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Intruder at Night

This is a discussion on Intruder at Night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A} I live on a private drive, #4 of 5 houses and about 500 yards off the main highway #3 & 5 are over 100 ...

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Thread: Intruder at Night

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    A} I live on a private drive, #4 of 5 houses and about 500 yards off the main highway #3 & 5 are over 100 yards away in heavy woods. Every friend that knows where I live knows better than pull pranks and there is no family within 1,000 miles and they would know better too. And as I shoot in the 20 acre backyard the neighbors probably have a good idea what awaits an intruder and there are NO casual passer bys of any category.

    B} I have had 2 acquaintances murdered by intruders

    C} Missouri is now a castle doctrine state

    SOOOOO… It is option #1 applied as often as necessary until the intruder is horizontal and not moving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jahwarrior72 View Post
    i'd have to say #2. most prosecutors, i think, would try to charge you with something, because, technically, the perp didn't pose an immediate threat. howver, if the guy did anything other than put his hands were i could see them, i'd have to shoot him.
    oh yeah...I thought I saw a gun
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    Jet my dogs have a liitle fun - they are worthy of a little fun at the expense of the BG. When they are done chewing, drop them right
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    just because someone is in your house doesn't mean there is a threat, does he have a weapon if not hes just trespassing.
    I you think someone is in your house why not protect you and yours and call the police. Let them know you have a gun and you called the police if they attempt to enter the room you defend yourself.
    If you turn on a light or have a flash light how do you get the drop on them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scot Van View Post
    The intruder (friend OR foe) has obviously done something to the Rottie and the Am. Staff. that run our house. My dogs are alert, they consider it their house. They take trespassing personally (I've gotten bum rushed by my own dogs coming through the back door in snow gear). Friends wait for us to put the dogs away before they come in. Most times, they're just SUPER happy to see you, but that is AFTER we make it clear that we're happy to see you.
    +3...for three German Sheps. Smallest is 110 lbs, goes up to 120 lbs. Any intruder that can get around those bad boys is going to BEG to be put out of his misery.

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