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This is a discussion on Jurors to Decide: Acquitted! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by GotSig? Idk 8 months in jail, his dogs were killed, and his house was set on fire by other gangmembers. He got ...

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Thread: Jurors to Decide: Acquitted!

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    Question Movie "Shooter?"

    Quote Originally Posted by GotSig? View Post
    Idk 8 months in jail, his dogs were killed, and his house was set on fire by other gangmembers. He got screwed over by the FL system, plain and simple. There really should be a law that protects someone from all the leagl issues involved in a self defense case. Im sure he has lost his job, 8 months in jail with a bunch of animals because 2 gangmembers tried to run him over with a Jeep is a bunch of crap but i am glad that everything went his way.
    I think the Castle Doctrine law does this in FL but I'll bet this case predates that. But what caught my eye: They killed his DOGS? In the movie "Shooter" The main character takes his vendetta to the bad guys in a major way....because (as he said in the movie) You don't understand! THEY KILLED THE DOG!!! A sentiment I can completely understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier View Post
    You don't understand! THEY KILLED THE DOG!!! A sentiment I can completely understand.
    Seems to be a theme in movies and life lately.
    There very last line of the trailer.
    "When a man attempts to deal with me by force, I answer himóby force.
    "... No, I do not share his evil or sink to his concept of morality: I merely grant him his choice, destruction, the only destruction he had the right to choose: his own." -John Galt, Atlas Shrugged

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    I've been following this case, as I live probably only a few miles from where this happened.

    The news media down here seem to have gone out of their way to paint Mr. Borden as an odd, not-well-liked, eccentric loner. That may well be the case; I don't know. I was away on vacation when this verdict came down, and returned to work July 2 to find a recap in The Palm Beach Post's Sunday edition. I was elated!

    I did not necessarily agree with the number of shots fired -- people have been critical of the 9 shots that followed up the "initial 5"... But then, I wasn't there, I did not feel the fear for my life that Mr. Borden must have felt (car full of unknown number of known gang members!), and perhaps there was movement in the car that looked like someone about to get out with a gun, I dunno.

    What I do know is that despite all the doubt that the MEDIA put out there about the justifiability of the total number of shots (14), [i]a jury that heard ALL the facts and ALL the testimony decided Mr. Borden was not guilty of murder.

    In my book, he's a freakin' HERO! He dispatched members of the Sur 13 gang, a nationwide gang of violent criminal thugs. He helped society by killing these worthless . He has paid an enormous price for it. (I don't know where he's even living, now -- and he'll surely have to move away now anyway, because the thugs still rule the streets where he lives, and he'll be under constant threat. Then again, who knows where would be safe for him, now.)

    Anyway, Mr. Borden, if you're out there reading this; thank you for what you did, even though you didn't mean it as a "public service." I believed in you from the beginning, and I'm very glad you remain a free man.

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