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Sleeping in the car.

This is a discussion on Sleeping in the car. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIGguy229 Bark' pics of your setup? I have been meaning to get some pics... As soon as I do, I'll re-post the ...

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Thread: Sleeping in the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Bark' pics of your setup?
    I have been meaning to get some pics... As soon as I do, I'll re-post the whole set-up in it's own thread so keep watching for it.

    I'll try to get some pics in a couple of weeks or less. I have to borrow a camera from friend at work.

    I'm also needing to get some pics of my new Max-Con V holster for the folks too.
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    Wink Oh YEAH...

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Now that's a slick vehicle...have you seen one in person?
    I've been to the factory in Austin, Texas. Got to test drive one of the new 4x4 models in a diesel. VERY KEWL. These bad boys will go anywhere (I swear) that the original Humvee can go and in a lot more comfort! Plus you can take the interest off the 15 year mortgage available as a 2nd home AND RV insurance is a lot cheaper than for an SUV. They're not cheap. They're custom vehicles. The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle (shown in the link), topped off with the goodies goes about $70K But there's that 15 yr mortgage.

    I'm going to get one, I'm almost certain. I'll have the following letters hand painted someplace obscure on the vehicle: MYSHTFKV! Stands for MY SH** HIT THE FAN KATRINA VAN! It will have a porta-potty, a diesel stove that draws directly from the fuel tank, a 'fridge, a fold away bed (turns into a couch) PLUS a lot of secret compartments for storage and ammo. Including a few close to hand for the driver or passenger. Just in case. I'll probably get the custom trailer with reticulating hitch and a Yakima carrier up top. Maybe a satellite dish. Also a photovoltaic cell that charges up the spare batteries. Winch on the front. Portable air compressor with a hose long enough to reach all four tires and enough power to fill a SCUBA tank. Reinforced front and rear custom bumpers. Surf the site. You'll see.
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    I once stopped on the interstate to sleep between Charlottesville and Richmond (VA). Too tired to drive, long day. Long lonely stretch of road. No Wal Marts now, didn't exist then. Had a Ruger Security Six 357 on my lap, doors locked.

    Suddenly I awakened with a sense that something was amiss. Maybe it was the flashing light across the interior of my truck. Hmmm... I think there is a police car behind me...

    Yep, and there seems to be a white light shining into my driver side door.

    And it's coming from the left hand of a trooper.

    And it's pointed right at my right hand, which is resting on the 357.

    Hmmm... Waking up quite well now. Decision time, what to do?

    Slooowly moved 357 to passenger seat and released. Couldn't open window as truck was turned off (electric). Slowly opened door with left hand. In retrospect not a great idea as the trooper could have misinterpreted it as an attempt to push him off, but only cracked it a couple inches.

    "Good morning Trooper..."

    "I'm cleaning up the road tonight of any stopped vehicles."

    "Yes, Sir. I was too sleepy to drive."

    "There's a rest stop a few miles ahead."

    "Yes , Sir. Thank you!"

    Made it all the way home. Not sleepy at all after that.
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