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What to do if you are followed

This is a discussion on What to do if you are followed within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SonofASniper I am curiouse as to what the end result was. What I ended up doing was entering a big apartment building ...

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Thread: What to do if you are followed

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonofASniper View Post
    I am curiouse as to what the end result was.
    What I ended up doing was entering a big apartment building on the north end, ran through the hallway and exited at the south end. I had about 200 ft. on him at that moment. Then I ran across the street and fled through other people's yards. I lost him because he probably figured that I lived in that building and he might have looked for me there. Never ran so fast in my life. Then again I was only 20 so I was in better shape then.

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    I learned as a bouncer many years ago that the best defense is a good offense. Just before I was going to grab someone, I'd yell "Please don't cause any problems" loudly several times. That got everyones attention and was a proven defense when the law got there after I thumped him on the way out. Same could be said in your "follower" scenario. I'd only take it so long until I had to react, if a decent escape was impossible. Cowards have no guts to react to a forceful confrontation.

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    this kind of thing has happened a few times in a dozen or so years.

    Dark, 830-900 pm on the deserted streets of Tacoma near edge of HillTop 1 1/2 mi between home and the Y.... nothing but Mickey D's open.
    Hilltop -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilltop...%2C_Washington

    Bad Dudes (banger types, not an everyday regular street people) comes in to my rear from the side at 40 or so feet back. They're typically heavier, taller and 30 years younger and follow ... keeping pace, slowing when I do and normal speed when I do.

    Show no fear or weakness ... pause or stop suddenly and look directly, confidently and pointedly at him....so he knows you know and have suspicions. Read the body language.

    You are constantly and slowly but not nervously checking your 6, 3, 9 and 12... with or wo a tail .. esp now cuz it might be an ambush.

    Once they are made and faced they may wander off (usually) or close or maintain distance.

    Walk (or run) into the street so they must obviously demonstrate intentions at a distance.... One time I walked into the street as to cross and watched them as they reversed. If they are close and close, you may need to stand and deliver or move and deliver or run, run, run ... depending.

    One big guy passed by, turned and paced me for a while so I suddenly stopped under a light and faced him so we could clearly see each other .... he stopped... put my hand on the J Frame under my jacket at appendix and pointed my finger at him and told him not to follow me. He nervously and very quickly wandered off.
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    being followed

    Quote Originally Posted by dunndw View Post
    That's what I tell me wife to this day. If I think I'm being followed in the car (which I've never been so far) I'll do the 4 right turn thing...if they follow the "poor lost guy" driving in circles, then I'll drive to the nearest populated place, with my 1911 in my lap
    been followed before, or so it seemed that way but did the
    turn left here,right turn there. drive a little way other than
    the direction of home while keeping an eye on other car till
    they turned elsewhere.the few extra miles is worth it. better
    safe and alive than surprisedand hurt or worse.
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    I would cross the street. If he crosses also, it might show intent. Cross again, if he follows, you know he is after you.

    After that he is mine. I will try to set him up where I have the advantage.

    If I had a cell phone it would have been out immediately and called 911 and left it on speaker phone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by riverkeeper View Post
    Dark, 830-900 pm on the deserted streets of Tacoma near edge of HillTop 1 1/2 mi between home and the Y.... nothing but Mickey D's open.
    Hilltop -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilltop...%2C_Washington
    Hilltop has its own Wikipedia page thats funny. Way back I helped a friend out who owned three women's recovery houses in a 6X6 block square on the Hilltop. Did security for him until he found some one. From 11PM to 6AM I would walk from one house to the next basically made sure the lil "ladies" stayed home and kept their "boyfriends" aka pimps & dealers away. I'd have to walk through groups of bangers all through the night. Talk about feeling like casper. Would make eye contact and give them a friendly greeting never a problem. My business was in University Place. The wannabe bangers there with the beemers daddy gave them and their Mak 10's were alot scarier. I however did have a couple of talks with the afore mentioned boyfriends that could have exposed me to HIV but I got lucky there.
    To the OP, my experience is stand your ground do your business. Eye contact and acknowledge the person, if appropriate. Watch your back, be ready, be prepared to go on the offensive, be aware of your space, keep your distance but appear unconcerned. If you have a reason for being someplace, you have a right to be there. Do what you need to do. I think running identifies you as prey, like a pack of dogs. Ever watch a group of dogs play and one will start running away. The rest will run him down than gang up on him. By running he made himself prey and the pack treated him accordingly. In that sense muggers are about as evolved as dogs, if you don't act like prey they will some one does.
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