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Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying

This is a discussion on Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, at the risk of derailing the thread even more, I had a similar situation this morning. Not feeling well, I sent wife and daughter ...

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Thread: Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying

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    OK, at the risk of derailing the thread even more, I had a similar situation this morning. Not feeling well, I sent wife and daughter to church for Sunday School, and wife was to return to pick me up before the worship service. I hiked the quarter-mile to the gravel road, and was waiting in my Sunday best.

    The neighbor across the road hopped in his car and came down his driveway, followed by his two dogs. He then sped away, but the two dogs stayed. The large St. Bernard returned to his property on my shouted "Go Home!" (though he stayed nearby), but the [bad word] chihuahua advanced, barking, with hackles up.

    What a dilemma! Sure, I could have emptied 16 JHP 9mm into him (or tried), but I would have been the laughingstock of the neighborhood for decades. Imagine being christened "Yap-yap" at 51 years old, 6' 4", and 400 lbs - I would rather have stitches. Not to mention that shooting a fellow's dog here in the Appalachians is NOT considered neighborly.

    I backed away a bit, and the Grand High Protector of the Homestead felt his duty was done. Further evidence that retreating with a bruised ego saves grief when dealing with dogs as well as with other troublemakers.

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    Over the past few years, I’ve spent thousand of hours hang out at the local dog park. (Yes, I did have a lot of time on my hands.) During that time I have learned a lot about dog breeds and behavior. Unlike, their smaller and yappy cousins, the Giant Schnauzer is not a breed to be taken lightly. If you couldn’t carry a gun, your dog was probably the next best thing. With the knife and pepper spray you would have to be close enough to use them. And they are difficult to use while retreating. Turn the dog loose and you have an instant escape.

    I do have one suggestion though. If you could have picked up some sort of stick and carried it as a walking staff, that is a weapon that is more visible from a distance than a knife or pepper spray.

    I’m glad everything worked out. Nice work on your situational awareness. A lot of people would have been more annoyed with their dog and never even thought of the guy as a potential threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Sounds like your wife AND dog are both keepers...

    Dogs generally have excellent senses of danger and/or simply recognizing that a person is 'off'. Like fear they can smell aggression too.
    If a dog talks (and not just barking but body language too) then I'd listen and pay attention.
    Rather than walk toward a person the dog has alerted to I'd have turned us around 180 degrees and walked back the quick mile to our starting point and drive away calling it a day.
    Two miles missed once out of a lifes worth of 4 mile walks is nothing as compared to potential of some predator pinging you and your wife as being lunch meat. The dog most likely saved your bacon by acting aggressive as he had.
    Also as a general rule of my own that I've learned the hard way, if I happen to be fortunate enough to see/detect one hyena then I'll assume there is a second waiting in support. Hyena and BGs very often work in teams sharing the work to better their chances of success and their own individual security.
    My rule of thumb; See 1 figure on 2 or 3. See 2 figure on 3 or 4. See 3 figure on 5 or more. See 5 figure on a mob.

    As to those public space otherwise state/federal legal area 'no gun zone' signs....what sign?

    - Janq

    "It's better to be judged by twelve than carried by six." - Old timey saying
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    It's interesting how dogs react.... is your dog normally friendly around people? Our dog is, but in at least one case growled at someone across the street where we used to live as the neighbor was talking to my wife. I told my wife to never trust that man or let him near her, since the dog sensed something.

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    We had a mildly similar experience recently. We were out at a more remote park and spent a little more time on the trails than expected and we didn't get back to the lot until after dark. The only other's around were a couple young adults, screwing around near the port a potties. I can't say why but they acted suspiciously when they saw us arriving and eyed us funnily as we went to our truck (I sort of think they were using drugs and were wary of us reporting them). We hastily got in on high alert, but it felt a tiny bit better being armed, just in case.

    Quote Originally Posted by sigbear View Post
    ... this land is posted "VETERANS PARK NO FIREARMS"...
    What is the law regarding this posting in MA at that park? I ask because I regularly recreate at a large nearby park that's city run. MN law forbids them from restricting carry permit holders, yet they have a sign that says, among other things, "No firearms or explosives." It turns out, it's an old sign from before our law was changed to shall issue and the topic became more popular (even though state preemption laws that forbid cities from over regulating firearms have existed longer). I asked the city to clarify their stance and they acknowledged that that the firearm prohibition doesn't apply to permit holders (yeah) and they'll update the wording the next time they redo signs.

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    In answer to a couple of questions:

    My wife goes shooting with me occasionally, has no interest in getting her LTC, however, in a SHTF situation she knows where the guns are and how to use them. It's funny because she has offered on numerous occasions to carry my gun for me when I hurt my back, but, against the law, can't do it.

    As for Giant Schnausers, this is my 1st., and the best dog I've ever had.
    This guy is extremly gentle with children, dogs, cats, and people in general.
    He is by no means aggressive, however, if you F@#$ with his family, he turns into super dog.


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    That is the great thing about Missouri, cities can not post parks, only buildings, and even then ignoring the sign is not criminal, they can only ask you to leave. If you refuse then it is still only a trespass ticket.

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    Your wife is a smart lady, I hope she shaped you up the side of the head [you could a had a V8].
    These are really difficult situations to defuse and you did a great job.
    Obvoiusly you use what you have to protect those you love.
    Well done, thanks for sharing

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    If I can't carry, I don't go except to the E.R. and work (prison).
    Les Baer 45
    Sig Man
    N.R.A. Patron Life Member

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    I just don't understand why we can't carry in places like that.
    Mixed Martial Arts Record= 2-0.......Kyokushin Karate Record=5-0

    USMC.....helping enemies of America die for their countries since 1775

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfer View Post
    Your wife is a smart lady
    Except for the offering to illegally carry for him while he was injured Still, nice that she offered.

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    That is great awareness..you making looking at him and verbalizing...probably help keep him away...
    On a side note...I really like my smart carry holster when hiking...only I know it is there.

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

    NRA Certified Instructor--many disciplines

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    Sigbear... thanks for the info on the G. Schnauz.... I always love seeing them in the dog shows on USA network.

    I have a blue tick coon hound and a bassett hound and they are great watchdogs with mean ferrocious barks, but that's about it.

    All I can say about bassett hounds, is that if they weren't so gawd darn adorable and sad looking there would be a lot of dead bassett hounds in this world!

    They are obstinant, contrairy and have a mind of their own.... but they are adorable!

    I've had 3 coon hounds and this is our second bassett.... the first one wasn't quite as stubborn as this one is or I may have rethunk the decision to get her.

    BTW.... to stay on topic.... I'm glad all turned out ok for you guys on the trail...

    I think having the dog with you did a lot for keeping the dude at bay, regardless of his intentions, be they good, bad or innocent.

    Good job having some less lethal OC spray and a knife as alternative forms of defense! And very keen Situational Awareness!
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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