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Intruder at Night

This is a discussion on Intruder at Night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my house, it would probably have to be #2, design of house would require it. Single story house, very wide and open with bedrooms ...

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Thread: Intruder at Night

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    In my house, it would probably have to be #2, design of house would require it. Single story house, very wide and open with bedrooms on both sides. So lots of space in between and maybe family moving around at nite for whatever reason.


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    Well in my house at night (except the weekends, we have grand children) it's just me and my loving wife. If I hear noises (most likely the alarm going off since I have it and use it) I bolt to the keypad with my LDA1445 to see if the info will tell me what the heck is going on, and then I decide to either 1. turn the alarm off and reset it since bell south is screwing with the phone lines again, or 2. have my wife go into the bathroom and "hunker down" with her gun while I check things out. But here in TN if someone breaks into your home according to the law they are there to do you harm and you have every right to protect yourself.

    On a side not I know that if this ever happens there will be a few thing happen that I will have no (or little) control over, 1. my 150 gal salt water fish tank but the front entry door will probally become a very wet mess in the living room, 2. the computer in the office (still in the line of fire but through 2 layers of sheetrock) will probally be a lost cause, and 3. my wife will finally get her wish, for me to finish paying the hardwood in the living room.

    It's interesting that this comes up now, I did have an instance to where the alarm goes off in the middle of the night (I'm a heavy sleeper and when I say heavy I mean heavy) without thinking I was up with my firearm in my hand, safety off and was beside the keypad in the master bedroom before I really knew what was happening. as I said before, bellsouth (guess now it's AT&junk) was screwing with the phone lines and set off my alarm. REset the alarm and went back to bed. Felt proud that even in my "sleep" mode I knew what had to be done and was ready for it.

    Now if someone actually is stupid enough to break into my home (I own an alarm company and have alarm system, cell backup, and video recording with night vision (and most of the people around here know it)) I feel sorry for their family because I WILL protect mine.

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    It's not likely that a "sneaky" intruder would get in our home. It would have to be a fast smash-and-grab situation given our electronic alarm with glass breakage sensors and the 55-lb AmStaff alarm.

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    Something to have you guys think about.

    Couple months ago our neighbor heard the back door hadle rattle as the family is watching TV. (Late at night, family in the masterbed room, house otherwise dark.) He sends the wife and daughters to safe spot upstairs with the phone, wife callign 911. He's armed in a heartbeat, checking the backyard from inside the darkened house, sees someone walking back around the house, out the gate, and down the diveway. He exits the house and sees its a LEO. After putting his weapon in a pocket, he identifies himself and enqires what in the wide wide world of sport the LEO is doing trying to enter his house...

    Officer says he's responding to an alarm report at their address. Also stated when asked that if the door was unlocked he would have entered and NOT announced himself, with the goal of catching a potential theif.

    Turned out LEO went to the wrond address - rookie mistake by an officer 6 months on the job - there was an alarm call dispatched to the same house number on another street in our subdivision...

    Hearing this has made me think twice about my plan on using option #1, but that would still likley be my choice...the odds of this type of thing being so low. Only problem is when the LEO shoots back after you plug his body armor.

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    Could be one of my grown kids passing through town getting a bite........I would say #1.75.

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    If I came up behind him I would raise my weapon (and take some cover) and have him in my sights.

    I would say in a pretty stern voice "You move you die, let me see your hands"

    If he cooperated, I would alert a family member to call 911 and keep him there until the police arrived. I would probably order him to lay on the ground face first with his hands on the back of his head.

    If he did not cooperate and made a sudden movement of any sort, I would open fire and not stop till the threat was eliminated. Then call 911.
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.stuart View Post
    Should I pull my dogs off of the intruder first?
    Absolutely . . . don't want to chance hitting the dogs!
    An armed man is a citizen.
    An unarmed man is a subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geo2020 View Post
    3:20am You and your family are fast asleep. You wake up to noise in the house. do you ...
    Neutralize any identified threat, as quickly and completely as I'm able. That depends on two things: ID, and threat.

    1. Drop the intruder before he has a chance to react.
    In a house with a family, shooting a person without positive ID can be a tragic thing to cause. Little Johnnie gets gunned down by mother or father while raiding the ice box. Tough to get through, that.

