Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying

Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying

This is a discussion on Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last November my wife, dog, and I were walking a 3-4 mile hike which we have done for years. We know the trail very well ...

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Thread: Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying

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    Wife Mad at Me For Not Carrying

    Last November my wife, dog, and I were walking a 3-4 mile hike which we have done for years. We know the trail very well and one late afternoon we went into the woods 1/2 hour before dark (not uncommon for us). About 1 mile into our hike, we see a man standing 50 yards off, not moving, dressed in heavy coat, boots, and large back pack.

    My dog saw the guy after I did and started growling, so I grabbed his collar (110 Giant Schnauser) and continued down the trail towards the man. As we approached to 25 yards of the man he starts walking the trail toward us, and mumbles something as we pass each other and I say hi.

    I got a bad feeling I was going to run into this guy again, but didn't tell my wife that.

    We walked another mile, and my wife and dog see this guy high up on the hill to our left again not moving (25-30 yards away). At this point my wife says do you have your gun, and I say no, this land is posted "VETERANS PARK NO FIREARMS".

    At this point it's pretty dark, and we have 1 mile to go, I hand her my
    pepper spray and pull out my pocket knife.

    Now we are both getting worried, and as we approach the end of the trail, I see the man's silhoutte standing between two trees, My dog starts growling and barking like I've never seen before, so I grab his collar, and yell to the guy, I've got the dog, he mumbles something and moves away from us.

    My wife and I were both shaking when we got back to the car and discussed if we should call the police, I felt that we should and she felt that he never really did anything but appear at three different locations and it may have been coincedental.

    In order for this guy to meet up with us the 2nd & 3rd time, he would have had to cut through the woods, since this trail is just one big circle. Had I been carrying, nothing would have changed, but I would have felt alot better.

    We have 2 other large walking trails in our town where you can CCW, We now stick to those trails.


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    I don't like those "No Firearms" Zones.

    Lets say your in a room with your gun & there's a criminal in the same room with a gun. Now - because there's a "No Firearms" policy - take your gun away.
    Now your in the room without your gun - Is ANYONE stupid enough to think this policy would influence the criminal in his decision to carry?
    Must be some stupid people out there because these policy's keep getting passed. Big Duhhhh! Right?
    For God, Family and Country!

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    Sounds like your wife is a keeper! Glad you are safe.
    It is not the Bill of Privileges. It is not the Bill of Permits. It is the Bill of Rights.

    People should not be afraid of the government; the government should be afraid of the people.

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    Sounds like he is up to something and hope you all passed it along to the rangers. My compliments for keeping your wits about you. That, the dog and you making eye / verbal contact opposed to appearing very passive probably kept things from progressing.

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    Sounds handled well enough.

    Being as there were two of you, and a big old dog, it's pretty likely he was not up to anything sinister. At least with you guys. If he was and was armed, he would have done something.

    However, I said 'likely'. So, it's always good to be careful. He MAY have been waiting to see if you and your wife parted company on the trail.

    He may have been lost, he may have been cutting through the woods for his own reasons like nature watching, he could have wanted to bed down for the night. Fact is you don't know. And therefore you acted entirely appropriately.

    Not sure I would have called the cops either. He actually did nothing wrong or threatening. BUT, I wasn't there, and there may have been a lot of body language and other signals present that didn't make it into your post.

    Nice job anyway.

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    Sounds like you were smart enought to have the pepper spray and the knife with you for backup. However, when it comes to my family's safety, I'm either carrying for protection (and explain later when I have to defend my family), or I'll find some place else to spend my time. We have a couple of areas around here posted 'No Firearms'...and we avoid those and go to areas where it's not posted.

    All those areas do is make it easier on the criminals to victimize others.

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    Now let's work on getting the wife to carry.
    She wanted to depend on you having a gun. Why didn't she turn to you and say, "Don't worry, honey, if anything goes down, well, I've got my gun"?

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    glad everything turned out ok
    i hate no carry zones, but i often obey them.
    good decision on sticking to the paths where you can carry from now on though.
    just wondering, what does your wife think about carrying herself?
    if she might be considering it have her pm lima, me, or one of the other girls around here, would be glad to answer any questions.

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    right behind you!
    Glad everything worked out. Always keep your eyes open,(so your wife doesn't smack you after being frightened) and for situational awareness.

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    Ignore the sign in the future. By the way, giant schnauzers are bad dogs. Kind of like a bovier. It will protect you.

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    All I can say is, I love your choice in Dogs! I've always wanted a Giant Schnauser! They are way cool dogs and like crankshop says, they will protect you! And of course, much more intimidating then the miniture or standard sized.

    Mini's and Standards are cute... A 110 lb. Giant is just plain bad ass looking!

    Way cool! I am jealous!

    Btw... how are they to keep? Are they a handful? Are they naturally obedient or do they need a lot of work?
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Find somewhere else to walk that is not posted. Simple.

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    It is a good thing that public parks in Ohio cannot be posted against CCW.

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    Sounds like your wife AND dog are both keepers...needing a firearm and not having it is a bad feeling!

    Stay armed...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA Life Member

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    I personally havent been in a situation like that but one time while we were walking (i think my baby boy was just about 5 months old) around the block, a big Rot weiler came running & barking/growling at us from across a yard. I told my wife to take the stroller & get on the other side of me as i un-covered my Glock & put my hand on it (without drawing yet) & stomped me foot & yelled i figured he turn tail or get even madder @ which point id take him down if he got too close for comfort. NO way iam i letting him get close to my little boy thankfully he just stopped about 15 ft from the road & watched us snarling. So i walked backwards for awhile watching. Boy was i glad i was armed made me feel alot safer for my family

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