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This is a discussion on Car door as cover within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; "Sometimes the best cover is accurate aimed fire at the enemy" - Ernest Langdon This is one of my favorite quotes. The question that begs ...

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Thread: Car door as cover

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    "Sometimes the best cover is accurate aimed fire at the enemy" - Ernest Langdon

    This is one of my favorite quotes.

    The question that begs to be asked is why you take cover behind the car door? If you are in the car and need to shoot, then shoot. If you are out of the car and need to shoot, then shoot.

    If you are out of the car and don't yet need to shoot, then find better cover than the car door or get in the car and leave.

    Please don't look at my post as overly aggressive. I feel this subject is more a matter of training and tactics. One thing to remember is that you can shoot over cars and under cars, and if you can do it so can the bad guys.

    If the car is the only cover you have then use it, just remember one of the most important rules of using cover - stay at least 12-24 inches back from the cover. Bullets do not ricochet off cover at the same angle they came, and they can also "skim" off the top of the car or the road underneath.
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    If the othe choice is to stand up, then get behind the door. No so much that it'll slow the round, but rather that you'll be a smaller target. If the BG then has to try to fire at your tiny head while taking incoming himself, then you are better off then standing there.
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    Bullet proof windows with them rolled down... and your head down...
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    ...and, in line with previous posts:

    One of the most interesting shootings I ever had was a young homie whose cohorts came screeching up to the ED doors, to drop him off. Of course, he was a good boy, took care of his mamma and went to church three times a week, however strange fate had a green bandanna over the lower part of his face, and he'd been shot in the chest. Single round, into a moving car, from a .380, went through the door, glass, both lung apexes and his aorta.

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    A car might be cover, a car door wouldn't be.
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    Simon beat me to it.

    Check out the Box O Truth and then decide if you want to use that door as cover.
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    What I don't understand is why LE agencies don't add a bullet resistant insert in their car doors like a rifle plate. Seems like it would be fairly reasonably cost wise and could be very handy at times.


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