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Strange Car Parked in Front of House

This is a discussion on Strange Car Parked in Front of House within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It was very tempting to make a "spoof" thread, telling everyone how I had decided to give the old clunker project car a workout by ...

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Thread: Strange Car Parked in Front of House

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    It was very tempting to make a "spoof" thread, telling everyone how I had decided to give the old clunker project car a workout by picking up my girlfriend in it and leaving the Lamborghini at home, and some bozo had the gall to ask me to park elsewhere.

    But I'll spare you all. You're welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ep1953 View Post
    As first mentioned by rcsoftexas the one thing that really caught my attention was: if he was waiting for his girlfriend while she was cleaning a house why did he not wait in front of the house that the girlfriend was cleaning?

    He may have been legit but the fact he didn't wait in front of the house the girlfriend was cleaning is really weird. So I agree that it might have been best for the OP to have reported a suspicious vehicle to the nonemergency number.

    On that thought, how many of us have the nonemergency number programmed in their cell phone?
    There could be many reasons he didn't wait where you would have. Maybe he was being polite and trying not to rush her by hovering where she would see him. Maybe his engine leaks and he thought it was okay to get a drip or two on the shoulder of a public road rather than on the driveway of someone employing his GF.

    We need to be cautious about assuming why other people are doing some things. For example I almost shot a drunk college kid a few years ago. I assumed someone beating my door down at 5 am on a Sat was intent on hurting me. When she broke in and finally stopped from seeing a shotgun pointed at her I found out that she mistook my apartment for friends who had thrown a graduation party, and thought they had locked her out after she went to her car and got lost returning. She was almost killed, and my life was nearly turned upside down, all because of her stupid and illegal action and my assumption that I was in grave danger from an aggressive home invader.

    We make assumptions about the motives of others all the time, and it's part of surviving. But if we act off of incorrect assumptions sometimes we can set in motion a chain of bad events that we'll regret later. Assuming that driver who appeared out of place was up to no good could be an assumption that's later regretted. Confronting hm could have gone down an ugly path.
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    Sounds to me he was legitimate. Nothing wrong with asking what his business is, it is a residential area and that's what neighborhood watch is all about. I wouldn't have asked him to move unless it was a daily issue, or he was throwing garbage out the door/window, or blaring rap/hiphop crap.
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