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Thread: Terror Attack On London!

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    i was figureing a day or 2

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    Something I heard that QK mentioned in his first post about the phone system is interesting. They had developed a plan on how to handle terrorist attacks after 9/11 and they are being given very high matks by the analysts. The loss of the phone system was intentional; they shut it down voluntarily to keep them from using wireless signals from cell phones to trigger a bomb. It appears that that could be the reason some were later found that had not been set off. They also trained many of the transportation workers to be first responders. By the time EMTs arrived, many of the victims had been stabilized. Many of the victims with lesser wounds were transported to local medical offices and doctors to relieve the load on hospitals. Evidently they had worked their plan as intended and it saved lives.

    The terrorists had a small success, but quite possibly they have solidified their own demise. At some point people are going to say "we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more." I hope it's now....
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    I never thought about terrorists using a cell phone signal to set off remote bombs.
    So....I sure do see the logic now in them shutting off all cell phone transmissions.
    At the same time we (the good guys) should all be aware of the fact that in a National Crisis or terror attack we may NOT be able to depend on our cell phones to call for help or medical assistance or to give phone instructions to family members.
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    Cell phones probably were not used to set off the subway bombs because they do not work underground. I called a friend over in London last night to see if she was ok. We talked about this and she said the London underground subway system is not a good place to be if you are expecting a phone call on your cell. Here in the DC metro area it's the same way. Ride on the metro outside and you get a good cell signal. When you enter the tunnels your phone craps out and you can't get a signal again untill you emerge back above ground.

    For bus bombs, a cell phone detonator or pager would work good. The bad guys in Iraq use those small motorola radios, wireless house phones, garage door openers, etc.. Jamming this stuff is easy but the problem is that you jam everyone else too. If you jam everyone and shut down all the telecomunication devices then the bad guys get the effect they want by disrupting our lives.
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    QK appreciate your thoughts and comments on the cell phone use to set off bombs. As to jamming cell phones to inhibit setting them off I read an article where txi cabs over there in Afganistan use jmmers so road bombs are not set off, sounds like a good thing to me. The military will have to work around communications to save our boy's lives with those bombs.
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    I think we're missing the point. If they are using pagers/cell phones, transmission of burst frequencies would do Very Bad Things to them. Why turn off the common citizens' means of comms, when we could be pro-active. If you have 2 "pre-mature" detonations in a given neighborhood, maybe LE/Intel needs to look at that neighborhood a bit more intently...... Oh, gee, those might be considered violations of privacy, and racial profiling. But, of course warrantless taps, searches and seizures are ok. (Personally, if "Stubby" survived the detonation of his toy, as a "reasonable man", I would be more than willing to consider the presence of the explosive at his trial. Cameras, etc., are feel-good wanker solutions that are more intrusive to the subjects (excuse me, "citizens") than to any terrorist-elements.)

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    Death toll now at confirmed 49 and will possibly rise as bodies are discovered in rubbled tubes. Scotland Yard is now saying that detonations were near simultaneous within seconds which seems to indicate command controlled firing.

    I think the terrorists have badly miscalculated the British steel in this arena. Today, the markets have rebounded and Londoners are back on the buses and going about their business. Remember the IRA has been at the bomb game with the Brits for a very long time. Hitler couldn't bomb UK into submission, the Jihadists won't be able to either.

    HOWEVER, the weak kneed liberal sheep here in the US of A may be a riper target. I recall reading an article some time ago on Free Republic that the next wave of terror attacks here would be preceded by attacks in UK and Italy, so we'd better be cocked, locked and ready to rock. If it's not an airliner or a nuke CCW permit holders are a potent line of defense here. Maybe we'll get lucky and the Jihadists will underestimate or overlook that possibility.
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