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This is a discussion on Police Help within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good advice here, sfter reading these posts I would do the following: Call 911 Announce myself to the Officer (Officer I'm helping, or yell something ...

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Thread: Police Help

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    Good advice here, sfter reading these posts I would do the following:

    Call 911
    Announce myself to the Officer (Officer I'm helping, or yell something equally as stupid)
    Help however I could.
    Give what info the officer needs and the leave.
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    Gotta help the cop. Shout: Officer, can I help? as I'm giving the BG his nuggie.
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    i would help in a heartbeat, just think if you were in that same situation, i would appreciate the help
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    I have said this ever since I first started posting here.

    Absolutely and without question I would render assistance to any LEO that was in trouble.

    If you know yourself and your qualifications well enough to know that you're able to HELP rather than make a scenario worse then by all means help the officer out in any way possible.

    I don't know how any reasonably physically fit human being could pass up or ignore a police officer that needed obvious assistance.

    I don't know how any person could just stand there and watch a police officer that is involved in a desperate altercation like they placed a $5.00 bet on Cock Fight and they were gawking to see which one would win ~ The Bad Guy or The Cop.
    If you could just stand there and do NOTHING while that was unfolding then you're Sub~Human.

    Just my personal opinion on that.
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    An ex-LEO friend of mine had just that situation happen to him.

    He responded (in full uniform) to a hotel party by a pool where a drunk and disorderly guy needed some "behavior guidance." Turned into a wrestling match where my buddy was trying to reach his radio to call for backup. No one stepped in to help - they just watched not knowing what to do.
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    I've got too many friends who are LEO's. I'm not going to bother reaching for the phone. 911 can wait. The guy needs help NOW. I'm gonna be out of the car and screaming at the BG.

    Arizona is one of those states that requires you to assist an officer if they request it and you have the means. I think that's the wording, anyhow.. Not like I'm going to take issue with it. Even if the officer can get backup, I've heard horror stories about response times from fellow officers. Especially here. Canyons and mesas can play hell with radio and cell reception in some areas.
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    crazy enough to see this thread......I was talking last week to my wife about what would she do about this and so on.........

    lots of great ideas and thoughts about this. I would wait and see, as to my own situation, which hopefully never happens. but if I see that there needs to be some help, well then I will by all means do what I can to help, if that means, say a bit of force to get the BG off of the LEO, or maybe just a tiny bit, like say..........Purple Mag light to the head....or whatever ya know!!!!!

    but seriously, I would make sure to help any way I could, however if the kids are in the car, they will be put farther away out of harms way while I run up to help, while making it known that I am a Good Guy, here to help!!!!

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    My father, brother, and uncle are law enforcement, I would help in a heartbeat.

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    Many times I have come to the aid of an LEO, sometimes armed... sometimes not. (I lived in a very bad area of SO. CA.)

    Never have they said anything but... "Thank you. I'm glad you came by..." or a variation.

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    I would go to the LEOs aide if ask to or if the LEO was losing the fight. Who do you call when you are in trouble and can count on. I think you should have the same consideration and help the LEO.

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    Another option is to use the radio in the officer's car, rather than the cellphone, if you are close enough to get to it quick. This has worked in similar situations. Years ago, here in KS, an officer had a civilian observer riding with him. On a particular call, the LEO advised him to stay in the car. A fight broke out and the LEO was losing. The observer calmly got on the officer's radio, gave the dispatcher location, beat no., and advised 'Officer in trouble'. He had observed how the lock on the shotgun rack was operated, so he unlocked and removed the shotgun. Went to the fight and racked a round, advising the BG to cease and desist, which he (BG) did. IIRC the observer got some kind of award for helping the officer.

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    Thanks to another thread, I was reminded of another's experience that has changed my mind.

    I'd help, I'd do the other things too, but I'd definitely help.
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    Ex LEO here...I'd help in a heartbeat!!

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    I would pretty much mind my own business in most situations...but an obvious LEO (in uniform) would be something that could stir my inner distaste for 'scumbags', let alone one who would attempt to take out a LEO...I believe I would cautiously approach and ask if I could be of assistance...as per the following...

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    Like bark'n said, if you are in an all out fight with a BG. 1.5 min, 2 min tops, you are wearing down.

    if something like that happens, i'll be one to join to help. all the advice here is everything i've already told myself i would do. of course, there are literally thousands of scenarios, YMMV
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