Motion sensors to alert of an intruder

Motion sensors to alert of an intruder

This is a discussion on Motion sensors to alert of an intruder within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently took in my dad who has Alzheimer's. I needed to know if he was moving in the middle of the night, so I ...

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Thread: Motion sensors to alert of an intruder

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    Motion sensors to alert of an intruder

    I recently took in my dad who has Alzheimer's. I needed to know if he was moving in the middle of the night, so I installed a motion sensor chime/alarm that I purchased at Radio Shack. When he moved, it chimed and I knew to get up out of bed and help me.

    This sparked a thought. I keep reading stories of people hearing intruders in their house and are fortunate enough to wake up from the noise they make and arm themselves. But, let's admit it, some BGs are smarter than others and are a lot quieter.

    Has anyone installed a simple $30 motion sensor in their hallway that would chime should someone get in their house and make their way toward the bedrooms? Or for that matter, any other devices?

    We do not have a dog, which of course would be a great intruder alert system, but we do have (useless) cats, so the sensors would have to be aimed several feet high, but it does seem like an excellent idea.

    Thoughts? Other alarm mechanisms that people use?

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    We also used an indoor wireless motion detector to monitor my Dad in the event he got up during the night. We also got (from Lowes?) a boxed set of two wireless cameras and small monitor, one of the cameras (with night vision) was aimed at him in his bed and he was easy to see at any time. You could use a similar camera to monitor a back door or whatever.
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    I have them, but I also have a big dumb German Shepherd who just can't seem to learn my alarm code! They get set when the house is locked up and the dog outside, and are part of the total alarm package. They're a GREAT idea (and cheap) if you can't afford/don't want a whole alarm system - just remember that cats can climb and jump, too!
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    I, just this morning ordered 3 door jam alarms from
    Defence Devices.

    just another level of security.
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    After I was burglarized at my old townhouse, I bought one of those Radio Shack door/window and motion sensor alarm kits. We have a dedicated alarm system in our house now, the kind where I hit "stay" and it goes off if somebody breaks in.

    And two pointy-eared dogs help, too.
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    We have an older Radio Shack model--recently when I went to Radio Shack to pick up another one I noticed that they had apparently stopped selling the one we have. Many of the detectors I see now have the ability to set it to ignore pets. I don't know how well the feature works since we don't have a pet, but it is an interesting feature.

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    My mother inlaw had suffered from a heart attack about 1 year ago and had a hard time walking. I purchased from WalMart a wireless door bell. I set the chimer in my room and gave her the push button. now when she needed something all she had to do was push the button and we would hear the buzzer! Cost? About 19.95. No contracts, no wiring, and the push button is so light we drilled a hole in it and placed a string on it so she could wear it around her neck.
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    There are so many ways to defeat alarms; but, unless your a high value target, most dirt bags don't have the brains to even consider them in my opinion.
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    I have only one door that can be entered. At Lowes I purchased 2 door entry chimes. The door part is battery operated and the chimes are plug-ins. I have one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. They have individual volume controls. The one in my bedroom would wake someone from a coma. It's not an alarm for when I'm away, it just lets me know when someone comes in the door.

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    Another nice and inexpensive security device is outdoor motion sensing flood lights.
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    We have motion sensing floodlights at places around the house. Something has to be 3 feet tall to set them off, so no dogs or other critters can set them off. They are wired to a panel in the hallway that has a light and buzzer for each one. If for some reason they get past the lights and buzzers, I have a matching set of Rotwiellers that are always hungry.
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    We've installed two sensors...a small yellow one and a large reddish one...

    Grady, 125# Rhodesian Ridgeback
    Murphy, 55# Retriever

    Both are 'Christian' dogs...especially...Grady...

    One night this guy broke in and Grady had him cornered. The guy was scared to death, and in his sweaty, shaking fear, he asked God to help him survive. He dropped to his knees and he said, "Dear God, I'm sorry I broke into this house! If you help me, I'll change my ways. Please! Please!...let this big Rhodesian Ridgeback be a Christian dog." (He didn't know that Grady WAS a Christian dog.)

    Well, all of a sudden...right while he was on his knees, Grady fell to his knees right in front of the BG and bowed his HUGE head and began to mumble. The BG was thinking that a true miracle had occurred...


    He heard my dog, Grady's voice..."Bark, Bark...dear God, I would like to thank you for this meal which I'm about to receive!"

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