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This is a discussion on In House CCW within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Always. As I'm typing this I've got a SW 36 in my right front pocket. I've also go a KBar TDI in my left front ...

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    Always. As I'm typing this I've got a SW 36 in my right front pocket. I've also go a KBar TDI in my left front pocket and two folders in my back pockets. The 12 ga. pump is sitting in the corner. My wife thinks I'm going to far, but she accepts it. No arguments.

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    Yes, always, a 340M&P presently with Corbon DPX in my pocket, my second or BUG if you prefer. Usually a G23 IWB, even at home. We live in a low crime area, so though the likelyhood of an event is reduced it maintains proper vigilance. Having it off-body, hidden or locked away is of little value and greater risk to other occupants. Another bonus, is when a unknown vistor knocks on your door, you are preparred if necessary. My wife carrys at home too, especially when I'm not home.

    Especially for newer CCWs I think it is a good habit to develop. It allows you to become comfortable mentally, and allows you to experiment with different methods of carry without discovering what doesn't work in public and what is really the most comfortable day in and out.

    Always have a functional fighting folder too.

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    I had the gun carry conversation with my live-in fiance a while ago when i got my LTC. After a 2 hour discussion she decided to go and get her permit and now she carries a .38 whenever she can.

    I guess she understood that i'd rather be paranoid than dead :) She doesn't always understand why I choose to carry sometimes but she does understand why I think I should carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abomb60 View Post
    She doesn't always understand why I choose to carry sometimes ...
    ... 'cause criminals don't publish schedules of when they'll attack. Until they do, from the perspective of the targeted victim one situation is as likely as the next. That's why it makes sense to carry always. That, and the simple fact that Murphy's watching. Sure as sunshine, if you get in the habit of carrying sometimes, you'll get hit when you're unable to defend against it. Paranoia? No: wisdom, and a simple respect for what is, not what we wish it to be.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    Probably a "Repeat"

    Quote Originally Posted by Don G. View Post
    What do your wives think about this? Do they support or does it make them feel unsafe in their own homes?
    She carries too!
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    24/7 on the body except in the bed or shower

    with long gun within arm's reach

    wife the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don G. View Post
    My problem is that my wife now thinks she is not "safe" whenever I am away from home (i.e., she's alone at home with our children). But she refuses to carry because she doesn't want to bring the "outside world" into our home. She expects bad things to happen outside of our house and does not mind me carrying when we go out. However, she finds it upsetting to think anything bad could happen at our house because we live in a very nice and quiet neighborhood.
    I think Tom Givens summed that one up adequately enough:

    "You will never get to decide which times or places are the dangerous ones.

    Someone else will decide that for you,

    and you'll probably become aware only at the last moment!" - Tom Givens

    I've personally interviewed and secured the written and signed or tape-recorded statements of over 1,500 violent felony crime victims. One thing each and every one of them had in common is that they all suffered from "It'll never happen to me" or "It'll never happen to me here" syndrome - right up to the very moment when it DID in fact happen to them. And that, of course, is the primary reason why they became a Victim in the first place.

    To think that you reside in a "nice, quiet neighborhood" is to think that violent criminal Predators respect some kind of imaginary boundary lines where it's okay to commit crime and profit from it in this section of town but not okay to do the same in a "nicer" section of town.

    If I were you, I would very firmly point out an Undeniable truth to your wife and help her to better see and understand "the light":

    The Predator, by his very inherent and instinctual nature, always and everywhere seeks out the weakest, most defenseless prey in the herd.

    It's the "nice, quiet neighborhoods" that are much more likely to have more affluent residents, greater riches to plunder, and "hotter, classier" targets for those Predators whose sickness leans toward hatred and domination of females. Occasionally AKA "Happier Hunting Grounds".

    Your wife of course DOES have the Right to think and do as she sees fit. You should not coercively subvert that right. You should however perhaps continue trying to convince her to exercise a higher degree of common sense. As in Good Lord . . . she's a Mother of Precious Children. Where are her natural Maternal Instincts? if she's not willing to protect her own Self while you're away from home, perhaps she should at least be willing to have ready means of adequately and effectively protecting her very own beloved, precious children.

    She evidently thinks home defense with a gun is too "paranoid"?

    Point out to her that if I walk into your home and see a bar of soap in the soap dish on your bathroom vanity countertop, it does not mean that you have an "overly paranoid" fear of germs and pathogens.

    It simply means that you have accurately foreseen the entirely reasonable, conceivable, potential, possible likelihood that a problem might occur . . .

    . . . and correctly identified a very easy, adequate and effective enough solution and means of helping to insure that the possible, potential problem never becomes an Actual, Real one. That's not "paranoia". That's merely simple, pure common sense.

