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At what distance would you engage a shooter?

This is a discussion on At what distance would you engage a shooter? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIXTO Thats a loaded question that cant have one answer. It depends on a lot of things, mainly how far away the ...

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Thread: At what distance would you engage a shooter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Thats a loaded question that cant have one answer. It depends on a lot of things, mainly how far away the BG is engaging me.
    Sums up my thoughts to a tee.
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    15 yards max. What can I say. I'm only an adequate shot . But I'm still practicing.
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    I would agree with everyone basically saying it is up to the individual shooter's ability how far to engage. I would also like to point out that the bad guy here and in a lot of cases ended his own life. Sometimes it only takes people fighting back to get the cowards to end it themselves. I believe getting them on a defensive posture will slow down their rampage and get more people an opportunity to flee for their safety. This being said I think it would be important if innocents were clear to engage as soon as possible even if you didn't have a good hit probability, just to delay them.
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    Depends on the threat and your mind set.

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    I think that the situation would dictate any action but as a general rule, I don't think I would engage someone shooting out past about 30 yards or so. Any farther than that and I am just going to be running out of the line of fire and finding cover.

    But, like I said, each situation is different. It all depends on the circumstances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friesepferd View Post
    depends on the gun
    depends on where you are, if u can get closer
    depends on how good you are
    depends on if there are other ppl right around
    ... depends on a lot

    I agree! People can say this or that but you don't know until you are in that situtation.

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    Let's have a reality check here! Have you ever shot at a moving human size target at 25 yards? Add in the fact that you will (hopefully) be getting off the X yourself, possibly taking fire and under a significant sympathetic reaction, now ask yourself how accurate you think you will be.

    If I had a carbine or a long gun I would be OK with a 25 yard shot. If it's my handgun I'm saving my ammo for 15 yards and in.
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