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I was shot at last night

This is a discussion on I was shot at last night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by JohnKelly Sounds like great experience. One question: for the citizen's police academy if the citizen riding along on patrol has a CCW ...

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Thread: I was shot at last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnKelly View Post
    Sounds like great experience. One question: for the citizen's police academy if the citizen riding along on patrol has a CCW permit, are they allowed to carry?
    I did a Bill Clinton ride along with IPD several years ago..they didn't ask about my CCW and I sure as hell didn't tell! Their rules for the ride along called for dressing in a collared shirt/business casual style. I assume the reason behind this is so that the ride-along is easily distinguishable from the hood rats, trailer park trash, and assorted other wildlife. I had to tuck my shirt in to look play by IPD's rules, which meant I had to bury my Taurus PT-99. Luckily, it was cold so I also has a heavy jacket to aid comcealment, and even more fortunately no drama went down, because my drawspeed could have been measured with a sundial with all the layers that were in the way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD in SC;541538

    He starts to talk, and as I see his right hand is behind him, I ask him to keep his hands in front of him.
    He keeps talking and brings out his right hand with handgun by his side.
    I yell "put the gun down", he says no, and keeps it down[/B], He can now see me, and starts to draw up, I start to bring mine up, and 1 shot goes off, I can't tell if I am hit, so I open fire. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. He falls.
    So you saw a gun in his hand yet you did not draw on him.
    You waited till he drew on you first so he got the drop on you.
    First shot to the throat. You probably never would have even been able to get a shot off had it been real.
    Don't do that in real life!
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    Remember gang, this is in the Tactical Scenarios topic, NOT the Tactical Training topic. We weren't there for training, we were there to see what an LEO may face on any random call during their duty.

    I don't claim to be trained in any of this. I now have a better understanding of it, but I am certain I will not be clearing a strange house, full of strangers at any point in my civilian life.

    I have no problems with the way I handled it. I was asked afterwards to sign up for a position as a Reserve Deputy. I think I did well enough.
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