Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have? - Page 4

Let's say the S just HTF, how much ammo do you have?

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    9mm = 1,000+
    .40 = 750+
    .45ACP = 1,000+
    .22lr = 2,500+
    .22Mag = 250
    .30-.30 = 100
    12g 00 = 500+
    12g PolyShok = 100

    I should stock more .30-.30 and more PolyShok.
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    "Well, Ive been through a few shtf's like Hugo and Andrew. I really don't see the need for thousands and thousands of rounds. Hundreds yes!"

    If you shot 10-30 thousand rounds per year you would see the need for it, as i do.

    "But I made it through my situations with brains more than bullets."


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    I don't have nearly what I want, but I am slowly starting to get there...that is until I buy a new gun.

    I actually have no idea how much I really have, but I would reckon to say that if need be, I can get out of town with what I have.

    Where I live I don't worry too much about anything. I live at the top of a hill, so unless I see Noah on the horizon, flooding won't be a problem. Civil unrest is rather unlikely for my community. Most are either older farmer types, or deer hunting rednecks (not that there is anything wrong with that). About the only way to get the people in my area riled up is to threaten their families or their land. If there was civil unrest in my area, it would have migrated here from outlying areas. As far back as I am, by the time it got to me, most, if not all of it would have been handled by the locals and the LEO's.
    "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... And how many want out." British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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    I don't store allot of ammo. I have 3 or 4 full mags for each gun. I keep a bag of "gear" at my house for my exit. My SHTF plan has always been abandon my house. I'm a single man with no kids. It would be almost impossible for me to hold the house against a decently trained group of looters. My best friend,my father and I all have the same plan. See it coming and make it the 5 miles of county roads to my dad's house. There are many ways in and out. He is prepared with stuff for at least 5 people for weeks. My long guns are there. Plus we have trained with everything he has. We each would have a large compacity rifle (sks,ar15's,ak's) a long gun (22-250,222,223,243,270,308) shotguns, and many sidearms to choose from. He prob has around 5k rounds total. Food and water is also there. All 3 of us can shoot for distance and do close in work. If I ever have to make my stand I want it to be there.
    "When you reload in low light encounters, don't put your flashlight in
    your back pocket.. If you light yourself up, you'll look like an angel
    or the tooth fairy...and you're gonna be one of 'em pretty soon."

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    WOW!!! I need to get started on my ammo. I only have about 200 rounds of 45acp. Half target and the rest for HD. I have gotten to where I buy atleast a box of each every week, more if i can.

    oh yeah a few more
    12ga.....20rds #4buck
    20ga.....40rds birdshot
    22lr.......in need of
    357/38..maybe 20rds
    I have 300 win mag in lay a way so i guess i should start stocking that too.

    this tread IS an eye opener

    Ride hard and Shoot safe

    The first rule of gunfighting should be to know when the gunfight starts - being the last one to get the news certainly won't put the odds in your favor.

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    ok let me see.....

    100.....12 ga
    100.....20 ga
    and about 500 misc rounds for my other guns....

    Dang, I really am getting low....
    "May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won't."
    General George Patton

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    My SHTF stuff never changes because I don't use it. That would include (but not limited to) my 500 rds of Black Talon 45.

    Home depot sells small tool boxes that are lockable, have wheels on the back and a sliding handle for added leverage if the load is heavy. All of my SHTF ammo fills THREE of these. I probably want to have another. I need more 9mm (since I'm starting to get more 9mm handguns), but otherwise I'm pretty set. Of course in a real SHTF emergency, one could also gather supplies from....ummmm....the opposition.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 25 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier View Post
    Of course in a real SHTF emergency, one could also gather supplies from....ummmm....the opposition.
    “You come at me with a sword and with a spear. But I come at you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you". 1 Samuel 17, 45-46

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    I'm trying to get a "portable" SHTF kit together as I spend roughly 3 weeks out of every 4 on the road. Since I always travel by plane, I need to keep everything TSA (and CWL reciprocity) friendly. I travel with my PT145 with 2 spare mags, all loaded with JHP, and my P3AT with a total of 20 rounds of JHP. I have a 5.11 vest to carry my Surefire 6P, Inova X5, 550 cord, tactical gloves, and leatherman tool. I've even considered using a bug out bag as a carry-on with all of the "critical supplies" in my checked luggage.

