After the Carnival

After the Carnival

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Thread: After the Carnival

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    After the Carnival

    You are walking home late one night from a trip to the carnival which your g/f or wife had begged you to take her and her sister to. Traffic was awful, and the price of parking was outrageous. As such, the three of you had taken the metroline to save some cash, and hassle. You are now walking the 3/8 of a mile back home from the metro. While the girls chatter and gossip, you keep your situational awareness (Good Job!). The three of you are walking on the left sidewalk (against traffic). There are infrequent cars on the road at this hour in this area. There are a few metres of grass between the sidewalk and the wrought iron fence demarking the edge of an apartment complex. There's one more complex, similarly protected before your own. Between each complex is a side street. The other side of the 2+2 street is virtually identical. You are halfway home.

    As a pair of headlights approach from ahead, it seems like they are slowing down. You realize that they are definitely slowing down, and will stop about five meters past you. The glare from the headlights prohibits you from seeing how many occupants there are. As the car passes, you see that it is a four door dark colored sedan with tinted windows up prohibiting you from seeing inside. There is no reason for the car to slow down or stop where it is. The two girls (who, btw, are unarmed) continue walking and chatting oblivious to both what the car is doing, and your growing alarm.

    Part I:You have about 5 seconds before the car comes to a complete stop. What do you do in those five seconds or so?

    Part II: The car stops, and two large, menacing-looking guys get out of the back of the car. They are exchanging looks and start to approach/overtake your group. They say nothing, but look focused. Hands are hidden. What is your plan?

    This scenario is based on a situation I found developing after I had gone to the rodeo with my wife and our neighbor. For me, It never came to Part II since the car kept going (I will tell you what happened later, but I had to put together a plan in a hurry, and I would kind of like to see what others would have done in my situation.
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    i'd quietly draw my glock 26 but keep it hidden from the bogey's. I'd then alert my companions to jog/run away from me and to be prepared to call 911.

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    After several years of marriage, my wife and I have learned to trust each others perceptions. I would say, "Hun, I don't like the look of this..." to alert her, and get her to pick up the pace. If it gets to part II and we are being approached, by two possible BG's (nowhere else for them to be going in your scenario) I would have my hand on my weapon, and be ready to draw. Make sure the ladies have a head start and position myself between them and the guys from the car.

    At that point, it all depends on what the guys decide to do as to how I will react.
    My wife will likely be making all due haste out of the area. She will also probably have 911 punched into her phone and have her finger poised on the send button. Since our phones transmit their gps coordinates when 911 is dialed, the police can locate us within 100ft even if she doesnt say a word. (assuming your 911 system has the equipment)

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    You're talking about a "carnival"- I believe here in OK that would be a no CC zone, so assuming that......

    As above on the 911 call- let them know which gate/exit we were closest to. Pop out the SureFire or Inova, and tag the guys right in the eyes, asking, "What can I help you with?". Knife or walking stick(or ASP or slapper) in hand, try to move so that they would have to re-orient, to make it a one-to-one, linear approach.

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    Verbal to the girls, hand on piece or even draw, and keep concealed - and observe. If my previous condition yellow was working well, maybe too I have an option for cover that I'd spotted.

    Am thinking - just two guys - maybe two more. Every milli second will be appraisal.
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    Part I: I'm going to continue on my way, however my Surefire light is going to be in my weak hand. If the car continues on it's way, that's great, and no one is the wiser.

    Part II: This is getting bad. It's time to have the g/f and friend start moving away at a slightly faster pace, and have one of them call 911. If the 2 BGs are coming my way, my hand is definately going for my pistol, although I'm not sure if I'd draw or not. I'm also moving towards the nearest cover possible.

    The part that scares me about 2 is the fact that the two BG's got out of the back of the car. That means that there are potentially 2 or 3 more guys in the car. That can turn into real bad news real fast.

    From there, the choice is theirs. They can press the issue, or they can turn and walk away.

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    Part l - I tell the wife and friend to pick up the pace, I don't like the looks of the approaching car. I have my hand on my gun but not drawn yet.

    Part ll - I position myself between the guys and my retreating female companions who I tell to call 911. My gun is out of it's holster but out of sight. I retreat also but medical conditions prevent me from running far or fast. I may at some point have to slow down, turn and continue to walk backwards and yell to the men to stop and ask what do they want. If they continue to advance without answering me I draw the gun on them. Hopefully that is enough to stop them in their tracks. I do not let them get within arms length of me.

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