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This is a discussion on Where do you talk. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Outside. It is unusual for me or anybody in my household to open the door for a stranger. First thing is a peephole check and ...

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Thread: Where do you talk.

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    It is unusual for me or anybody in my household to open the door for a stranger. First thing is a peephole check and in the weird event that I feel compelled to open the door, my gun is on a small shelf near the door but out of view of anybody outside. Add to it that the door opens out so anybody standing close to it must step back at least the width of the door.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
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    My Akita answers the door first.

    Based on his response we have a clue toward level of concern;
    * Friendly - "BARK!....Bark!?...Bark bark bark!...AROOO!! <Much jumping around, excited agitiation and looking back to say "Open the door, it's my friend!">"
    * Most everybody else - "BARK!....BARK!....<Silence>....<Audible Grumble/Growl> BARK!!! <He stays fixated at the door or goes to side window to stare down the person moving nearly with no noise>

    As well if I'm not expecting someone and they arrive at dusk or later I likely will not answer the door.
    If I do I'll have checked the windows first to verify who they are and who else might be in my front yard and cars in my driveway, before (!) opening the door.

    I'll generally arm myself be it a knife, fork (!), or easily hidden/holstered pistol.
    Between me and 105lbs. of possesive Akita who will bite one would have a handful to deal with toward getting past my door muchless the vestibule of our home.

    Hard part has been training my 4 and 1 yr.old to not run to the door trying to beat me and the dog thinking that everyone on the other side of the wood and glass is a friend. They have no concept at all toward the term 'foe'.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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    no way would I entertain a solicitor at that time of night. Nothing to do with the threat the solicitor poses, just the fact that I don't want to be disturbed at that time of night by strangers!

    Talk about bad business practices.

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    I live in a semi-rural "countrified" region of FL so have no storm doors outside the twin solid wood front doors of the home. The solid wood doors have no windows in them and the narrow sidelight windows flanking the doorframe are jeweled glass thus don't afford clear vision to the outside. So from Home Depot & for the vicinity of $100-$150 I purchased a Home Sentinel Video Intercom. A small weatherproof exterior unit about the size of 2 packs of cigarettes mounts on the exterior door. This incorporates the video cam lens and the unit's combined, illuminated doorbell & push-to-talk button. The interior unit mounted on on wall near the door has a B&W wide-angle-view video monitor screen about 4 inches square.

    When a visitor presses the doorbell, the interior unit's doorbell chimes ring and the video screen automatically activates. I can then both eyeball as well as speak to the visitor via the two-way audio intercom from behind the fully closed & locked front door.

    The 100-lb male Akita dog at my side will be making his presence heard and known and the 1911 will be at my side as well. With zero children in the home, a 2nd BUG is strategically hidden & stored nearby just inside the doorway.

    The primary reason I use the video intercom is because my front door is inset in an exterior alcove thus from my open-door threshold view from the inside looking out, immediately beyond the front stoop landing there are two blind corners of the exterior alcove sidewalls & front walls of the home. In other words, one visitor could be standing on the stoop and two accomplices could be hiding out of view around the blind corners of the inset alcove, against the frontmost exterior walls of the house. I can see a clear view of the entire front doorway area from the fully-windowed master-bedroom-to-living-room hallway, so that helps if I'm near that portion of the interior when the front doorbell rings - but I'm often at the opposite, other end of the failry large house, so the video intercom unit simplifies things greatly. I got it, primarily, for the Wife when she's home alone.

    In short, I unlock and open the front door to no one day or night unless & until I'm reasonably sure their purpose is legit. I'm not about to open the door enabling a rush-push forcible entry to the interior, or step outside into immediate close proximity to a possible BG unless I have a "really good" feeling about the Visitor. With contingency plans and means in case I was stupidly mistaken - read: Big Dog and Big Gun, LOL. There's also a lovely razor-sharp Burmese katana sword that my dad relieved from a hostile in Burma during WWII military service. This sits within easy reach in the entry foyey corner that's behind the door which swings open and inward if I do open the door. So if I do have an attempted push-in through a partially-opened front door, i don't necessarily hafta shoot the perp. I can just take a hand, arm or foot off with a single swipe to serve as a little attitude adjustment.

    Personally I think the Home depot video intercom is a great idea for anyone. Another little extra layer of insurance at reasonable, minimal cost. The way I figure it is the solid, locked front door is the first line of defense, so why open it for anyone just in order to be able to see and converse with a possible BG?

    I'd have "reason to wonder", because anyone appearing at my front door has already bypassed a clearly-visible "Private Road - No Tresspassing - No Soliciting" sign. Anyone ignores that, I'm already lending 'em very close attention when they draw near the dwelling itself.

