Orlando FL - fast food armed robbery the other night

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Thread: Orlando FL - fast food armed robbery the other night

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalexplr View Post
    In LEO training they used to refer to "Tomestone Courage". You know, when your ego overloads your common sense and you think you are bullet proof. Such folks usually end up dead.

    Three guys, guns up? Not good odds. If things start to go bad, you still have the advantage in that they do not know you are armed. And as others have said, go for the shotgunner first!

    Getting into a shoot-out just because, is suicidal thinking. Just because you are armed doesn't always mean you will be able to draw.

    With 3 in the store and one in the car, there is a good chance they have planned this out.

    If it looks like they are going to take out witnesses, you have nothing to lose. Otherwise, I'd play it cool and quiet.
    Excellent advice.
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    To incorporate other's suggestions:

    Drive thru purchases mitigate exposure.

    When inside be very aware of surroundings.

    When robbed keep weapon concealed.

    Be sheepish; attempt to withdraw if their focus is the register.

    Leave; or take a tactical position using as much cover/concealment as possible.

    Take out the shotgun first.

    Single well placed shots or quick double taps until all BGs hit, then back around for followups.

    Hope they will scatter when the shooting starts but plan for an extended fight.

    Hold fire if possible but plan to start blasting if they shoot first, or show indications of a bad outcome, such as herding everybody to the back, over aggressive behavior, high on drugs, etc.
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    I would get down, and keep my weapon under me, ready to draw, but would not draw and shoot unless they came to me and threatened my life. 3 to 1 odds isn't good.

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    how many headlines decry unarmed victims gunned down?

    I would not wish to be held at the mercy of those already showing contempt for lawful society I would hope to have scouted the most defensible space as my paranoia already demands of me,look for every "out".

    if you became there focus I would make every attempt to let them explain there actions to GOD using every tool available IE cell phone(get help coming)hot coffee,slick tile,Sig229/.40+30 rounds,giving them an avenue of escape, etc.etc.

    I would hope that the shot gun would be able to be the first one to stand in GOD's judgment but would make situational adjustments

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