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This is a discussion on What would you have done within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This article is from yesterday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch: http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/new...3?OpenDocument How would you have responded had you been one of the two motorist mentioned?...

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Thread: What would you have done

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    Question What would you have done

    This article is from yesterday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch:


    How would you have responded had you been one of the two motorist mentioned?

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    A brick through my window and I'm seeing how well a Rice Rocket does when hit by an SUV
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    Wow. Those thugs on bikes are really asking for it, aren't they? Pitting little bikes against big cars? So far they've come across dumb motorists who don't realize they're more dangerous than their attackers.

    Reminds me of the scene in Mad Max where the bikers go after the couple in the car.

    I wonder how many I can mop up with my 4x4.
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    Sounds to me like these motorcycle riders are just down right crazy. Like others have said they are very lucky no one has swapped lanes quickly to send a few of them to meet there maker.

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    I think most of us have the same reaction, SUV, smashed window, damage is already done--why not make a little more interesting. I say bowling for sportbike is going to become real popular when they try this again.

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    S3ymour "bowling for sportbike"
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    I'm not sure going Mad Max on these guys would have been the best thing to do...the first guy had a witness with the 2nd 911 caller, but how do explain to a jury why you started doing the ol' bump 'n thump with your car? I admit it would be hard to resist.

    I had something similar happen to me a couple months ago in SE MI, albeit no violence involved. I'm driving home late from a poker game, and I get on the highway to go 2 exits down to my exit, and about 10 bikes pull up behind me. 2 of them pull around and come right up next to my driver's side door. I have the window down, and they get right up to me and goose the throttle up to redline (probably 10K RPM's). It was ear splitting and then they just all took off ahead of me. I wrote it off to young punk BS, but this article makes me think about it in a different light.

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    I believe most of us have a diffrent mindset than the motorists in that article.

    Kids crying, wife hystrical while 50 or so goober "thug wanna-B's" swat and kick at my SUV?

    Dispatch would get an earful from me concerning "bowling for sport-bikes".
    I know the cops will have a problem with pulling over that many numb-nutz's but they'd certinaly be able to find a couple-few of 'em litering the ditches.
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    That's why I have a lifted SUV with big tires; people generally get out of my way. If that wouldn't have stopped them I guess they would have to meet Mr. Glock..

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    Well if they are following close behind, give them a good brake check and see if one of the SOBs doesn't hit his brakes quick enough. It is not your fault if someone rear-ends you.
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    Up until the point they threw something through the window I would have probably driven straight and steady while calling the police. After the brick was thrown I would likely have begun exercising more aggressive tactical maneuvers to exit the situation.

    There is every chance that a car vs. 50 motorcycle confrontation is going to end badly for the car and its occupants. Going over the top of a motorcycle can play havoc on your undercarriage and as soon as you are stopped you lose all advantage.

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    Lets see, 2 ton vehicle or more vs 600 lb motorcycle. I win.

    I would not have slowed down, and would have made "them" really nervous. If they are crossing the white line into my lane, they are at fault, I can use as much of my lane as I want, if this happenes to cause a thump de bump on the idiots too bad buddy, learn to ride. I drive either a Jeep, 4x4 truck or a van, all of them capable of going over the top of their rice burners after they go down for a bit of road rash.

    Sadly to say, it is probably going to take something like one of them getting killed before they wise up. I just hope that when it happens, the driver of the vehicle is smart enough not to stop and get killed themselves.
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    Hummm... well, if you'r getting you vehicle kicked and dented anyway, might as well dent 'er up good! Ah... I mean, try to escape! Yeah, that's it!
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    Thanks for the warning. I drove that stretch of road last night. I'll be watching out for them. At some point, those thugs are going to find someone who responds in a manner the thugs would not prefer.

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    First, I don't know what idiot thought it would be a good idea to have a local police agency be the primary 911 center for cellphone towers near an interstate but that's just me. In my state the cell towers near an interstate go to highway patrol first. That's who should've gotten this call anyway. They have statewide jurisdiction and could follow them to the ends of the earth.

    Anyway, I'm with some other people. My vehicle vs. little Japanese bikes. I win. A couple long swerves in the road and 50 bikes get splattered across the interstate. 50 bikes vs. 1 car in my book would be the same as 50 people accosting you if you were on foot. That levels it with a deadly force encounter and always remember: Your car is a lethal weapon. As Thumper said, you've already got dents in your car, might as well make it worth the trouble. ;O)

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