2 man team "Interviewed" me in NoVA

This is a discussion on 2 man team "Interviewed" me in NoVA within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by sojourner If you have the gut feeling, you should have immediately followed it. Right then and there, no hesitation. "I am not ...

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Thread: 2 man team "Interviewed" me in NoVA

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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner View Post
    If you have the gut feeling, you should have immediately followed it. Right then and there, no hesitation. "I am not willing to help, you can ask the attendent to call 911." After that, "leave me alone" and safely egress and/or call 911. There is absolutely no social contract between you and strangers. They could have asked for help from the attendent. I did not say to say, "I cannot help", but to say "I am not willing to help". Again, you owe them nothing.

    Keeping up an interaction with them only kept you exposed to peril/danger for a longer time and kept up the possible cat and mouse game. It may have been interesting/adrenalin filled, but I humbly submit that you unnecessarily exposed yourself to danger and to the possibility of having to use force.

    Alas, my hindsight is in 20/20 and I wasn't there.
    +1, sorry.

    I'm glad you made it out OK.

    When random people that don't know me approach me to talk, I don't know nothin about nothin.

    Internet? Sorry, I don't have a computer. My car? Uhh, it's a 1990 something, uhh an oldsmobile, I think... It's not mine...

    A jump? Sorry. My battery/alternator/car in general is messed up. I'm sure the clerk would be happy to call you a tow. Or, as is really the case with my car "Sorry, my battery's under the back seat. No terminals under the hood", or, "It's a rental, I can't afford to break it", or, "It's my boss/wife/gf/brother/sister/mother/etc's, I don't want to mess it up"

    When all else fails, leave. "I'm sorry, but, I'm in a hurry, I've got to go."

    I probably wouldn't have laid my cards on the table, either. You showed them where your gun is, opening yourself to a disarm. I try, to only show my gun, when it's in my hand, e.g., preparing to draw, or, drawn. I wasn't there, however, so, I don't know...

    I'm just glad you made it out ok. Do yourself a favor, don't play 'bait'. Unless you're LE, your job isn't to investigate, but, to make it out OK.
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    Gee, does anyone else need to tell him that he should have left? I think the story is great for those who have not had defensive training. For those of us in need, let's make use of the story for our benefit. Let's not use it as an opportunity to pass out judgement from our boxseats. Seven pages of everyone saying the same thing seems excessive to me. Especially when he has already conceded the point. JMO
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    Seven pages of everyone saying the same thing seems excessive to me. Especially when he has already conceded the point
    Willie - you make a very sound point - and to be honest at this stage after 62 posts - I really doubt there is much more to be added that would be of any benefit. For this reason I am going to close this off and say thx to all who contributed.
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    Flashing your gun gave away your element of surprise. I am somewhat surprised that you are still alive. I would suggest that you look up John Farnam, Randy Cain or Clint Smith and book a class or two.

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