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    I have enough to feel comfortable. I'm never going to approach the amounts of ammo that some have listed here. It makes no sense to me to believe I would need 10 times more ammo than a grunt kicking doors in Iraq would have. I'm not going to be on the offensive and I am not going to defend my location my suppressive fire for days on in. I have enough to repel any looters or other criminals unless they organize and assault my home as a company sized unit or something. If that were to happen, 10 billion rounds wouldn't be enough to win the fight.
    "The only people I like besides my wife and children are Marines."
    - Lt. Col. Oliver North

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    Hmm, I guess you could consider me unprepared.

    100 rnds 9mm
    approx 500 rnds .22LR
    approx 200 rnds various birdshot 12 and 20 ga
    400 rnds .223

    If SHTF Day arrived, I plan to evacuate to my uncle's place in the country. He has about 300 acres 20 minutes from any kind of civilization; 3 hours from any large city (my city). I'm thinking if SHTF Day were tomorrow, I'd have enough defensive ammo to survive until I got out to the farm, and thereafter enough hunting ammo to keep us fed. I've also got quite a bit of extended family in that part of the country who have plenty of hunting rifles and shotguns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four View Post
    It makes no sense to me to believe I would need 10 times more ammo than a grunt kicking doors in Iraq would have. I'm not going to be on the offensive and I am not going to defend my location my suppressive fire for days on in.
    The basic load of ammo for an infantryman used to be (in my day) 200rds loaded in mags plus two canteens of water and at least two hand grenades. Other stuff depending on mission rerquirements. These days a lot of grunts have substantial ammo available in whatever vehicle they're moving in. Like a Humvee or better yet a Stryker! Unless of course they're airborne or SF.

    What's that they say about a the best defense being a good offense?
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    Former Army Infantry Captain; 25 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alien Nation View Post
    I have enough that I can use it to facilitate the retreival of more.
    Squeeze 3 and let it be...

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    At the moment my cache is low relative to my norm though it's normally nowhere near what folks in this thread seem to keep.

    600 rds. .45 ACP WWB 230 gr. FMJ
    100 rds. .45 ACP Rem. 'UMC' 230 gr. JHP
    50 rds. .45 ACP WWB 'Personal Protection' 230 gr. JHP
    20 rds. .45 ACP+P Corbon 'DPX' 185 gr. JHP
    20 rds. .45 ACP Corbon 'DPX' 160 gr. JHP
    20 rds. .45 ACP Federal 'Hydrashock' 230gr. JHP
    810 rds. of .45 ACP

    ~1K rds. .22LR WWB JHP
    ~750 rds. .22LR Federal 'Target Match' FMJ
    ~1.75K rds. of .22LR

    ~ 5.9K rds. Copperhead BBs
    ~ 4K rds. of various premium tournament grade .68 caliber paintballs (less -lethal criminal control & small animal/squirrel terminator)
    ~9.9K rds. of less-lethal ammo

    Total = ~12,460 rds. of varying effectiveness criminal anti-venin

    In a NoLA or LA roving rioters style situation assuming I did not abandon my home, which would realistically be indefensible but for the lightest of civil emergencies and resulting crime wave, I'd apply my paintball markers chronoed up to ~400FPS which is far above the national 265 - 299 FPS field limit norms yet still 100% functional in all of my tournament grade gear toward general knucklehead control. As well at 380+ FPS they work great at stunning and killing small game with zero destruction of meat via a single aimed & well placed shot such as squirrels in specific which are all over my land and area. The BB gun would come out as well toward hunting small game such as birds.
    If things got seriously hairy though and it was me & mine or human animals then thats when the .22 would be deployed thanks to the great number of ammunition I have for it along with as worst case backup the .45s. I pray I never have to apply as much.

    This thread reminds me it's time to get off the pot and invest in a shotgun as well as optimally an M1 or Garand (30-06) and a .223 rifle such as an M4gery or a RobArms 'XCR'. Maybe for times such as SHTF a 9mm or .40 carbine would be handy to have around as well (?) if not to cache that ammo alone for use toward barter/trade or even in weapons 'found' around town and/or removed from looters and scared 'ishless and otherwise unfamiliar citizens turned rogue.

    One lesson learned from Katrina and the LA riots is that one cannot have too much ammunition if only to aid with resupply of others who might be protecting your own communities interests & resources.

    - Janq
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    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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