Assisted police contact

Assisted police contact

This is a discussion on Assisted police contact within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I work as armed security in a large very ruff apt complex , so I have the pleasure of working with the local police dept ...

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    Assisted police contact

    I work as armed security in a large very ruff apt complex , so I have the pleasure of working with the local police dept alot of the time, at times we even train together. They help us as we help them.
    Last week a officer arrived alone with no back-up on a disturbance at a apt and the suspect possibly had a firearm.
    We made contact with a subject , the officer ordered the guy to stand and the suspect ran from the officer , the LE officer was able to grab his left arm and was sliding behind the suspect single file . I was holding the LE up so he wouldn't fall , as the suspect changed direction the officer was losing his grip on the suspect arm and I observed the suspect reaching into his waist band area which the officer couldn't see....So its time ! it could get played on the best tackles on ESPN....i hit the guy hard and strait to the ground he went with me on top of him , him still fighting for what was later to be found as a gun in his waist band area ( ruger 22 cal ) we fought with him for about 3 to 4 mins and the LE officer ended up tazing the subject and i was able to handcuff him and recovered the weapon.
    The dept even gave us a certificate of appreciation , Its attached with my last name and the name of my company removed for Internet reasons
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    Good work, glad you got noticed
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    Good work. I bet that 3 or 4 minutes were some of the longest of your life. Time usually slows down a little bit when in an active struggle with someone hostile.

    So do you have security cam video to send to ESPN, or just for us to see?
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    Buckeye07, At the tail end the " COPS " film crew arrived ( while the guy was flopping around like a rag doll from the tazer and filmed, since they didn't get it from the begining there not sure if they will use it or not. ......................and just as a side note when the LE officer tazed the subject one of the darts came like a half an inch from my head( that would have sucked ) since i was on top of him when he was tazed.
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    You and the cop were unnecessarily brutal. Electrocuting that poor innocent victim tat was just trying to peacefully surrender his firearm.[/sarcasm]
    Seriously thought, glad you saw the reach for the weapon, else we might be commenting on another officer down. Watch your back out there.
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    Good work...that must have created a huge rush of adrenal gland juices...

    Fitting that you were shown appreciation, too...

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    Headline reads "Good boy gets beaten up and electrocuted by gunweilding mercenaries"

    Just kidding, GREAT JOB!!!


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    Great job, Glockguy!

    Yeah, getting tazed would have ruined your day!

    Better the BG than you!

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    Nice job. Having a good working relationship with PD does make it easier.
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    Great Job!! It's good to see the PD is using yous guys as an assett. I don't know that that happens as much as it could, or should. I think it all boils down to how much training your agency has. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Hey, Good job, Be careful out there.

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    Good work! Stay safe!

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    Nice to get an official "attaboy" from the police dept!

    Good Job! Most definitely probably saved the officers life. Or the perp's for that matter, although not as important as saving the officers life!

    Out Standing!

    Stay Safe!

    Semper Fi

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    Good job, but watch your back.

    Most likely the BG will bond out and return to his apt.
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    It is nice to see cops and regular people work together to get criminal types of the street - though he probably will not stay off the street for long.

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