    Your wife would undoubtedly scream bloody murder if she knew the fire exit doors at your children's school were chained and locked, or if the school's fire alarm system was non-functional.

    Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? A first aid kit in your home? Car insurance? Homeowner's insurance? Life insurance?

    In other words, do you prepare for Emergencies?

    Your wife needs to understand that a gun in the home can be the best and cheapest "Life Insurance" money can buy - and unlike the other kind, you don't have to become dead first in order to be the Beneficiary of the Policy.

    Please don't think of me as being insulting, but you need to point out the complete lack of wisdom or common sense in your wife's own described self-statement.

    She doesn't want to bring a gun into her home because she doesn't want to bring "the outside world" into her home. (???)

    In that case, ask her what she plans to do if and when the "outside world" attempts to, or does, come crashing into her and her children's home when you yourself are not there to help protect her.

    As is, her only "plan" and option is to needlessly become a Victim, or make her children Victims, if and when, God Forbid, it ever should happen.

    How "nice and quiet" is your neighborhood, really? And does the wife ever take the children along when she's out and about shopping or running erreands in the general, surrounding regions? Sometimes the crime frequency stats from your local Police Dept - or the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report stats for your State and County of residency can be a real eye-opener. The true, actual volumes hardly ever make it into the local newspapers and TV news broadcasts. If you want to present a valid, common sense viewpoint or "case" to your wife, it can sometimes be helpful to build and present a case, to underpin and validate a logical basis and foundation for your own personal decision to take responsibility for your own individual safety and that of your loved ones. Perhaps help her better see that perhaps she should do the same, too.

    You might want to point out that it is the nationwide law of our land under the theory and doctrine of "sovereign immunity" that no police agency in our nation even has any legal duty or obligation whatsoever imposed upon them to protect the life, safety or welfare of any individual citizen, any time, any place, or for any reason. With the sole and singular exception that the State has the obligation to protect an individual only if and when the state has placed a limitation on the person's ability to act in their own behalf by placing them into involuntary custody. Such as a jailed convict or a person confined to a mental health treatment facility against their will. Otherwise, it's a fundamental principle of our law that the purpose of the police is to help protect and preserve the peace for the general populace, as a collective whole, period.

    In other words, the police cannot and will not be held responsible or liable, criminally or civilly, for Failure To Protect any free, law-abiding individual, even if and when such inability or failure to protect is occasioned by gross incompetence or negligence.

    Historically, this has always been routinely upheld and affirmed by caselaw precedent all the way up to and including the US Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, the highest court in our nation. Thus, regardless of the commendable efforts our police do exert and engage in, and regardless of the fact they often cannot possibly "arrive in time" to prevent violent felony crime, the mere fact that they have no legal duty or obligation to protect an individual person and can't be held liable for failure should be reason enough for your wife to reconsider the wisdom of taking more responsibility to protect her own life and children's lives. Because no one in the world can possibly do so, 24-7-365, as effectively and adequately as she herself can. As she herself must, if and I stress "IF" she wishes and chooses to not become a Victim at all.

    I think my signature tag line is also appropriate to the subject and occasion . . . so maybe point that out to her, as well.

    And if she objects to your concerns, you can always point out to her:

    "What sort of husband would I be if I sanctioned my wife going out in the world - or remaining home - without the ability to protect the life to which I have devoted mine?"

    I hope you'll not cease polite, courteous and kindly-spoken efforts to better help your wife understand and accept the realities of real life and the real world, and not be so much of a Sheeple, because being defenseless does not make sheep safe from Predators, and there is no safety found in denials of that particular Truth.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to Yourself, Wife & Children.

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    Oops. Just realized the signature tag line isn't posted in my profile. here it is:

    "He who allows another to take his life, who hath no authority for that purpose, when it might be preserved by defense, is guilty of Self-Murder, for God hath enjoined him to seek the continuance of his Life, and Mother Nature teaches every creature to defend itself". - Preacher unknown, Philadelphia church sermon, circa 1764

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    Myself and another roommate carry in and outside around the house (as well as everywhere else :)). Preacher told us last week that there has been a peeping tom in the neighborhood lately as well as an increase in theft. We carried before but this just adds more reason. Similar to posts above, my fiance whole heartedly supports me carrying and loves to joke with me about it when we're cuddled up on the couch. I can't add more than what's been said above as to the logic of it.
    "You gonna do something about it or just stand there and bleed?" -Wyatt Earp

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    My 38 sits on a bible next to the computer all the time unless the grandkids r over. It goes with me for nighttime knockers but other than that, no. My girls 9 is always in her purse nearby as well. Too lazy to strap it on at home. I had a horse ranch where I always had a 1911 strapped on my side, but that was because I was usually far from the house.

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