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Too fat to be a hero.

This is a discussion on Too fat to be a hero. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SleepingZ You can beat this post to death, and it does not change the fact that some will and some won't---as for ...

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Thread: Too fat to be a hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    You can beat this post to death, and it does not change the fact that some will and some won't---as for me, I will.
    I agree completely. Nothing will be settled here. I would have chased them as well. I just couldn't stand by and watch punks like that get away without a pursuit of some kind. The next woman they pull this might be my wife, daughter or mother. I don't think I could not do something....
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    In my wallet there is a driver's license with my home address, a magnetic access card for a law enforcement headquarters building, my department ID, my CCW, a fingerprint clearance card... Pretty much everything but my keys and my money (I don't put my money with my wallet, they get one or the other, not both). I can easily imagine that a woman that has a purse to have their wallet with similar items in it, plus their money and keys. So, yes, I can see how keeping a purse on ones self would be important.

    I would completely agree with the OP on running after the victim. She was already victimized once, the chances of her being victimized again after running after a very important value such as the purse and possibly having the BGs waiting for her to come home or already inside would be easily possible. Three BGs against 1 victim is not good odds, I'd be glad to even them up a little if they confronted her.

    Yes, the action of the victim chasing after the BGs was not smart, but on the other hand if you knew what the purse contained and it was important, you might have as well if you were in her shoes. As far as the OP chasing after the woman/BGs, I don't think it was very consequential at all. Basically the OP was just providing standby protection for the woman, even if he did get involved with a BG. That didn't bother me at all, actually asking the question of whether to draw or fire in such a situation is what worried me more.

    Going down the dark alleyway isn't the paramount of making yourself vulnerable, either. I know we all talk about avoiding possible dangers but we all do it anyway. In fact I went out to my mailbox this morning in complete darkness with lots-o-hiding places for BGs and I didn't have to draw once. Who would've believed it? If the BG was hiding behind a dumpster or something I can guarantee you that they're more afraid of you guys chasing after them than a cop chasing them. They know what the cop's going to do. Show me your hands, assume the position, etc., etc. What is this plain old guy chasing me going to do? Is he going to punch me? Is he going to shoot me? Was the woman his wife and I stole her purse? What's he going to do with me if he catches me?

    I'd hate to break it to some people, but the world doesn't revolve around just you and your family. There's 6 billion people out there doing different things every day. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Sometimes the bad make contact with you and your loved ones. Most of the time the bad make contact with the people around you and you just happen to be there. Most of the time good people that are willing to help out aren't there and things go badly. Be it a house fire, a robbery, doesn't really matter. Everybody's in it for themselves, right? Just ignore it and it'll go away. But sometimes, just sometimes, there's a good person there that's willing to help out in a time of need when its really needed. There's no plan for it, you don't get an invitation, there's no script to follow, it just happens.

    But you're there. You have the means, you have the knowledge to actually make a difference. You can actually affect the outcome. Sometimes it comes out badly, but you actually getting involved just may make the difference in someone else's life. So here's your invitation... The time and date are being left open and in fact we don't really know what will be happening yet because we can't plan these things ahead of time, but you can make the decision now. Do you make the decision to "play it as you see it" and help where you can? Or are you going to decide to read about it in the newspaper or watch it on the news the next day and say, "what if I had..."? Your decision, I guess.

    "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms; history shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own fall." Adolf Hitler

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    score one for the good guys

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