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A Cell Phone, Bang, Bang You are DEAD!

This is a discussion on A Cell Phone, Bang, Bang You are DEAD! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I made an analogy to military aviation before and this cell phone discussion brings up another one. IMO, the cell phones themselves are not the ...

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Thread: A Cell Phone, Bang, Bang You are DEAD!

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    I made an analogy to military aviation before and this cell phone discussion brings up another one. IMO, the cell phones themselves are not the problem, but there is a mental discipline involved in dealing with electronic devices and still maintaining situational awareness. Cops, soldiers and aviators have to develop it, but most people don't have that discipline.

    In Naval Aviation, the mantra was "1. Aviate, 2. Navigate, 3. Communicate." It was drilled into us. You never allow your attention to communication interfere with navigation and you never allow communication or navigation to interfere with aviating. "Aviating" here means situation awareness of the flight of the aircraft, the condition of the aircraft and a three-dimensional 360 view of the airspace around you. Any other priority of though can get you killed.

    Similarly, I don't think that good cops or soldiers let their radios distract them from SA. Military psychologists call it "compartmentalization," the ability to focus intently on higher priorities without ignoring lesser priorities.

    I rarely use my phone while walking or driving, but if I do, I draw on that discipline. "SA, navigate, communicate" when walking or "Drive (with 360 awareness), navigate, communicate." I think people can and should practice this in their daily lives. It is a useful skill and it can be developed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    I have to use my iPad and cell phone while parked in my car. It's part of my job on the road. No real way to avoid it. Best you can do is put it down every few seconds and look around. But if someone wants to get you, they will. Unless you want to drive around in an armored car.
    Driving one of these should help!


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    Of course the predator picks the ambush if they can...they pick the time and place...they almost always have the advantage.

    It really annoys me (that's a mild way of putting it) when anti-gun people point out that a cop or cc'er 'got killed anyway, their gun didnt save them.' Or when there are these active shooter situations...just because the very first people were shot doesnt mean those fortunate enough to not be first cant effectively use their guns.

    Little can save you from an ambush...I try to explain to anti-gun people that we dont think guns are magic...but certainly we still have the right to protect ourselves if we choose. There are plenty of other circumstances where carrying can save lives.
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    Interesting this was brought up because I usually go grocery shopping by bicycle and a couple of touring bags and cut through a park with a lake in it with a paved walkway around the lake. As I was maneuvering around the mass of people I noticed almost every adult was immersed in their cell phone, completely unaware of what's going on around them. So on the way back I just watched and counted. 88 out of 100 people counted were walking around that lake with their eyes glued to the phone. They looked like mindless zombies. Of course they could all have been googling."situational awareness". If some one told me 20 years ago that this is what humans are going to evolve into I'd never have believed it. It also occurred to me that a bad guy could just sit back and pick his prey. Add that to being trapped in a car and you'll never know what hit you.
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