Car jacking from the local media

Car jacking from the local media

This is a discussion on Car jacking from the local media within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So the BGs block in the Escalade against a concrete barrier on a four lane road. Four BGs exit the blocking vehicle and come up ...

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    Car jacking from the local media

    So the BGs block in the Escalade against a concrete barrier on a four lane road.

    Four BGs exit the blocking vehicle and come up two on each side weapons out shouting at you. (No info on exactly what type or how many weapons, just at least one firearm, possibly more). They want your car and your money.

    The blocking vehicle is such that you can ram it, but you won't get through unless repeated attempts are made, allowing BGs to shoot at you while you try. Cars to the rear thinking there is a crash pull up and stop, blocking a back out attempt, again unless multiple tries are made with BGs shooting at you. Concrete barriers are on both sides of the road at this point, so no driving off road to get away either. Even if you battered through the concrete barrier there is a 12-15 foot drop straight down. Ramming the other vehicles may set off your airbags, which wouldn't be good for you either.

    You are in a mixed use residential neighborhood. (I happen to know where this happened and the surroundings). So to your rear there is a shopping center a townhouse/apartment area and a high school. To your front (your line of fire) a middle school, townhouses and single family homes. The road curves at this point, which I suppose is why the BGs picked that spot to act. School was not in session BTW. This occurred about 7:30 PM.

    In the end the driver escaped. Police were summoned and police caught the BGs a few miles away at the local mall trying again. I have no specifics on the escape or the subsequent capture of the BGs.


    PS - For those who think they are safe in their neighborhood or wonder why we carry all the time. The townhouses in this community sell for $500K plus, professional sports stars, CEOs and such live in this community. An Escalade is what the local high school kids drive. Very low crime area until now. File this under it can happen to anyone anywhere.

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    wow....tough problem

    Probably best to try to ram the guys coming out of the passenger's side of the Escalade, and start shooting to your left , at the guys coming out from the Driver's side, priority fires to gun-toters. The vehicle is a weapon, and if you have nowhere to run, neither do they. You will probably be able to take out at least one of the four using the vehicle. You will also be a moving target, and seize the initiative. Hell, you may be able to drop one of them right away if your aim is good. That will cut your odds from 4to 1 down to 2 to 1.
    Keep the pedal down, Keep shooting, and stay down!
    That's the first response I put together. Some of the geography is sketchy, so it may not be appropriate.
    You may want to think about bailing out the passenger side door. Depends on the environment. If you can, it would give you more cover, and allow you to concentrate on one pair or the other.

    Still, these are really bad odds; they outnumber you 4 to 1, and you are boxed into a kill zone where they have interlocking fields of fire. Bad, bad news. This is where an autoloading rifle would be really handy to have. Preferably an SBR with a collapsed stock so that you could manipulate it in confined quarters.

    Hell, this is a scene where compliance may be your best shot. I hate to suggest giving up and putting yourself at their mercy, but if you have four guys already draw on you, in a kill zone with two different lanes of fire, and you can't run, then maybe you should just toss the keys and wallet at them and run.

    Ouch. Kinda suprised the driver
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    Too little information to make any kind of decisions.

    Would need a diagram of situation with distances in feet to decide action.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    I too am finding this hard to visualize, accurately enough. Seemingly a very desperate scenario.

    Wonder how driver got away tho ("in the end escaped") - unless this was four armed guys not intent on shooting anyone. Threat/bluff tactics only?

    More detail would be handy - but so far I cannot really judge at all easily. I daresay in such a situation with odds like that - AND - four BG's who are gonna shoot, then it would be bad, very bad real easy.
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    Unfortunately it was 2 paragraphs in the paper and if I didn't know the spot where it happened I wouldn't even have as much info as I posted. I have to guess that the BGs were not intent on firing or maybe the gun(s) weren't even real. Maybe the other traffic caused them to flee. No doubt other people were stopped and probably were exiting their vehicles to render assistance to what must have appeared to be a wreck. The article said the driver escaped, but it could be that the BGs left.

    I would likely have ducked out run towards the rear of the truck and tried to get over the barrier, which isn't very tall (3-3.5 feet). The BGs would likely not pursue, and if they did I'd have a concrete barrier as cover. It is definitely a tough spot to be in. I'm not even sure how awareness would help you if they just drove up and swerved in on you.


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    "Blocked against a concrete barrier", (to me) says that the BG vehicle has cut across the front of the victims vehicle. The victim should have done his ramming while both vehicles were still in motion- it increases the odds of 1)being able to "drive through", and 2) will likely be unexpected and may cause the BG to lose control/panic. Again, very limited info, but "Escalade" makes me think the victim was viewing the vehicle as a possession, and not a weapon. Monday Morning Quarterbacking, but Soccer mommy/daddy could benefit from some "assertiveness training". (I know what I've been told to do, "if....", but would I? I hope....)


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