds yes! But I made it through my situations with brains more than bullets. Of course, I was cocked and locked and carrying! I do know a few who've been through worse. Wish I still had a picture of my friends father and brother in front of their boarded up jewelry store in ST. Croix after Hugo (at least I think it was Hugo) with their SPAS shotguns, bandoliers of shells and a spray painted sign that said "You try, you die". Their biggest problems were the looting National Guard troops and police! Gotta love the US Virgin Islands...

    For me, at this moment:

    550 22 LR
    300 45ACP reload LRN
    150 45ACP premium defense loads

    I currently don't have any long guns. I live in a motor home and I'm moving back on a boat. I'll probably be picking up a marinized 12 gauge if I go cruising again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    Yeah but what can you carry on your person if you have to abandon your location? Are your homes fireproof? It will be easier for looters to simply burn you out than to have an ongoing gun battle with you.
    I see the need for different kinds of shtf. Your home is destroyed during lawlessness, you have to abandon it for flooding, or maybe a forced evac, etc.

    In that case, I keep 200 rounds of .223 on my vest, 90 of it in mags, 110 of it in stripper clips, along with 40 rounds of .308 for the bolt action. I also keep 2 loaded mags for my 92FS, and 2 for my bersa thunder. Probably not enough, but my plan is to regroup with some buds during any shtf scenario. I really need to pick up a beta mag for my AR and a bipod.

    If I have time to take a vehicle, then even better since all my ammo is in cans. But if not, at least I have about 300 rounds ready to go at a moments notice.

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    150 rounds of .223 loaded in magazines.
    120 7.62x39 in magazines with another 200 in boxes.
    50 or so 30-06
    a handful of 12 ga buckshot and slugs and a couple hundred birdshot.
    100 in .45 ACP
    200 in .40
    100 in .357 mag

    Not a whole lot, but probably enough. Not nearly as much as I want.
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    .22 short- 100
    .22lr 3000
    .32sw long 50
    .38spl 150
    .357mag 150
    9mm 500*
    .45acp 300*
    .223 300*
    .308 250*
    12g slugs 15
    12g 00 buck 25
    12 g #4 shot 25
    12g skeet/ bird 200
    * Plus bullets, primers and powder to make more if needed
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    "80k? Holy cow. You must have a warehouse."

    No warehouse. Just a good ammunition magazine. Actually 80,000 rounds do not make a very big pile at all.

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    .45 around 500...both FMJ and HPs
    .223: around 250
    12Ga around 100
    9mm about 250

    I also have some .38spl and a couple of speedloaders for a .38 that I had for a bit. Good trading fodder if need be.
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    .22LR - 1500-2000
    .38spl - 50-60
    .357 mag - 150
    .40 S&W - the 25 rounds in my carry mags and gun
    .380 ACP - the 7 rounds in my carry gun
    30-30 win - 40
    .30-06 - 40
    12ga 00 - 25
    12ga 000 - 10
    12ga slugs - 10

    This is pretty much just pre-existing stuff. I haven't had the funds to increase stores, or even buy training ammo for my carry stuff in a month. Hopefully I'll get the new job I'm chasing, and change all that.

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    I have enough rounds for my suppressed .300 Whisper that I ought to be able to get whatever I need, wherever I go,whenever I want to.

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    For shtf purposes I have a packed bag ready to go wrapped in a vest. If I have to head out the door on a moment's notice on foot I have the xd 40 tactical in the bag and my xd40sc always on/nearby my person. 8 extra mags that fit both in the bag/vest. Also have roughly 100 rds of 12ga OO buck in the setup and the 590a1 is not far from reach. If need be I usually have anywhere from 2-6 remington megapacks of target ammo in .40 in the house for impromptu shootemup days at the range and several steel ammo boxes full of various 12ga shells for various activities.

    If in a shtf scenario I have time to load up or am taking others with me, I have a separate bag ready to go, locked up, that has two 22 revolvers (trusty handover gun if help is needed), 2000 rounds of 22LR, another 500 rds or so of .40, two extra vests, food and gear enough to carry along two other people. Haha, I told my last g/f I'd keep her alive as long as I could after the zombies attack, if for no other reason than to help me carry ammo. :P I dunno why she left me. Hmm


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    .22LR ~ 1500
    .38 spl. ~ 650 (Fed/Rem/Win)
    .357 = 450 (200 Fed. Hydra-Shok)
    9mm = 300 (100 Hornady TAP)
    .40 s&w >500 (250 Fed. Hydra-Shok)
    .45 acp > 800

    12 ga. = 150-00B; 100-#1B; ~50 slug; ~100 misc.
    .223 > 2,500 lake city; plus 350 JSP; plus 100 Hornady TAP
    7.62x39 ~ 1,000 (surplus, some JSP, some JHP)
    .308 > 1,500 (1.2k surplus, the rest is Federal)
    30-06 ~ 500 lake city; plus 100 Federal

    This was interesting... I have a hell of a lot more than I thought at first blush. Closer to 12k than not! I should buy a safe just for my ammo it seems!

    Good post whoever started it!
    Last edited by Bark'n; June 5th, 2007 at 03:20 AM.
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