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This is a discussion on Thoughts On 'Injection' within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Supertac45 If it's just verbal, what point does it become more? This is another good point I'm glad was brought up... at ...

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Thread: Thoughts On 'Injection'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    If it's just verbal, what point does it become more?
    This is another good point I'm glad was brought up... at what point do you escalate? Do you even escalate? If you do, by how much. As I said, it's good we game ourselves, but in a split-second environment, while you're trying to think of what you do, that very 'if-then' situation may prevent itself.

    A lot of the situations we post are 'canned' - meaning we provide a set of circumstances and think our way through it. We apply a liberal amount of salt to our actions, reflect through other posts and wonder how we might really do. Its easy to forget sitting in front of our computers how variable our world is. This situation might seem straightforward and we can just assume the BG tries to pull a knife/grab her and pull her behind a car/verbally assualt her... whatever plays out in your mind.

    What if he reaches to touch her arm?
    What if she pulls away?
    What if she pushes back away from him before he does anything? (keep in mind she just initiated contact - "assualt?")
    What if she just yells for help without any untoward movements or reactions from the panhandler?
    What if SHE draws a gun??

    I'm not particularly looking for answers to the questions or specific reactions to the thread. As I said in my first post, I'm just looking to poke everyone's noodle on this topic or maybe get some good thoughts on the subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixBravo View Post
    I was going to post this in response to another thread but decided to make my little diatribe its own topic. I'm not hoping to spark debate about which approach is the best tactic, but simply give us all some things to consider.
    The passage of the CHL laws in Texas was in part motivated by a desire that responsible citizens should get involved when circumstances and common sense require it. Of particular concern was the Virginia Tech situation. [Ironically Texas laws concerning handguns on campus are worse than Virginia's].

    I agree that any handgun permit holder should lose his license should he refuse to become involved when circumstances and common sense require involvement. However, that being said, involvement (or injection as you call it), should be moderated by reasonable conduct. Reasonable conduct of course requires exercising restraint except when left with no other viable option.

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