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Woman attacked at our Complex

This is a discussion on Woman attacked at our Complex within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Bark'n You can purchase the entire 1st season DVD's of the Personal Defense TV on the outdoor channels website. 4DVD's over 6 ...

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Thread: Woman attacked at our Complex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post

    You can purchase the entire 1st season DVD's of the Personal Defense TV on the outdoor channels website.

    4DVD's over 6 hours, I believe for something like $30.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Protect View Post
    Lowe's sells some door braces that hook under the knob and use friction against any floor surface to reinforce the door.
    This is really the best anti-invader device you can use. Get in the habit of putting it in place, anytime you're inside. If your entryway is carpet, you can cut off a 3" long piece of 1" square tubing (about $5 from HomeDepot), drill two holes in it, and use 2" screws to anchor it to the floor, as a butt-stop for the door wedge.

    Lessons learned, from running a couple of HI victims, and reading reports on many more:
    1) Have a plan.
    2) Capacity and firepower are your best friends. If you stop them at the door with a shotgun, the others will likely leave. If they get in, you can pretty well count on them defending their "beach head". In instances where invaders entered the dwelling, if they were repelled, it was because of overwhelming firepower- either a rifle/shotgun, or lots of handgun ammo.

    Bear in mind, most of these guys will have been shot before. If they think something you have, or your woman, is worth it, they're more than willing to take the chance of a hit and face incoming.

    While I would say the Judge would be a good CCJ piece, I would not feel it potent potent or capacious enough to repel something like this. Difference being, if you get a BG off/out of your car, you can drive off. If you keep invaders outside, with 5 quick shots, and they hear you stop firing... remember, they probably have a fair idea of what they want... willing to bet they won't rush you?

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    My wife is 120 pounds and can shoot a 12 guage on clays all day. She is an outstanding shot with it and has been since her first day when she did 80 out of 100 with it.

    The key is to pull the shotgun into the shoulder so there is good contact with the gun and to lean into it a bit and then to have a good rubber recoil mat on the stock.

    The 12 guage with 00 buck is a massive equalizer that is more than a match for 4 hombres coming in a door. Model 870 with 2.75 inch shells is just right for her. She can stand all the way back from the front door and the pattern will cover the whole thing plus.

    Keep a Glock 19 or 20 as a Backup. But the shotgun should be the first thing in your hands.

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    Regarding shotguns, and I agree, they are Excellent weapons, but inside of apartments they can be somewhat unwieldly. And hitting your target isn't the only consideration with defensive use of a shotgun.

    Gun retention is almost as important as being a good shot with one. If you can not effectively employ good long arm retention techniques in close quarters and protect from a "gun grab" and being disarmed, it could be disasterous.

    almost every prison in the country has extensive closed circuit surveillence video showing convicts practicing disarming techniques to use against law enforcement officers. They do practice that stuff.

    Long arms are much more easier to take away from someone than a handgun. So just bear that in mind when choosing a shotgun as a primary home defense weapon.

    For me, the shotgun is used as a secondary heavy weapon when I am in a fixed position, have good backstop and know where all the good guys are already located.

    If I have to clear my house, or move about, I use my light mounted G-23 or my 12 shot Para P-12 in .45 acp. (I won't say I won't ever use my shotgun for that, but for the most part I'll use my pistol)

    I also have an AR-15 carbine (telescopic stock) that works well, but I don't have a light mounted on it yet. (eventually will have light mount and EOTech for it)

    Just some food for thought.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Regardles of the landlord-tenant laws, LL will not know or care if you replace the 1" screws in the striker and bolt-face(?) and hinges with 3 to 6" ones.

    Keep the shotty, ADD a small, easily carried handgun!

    Stay safe.

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