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This is a discussion on Incident at the movies within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Same as I've told my daughter umpteen times NEVER GET IN THE CAR TO BE TAKEN TO THE 2ND CRIME SCENE. I'm sure not an ...

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Thread: Incident at the movies

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    Same as I've told my daughter umpteen times NEVER GET IN THE CAR TO BE TAKEN TO THE 2ND CRIME SCENE. I'm sure not an easy thing to do when confronted with it, but it's a time when common sense needs over ride fear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier View Post
    They called me (get this) the LAST American Virgin!
    I get that a lot. I have never, ever, taken any other drug than alcohol and tobacco and for some reason, no one but my husband will believe me.

    I was once told, "That's IMPOSSIBLE! EVERYONE does it, at least once."

    I wish that kind of statement couldn't be said, but oh well.

    But, to get back on topic. It's easy to say one will never get into the car, but fear can do amazing things to people.

    Not long ago an Amry Officer came into our store and was looking around before having to go back to his third tour in Iraq. Somehow the conversation turned to the unfortunate few who have been kidnapped, tortured and killed.

    One of my coworkers asked, "Why do they go with them? They know they are going to die and possibly have a few hours or days of a fate worse than death? Why do they give up so easily?"

    The officer said, "Because survival instinct kicks in and for some reason they think that those extra three, four or five minutes, or maybe hours of life will amount to something. What? I don't know. They KNOW that they are going to die, probably horribly, but the will to survive, coupled with fear, can make us do some pretty dumb stuff."

    He then expressed that if he were ever in such a situation he can only hope that his reason will conquer his fear and that he'll die fighting right then and there, instead of giving up, but, of course, he has no way of knowing until he's there.

    I know myself well enough to know that my survival instinct can be very strong, and there will be a loud resounding voice telling me to get in the car and try to make the best of the situation.

    It's little decisions--HARD decisions--that render that option either as the only option or no option at all.

    For instance, if someone approaches my car and tells me to get into my own car and drive them somewhere, well, if I have already locked my car and I make the little decision to throw away my keys, well then, I've just saved myself from making the harder decision as to whether I'll get in the car or not. I can't. The cars locked and the keys are now gone. My only option is to think of something else.

    If someone pulls up and puts a gun to my head and tells me to get into THEIR car my first thought should be, "How can I take getting in that car out of the equation? How can I physically make that, NOT an option?"

    If you have the option to live for even a few more minutes by getting in a car, 9 times out of 10, you'll want to get in that car. Every fiber in your body will want to move to that car. Even your twisted logic will say, "Get in the car, stupid." It's up to you to try to find a way to stay out of it and possibly save your own life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fed View Post
    I've observed in Phila. and Tampa that colleges are somehow located in what I would consider bad areas. Never could understand that. In the suburbs it's not that much of a problem. USF in Tampa is near a bad area. There were a half-dozen car-jackings recently, within a few blocks of the campus.
    They become bad because the "good" people move away. Who wants to be around all the traffic and drunken college kids anyway? They usually treat the surrounding area like a toilet because, hey, it isn't their home and they'll be gone in a few years anyway.

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