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Incident at the 7-11

This is a discussion on Incident at the 7-11 within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Maybe all they wanted were pickled eggs. Convenience stores are places to be mindful of ones surroundings, for sure. T-...

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Thread: Incident at the 7-11

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    Maybe all they wanted were pickled eggs.

    Convenience stores are places to be mindful of ones surroundings, for sure.

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    Employees Are Expendable !

    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaShooter View Post
    This was circa 1993...and I had just done a stint working at another 7-11 store part time. Their policy then was to "cooperate" with the BG's...and NO GUNS ALLOWED.

    In fact...the trainer told us (in the clerk training class) that under no uncertain terms were we allowed to resist...
    I told her that I would carry their (7-11's) money (register and all) to their car for the BG's...but the moment that I was certain that they intended ME or another employee bodily harm...then the BG was "gonna have to earn it".
    I told her that I refuse to die like a dog groveling at the feet of a BG...she was shocked....dismayed and frustrated at my audacity...but ultimately told me to answer the quiz the way she taught it and she would forget what I'd said
    Unfortunately, the real truth of the matter behind the 7-11 corporate policy preventing employees freom exercising lawful self-defense is that it's simply much cheaper for them to pay off a Worker's Compensation injury claim or Death Benefit than it is to defend potential litigation against the store by a wounded BG or defend an a**inine wrongful-death lawsuit by the next-of-kin of the BG if he's a Decedent as a result of his criminal intent & actions.

    In other words, 7-11 Employee clerks are a dime a dozen, cheap labor that enhances corporate profit & gain, and entirely "expendable" Peasants in the minds and attitudes of the Southland Corporation \ 7-11 Corporate Kings & Powers That Be.

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    Never leave home without your gun...and never leave it in your vehicle. If you're legal to carry it, you should carry it in every possible place you can. If they would have decided to start trouble before you ran out to your van, you and your wife would have been defenseless.

    I'm sure you learned to always keep your firearm on you over the years you have carried. Trouble can hit you anywhere at any time. Always be on guard and be safe.
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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    The real reason to always have it on you. You just don't know when you'll need it.
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