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This is a discussion on A Friends Violent Boyfriend within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ride4TheBrand Originally Posted by LongRider Seems like you have gotten some good input by apparently caring people but you do not seem ...

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Thread: A Friends Violent Boyfriend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ride4TheBrand View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
    Seems like you have gotten some good input by apparently caring people but you do not seem to be hearing or listening. Get the restraining order. Monday 8:AM be there if you live that long. There it NO good reason for you to not have it now. Job school nothing. Second, DO NOT tell him you have a gun not now not ever. Third, if he is in the parking lot fine, call 911. As said before dial 911 and scream your address. If he is at the door grab your gun than a call 911. Do not open the door. If he comes into your home, screw 911 or talking SHOOT HIM DEAD, if you are unwilling to do that get rid of the gun because he will kill you with it. Or he may use it to grab a piece of tail from your fiance before he kills you both. How long did you say it took the police to arrive? Plenty long enough for him to change your fiance and your lives forever. Do not point it at him, do not warn him, do not threaten him. Draw it and shoot him dead, period. As soon as he is past the door into your home he has made as clear as can be what his intent is. It is time to shoot him or die. Others have said but it bears repeating for whatever reason you got yourself where you are at. Again as others have said it is not just you anymore. Now you need to deal with it. Time to stand up do the foot work and be ready to do what needs doing. Really wish you all the best
    While I understand the sentiment, I would not take this advise to heart. If you have to shoot, then shoot to stop the threat. Period. DO NOT take a predetermined attitute of "shooting him dead" as this will likely not be a favorable defense to prosectution.

    my .02
    You are absolutely right. My very bad choice of words. My intent would always be to Stop Not Kill . That said I would always shoot center of mass in the hopes of hitting organs or arteries to immediately stop the life threatening behavior that required me to shoot in the first place. I would not ever try to do a hollywood movie shoot to wound, as that is just not realistic and would increase the likelihood of missing and endangering innocent people. Again you are absolutely right the phrases "Shoot To Kill or Shoot Them Dead" need to leave my vocabulary. Neither accurately reflect my intent. I think and would hope that all here agree, no one here has a desire to kill anyone, ever, for any reason. I am also sure we all understand we have deadly weapons, that the likely consequence of shooting a human being is their death. If we are unable to accept that probability and responsibility, that shooting someone may very well kill them, we should not have a gun. My apology for offering up very badly phrased advice.
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    Never thought of that - thanks for the idea. I might be making daily phone calls to the local police department then
    The status of the apartment dweller is immaterial. All the states have pretty much made their domestic violence laws similar. At the first threat, the restraining oder should be filled and the victim should FOLLOW THROUGH with the finalization. Most prohibit any contact whether in person or over the phone. Any violation should be reported which will bring a mandatory arrest and a bail situation. That's the only paper trial that is work doing.

    This does not say that the other precautions aren't necessary because they are but the RO will get his butt thrown in the lockup quicker than most any other infraction. The laws do not leave any gray areas to speak of. It leaves so little room that I wound up locking up one of my patrol officers while he was on duty for a DV incident.

    The dating relationship is enough to get a victim covered under the DV laws (at least in NJ and most likely other states). The status of who the apartment is leased or subleased to does not come into play at all.
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    I'd deal with it and calling 911 is one step.
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    Threaten me in MY own abode???? I would automatically think of it as "a target rich environment." Right after that, the young lady would be looking for a NEW boyfriend because of the demise of the last boyfriend. No appeal and no confusing second stories because none of the badguy punks would live to muddy up anything...
    Imagine that you're an enemy soldier and you are surrounded by U.S. Army paratroopers on one side and American marines on the other side... Talk about a hopeless situation... That has got to be legal grounds for suicide!

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