    The prior owners of my home had sustained a residential burglary so they installed full-perimeter monitored burglar & fire alarm system as well as closed-circuit video surveillance system covering all doorways. That video system has gone belly-up but the exterior cams are still present so I imagine they help serve as an additional deterrent. "Smile - you're on Candid Camera".

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    1911nm's post brings back memories (sorry). Back in the day, Jehovah's witness came to the door. Answered with hand hooked in LARGE Weimaraner *****'s collar. "Does he bite?" "Not lessen I let her go". "Bye".

    Live out in the country. 2 80lb big black dogs answer first, me IWB. I'll probably answer door unless don't like the looks--always trust your instincts--foot behind door, weak hand holding *****'s collar, strong hand on grip. I'm old, but 6'2', 215#'s with the "attitude" ( old street paramedic!). State your case or get the h___out! Wrong move and SHTF!!

    The lab-GSD ***** is 9yr old. Scary but friendly. No doubt in my mind she'd take on a perceived threat to "mom & dad" in a heartbeat! Dog pup is 13months, probably "labradoodle" (Lab/Poodle), BIG, STRONG, and RAMBUNCTIOUS, will tear up an anvil, believe he'd take the old gal's lead. If not, it's raining 9mm lead.

    Didn't mean to hi-jack, but after dark that's the way it is.

    Stay safe.

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    Where do I talk to strangers that knock on my door at 9pm? It depends on who they are. If its someone who looks like they are up to no good, I don't answer the door. Instead I stand about 15 feet back from it and wait till they leave. My dog will sit right next to me in silence the entire time (he doesn't bark when someone knocks on the door, but will bark if someone tries to open it)

    If its a decent looking person, I'll open the door but only slightly. I keep most of my body behind the door along with a foot right on it to help keep it from being shoved open. I have my pistol on me at 4:30 with the safety off, in case I have to use it. I can easily flip my safety on and off without even going under my shirt to do it. If I determine its not a threat, I'll get a little more lax during the conversation, but never let my guard down all the way.
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    Depends on whose at the door and what time it is.
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    I will usually step outside or hold the storm door open with the entry door closed. Especially at night.

    If I have to answer the door after dark for some reason, I will have at least my .380 in my pocket with my hand on it. If it proves to be a neighbor or a pizza delivery, then I will relax a little. Otherwise, I remain on alert. If I feel that things need to be taken to the next level, then I have that means.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    I really don't want this to become a tactics of opening the door etc. What I was looking for was, that after you have determined that there is a legitimate reason, in this case the phone company, or someone hired by them, remember there were others in the neighborhood earlier that evening, where does the conversation take place?
    The conversation takes place with the person on the porch and me in my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    . . . where does the conversation take place?
    Assuming that you are totally comfortable with them, I still say outside because otherwise you are asking for a LONG survey and a lot of time wasted . . .

    Unless you are lonely and just want someone to talk to.

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    Once I did answer after dark and opened the door slightly to explain it was to late. (was someone selling coupons for local auto repair promo) Apparently he was desperate for one more sale and pleaded for me to just give him a moment. After I said no, he put his foot in the door, gently pushed and pleaded once more. At this point, my wife who was just a few feet away with the shotgun, decided it was a good time to rack a round into the chamber. We all know that sound. I looked at him and said, "Really, I think you better go now." He left quickly. We called the auto repair place the next day to tell them that one of their salespeople almost got himself shot. I think they changed their policy on after dark soliciting.

    At 9pm at night, I either ignore the door and wait for them to go away, or simply tell them it is too late tonight and that they need to leave.

    If my wife is home by herself or with our 7mo. old, she does not answer the door at any time of the day unless she is expecting someone.

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    At 9pm at night, you will get a "Can I help you?" from inside the door. If your response is "yeah I am doing a survey" you get a "Not interested" and you are requested to leave. At night you get in if you a: have a key b: have a gun and badge c: are an expected guest. Otherwise, stop by tomorrow during the day or call first.

    I used to have a sign on the front door that had a telephone number that goes right to my home voicemail that said. "No solicitors without a previous appointment, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX to make an appointment"

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    While they are waiting at the door, I go out through the garage. The visitor is then caught between me (standing in the driveway) and my front door.

    It spooks them every time. And if there is ever trouble, at least it is outside and away from family.

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    I know that this is an older post about late night unexpected visitors,but
    just out of curiusity.what would most members feel more comfortable
    answering door with. youre carry weapon or a long gun????seems
    to me a handgun would have a little more surprise to it.not anything
    bad about a shotgun(i have three 12 gauges).but just curious.
    (SHERIFF BUFORD T. JUSTICE) "what the hell is
    the world coming too"



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    In the three years we've lived here, we've never had someone ring our doorbell. Pretty sure that there has never been an attempt, because I haven't found their bodies - love German Shepards.

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