    2. Challenge the intruder with commands to identify himself.
    As quickly as I'm able, yes. The moment ID is made, the person had best immediately begin following my commands to go face down and compliant, else he (and I'm assuming such an idiot would be a 'he') would be forced to do so. Could easily be an accomplice in the house, so that would still need to be dealt with.

    3. Try to avoid being seen while calling police.
    I stopped believing in the tooth fairie at age five. But to believe that police who are elsewhere could arrange to intervene in the next 10sec (or 20mins) has always struck me as incredibly naive.

    When I am positive that my family is safe and secure, then (and only then) does the cavalry and cleanup crew get called. I'm all for working with the professional cavalry. But not until everything's assured safe and secure. To my way of thinking, to do anything else is negligent and irresponsible.
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    There is nobody that is supposed to be in my house but me and my wife....that "intruder" would end up in a body bag...

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    In the state of Ohio, the have not passed the castle doctrine, so I would have to attempt to flee, if that was not a possibility, I can only open fire if and when my life or a family member's life is threatened. I cannot believe how idiotic that is, but the bill is up again and hopefully it passes. That said, I'm not out to shoot the first person I get a chance to because, in the end, with a good lawyer I myself could end up in prison if my shooting was not justified. Knowing that most lawyers are jerks, I'm only going to shoot when the person does not leave, or if they have a weapon in hand and I truly identify the spot. The problem with the blinding flashlight is that you just gave away your position, to all the world, I would shout a command in the dark if they don't comply they will be shot on the spot. There again as it was said before, Murphy enjoys hanging out with me too. So I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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    Knowing that most lawyers are jerks
    There's really no reason to say that.

    We have many members here who are attorneys. There's never been any evidence that any of them fit this description.

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
    And go to your God like a soldier.

    Rudyard Kipling


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    drop him with a 3 inch shell of 00 Buckshot
    I am sworn to protect the Constitution of the U.S.A. from all threats both foreign and domestic.

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    i'd have to say #2. most prosecutors, i think, would try to charge you with something, because, technically, the perp didn't pose an immediate threat. howver, if the guy did anything other than put his hands were i could see them, i'd have to shoot him.

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    I go with #3 first, followed by #2 and #1 is my last resort no matter what the stand your ground law is. If you can go unnoticed and call 911 hunker down and do so. If not commands and a call to 911 are in order. Last, and I mean LAST, you shoot in self-defense because they are not obeying your commands and advancing on you. Believe me you don't want to shoot someone unless it is a life or death situation.

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    I had a good friend of mine catch his wife cheating on him... that night he was three sheets to the wind and at about 0300 after falling out of a cab at the entrance of our neighborhood.. since he could not remember what street or house was his.. he managed to find his way to my place.

    I've never been one to think of shooting first and asking questions later, you just know someday that is going to be the wrong answer. This was that day as I woke to hear the gate on the side of the house being forced open and someone cursing softly. I grabbed my shotgun and started towards the back door.. as I'm going down the hallway I hear someone messing with the bedroom window, I slowly open up the back door, off the patio and around the corner of the house gun at the ready, heart pounding..

    As I round the corner my friend is paying homage to my bushes.. it's a bit dark on the side of the house so I flick on my light. The scrawny ******* bent over in my bushes puking his guts out doesn't even notice, at this point, the shotgun is lowered from ready, but the light is still on him, when he finally finishes killiing my bushes and looks up, i'm not sure if it was a look of drunken fear or surprise.. needless to say I was relieved to see the disheveled face of my friend standing there. The conversation that followed, after I hosed him off in the yard.. no puke is being brought into my living room, was one of sorrow and relief on my part. He had told me what happened, that he was in the cab for 20 mins in the neighborhood before he recognized my place.. that he had forgotten or couldn't manipulate the garage door pad (since he kept a jet ski in my garage, he had a code to get in) so he thought he would knock on my window.

    So at 3am.. not everyone is a threat, and while he was treated as such, I do not fire first. I'm relieved that I am not trigger happy to use colorado's 'make my day law'.. I was not fearful of my life, or my property, I was in control of the situation since I had the element of surprise. Now why that might not always be the case, I still have never seen a reason to shoot first and ask questions later. It's just stupid.

    I have had a few interesting incidents with people having the wrong address, the wrong house in these cookie cutter neighborhoods. I'm not sure about all of you, but in my community neighbors have a good sense of safety, they will come into your yard, knock on your door at all hours to invite you over for a beer when they return from huntingn to share stories.. while I am ever vigilant I am not for assuming that everyone is a threat.

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