Apartment Precautions

Apartment Precautions

This is a discussion on Apartment Precautions within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Living in apartments are alot different than houses. What are some safeguards that people can take to make it more livable? For example: Switching out ...

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Thread: Apartment Precautions

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    Apartment Precautions

    Living in apartments are alot different than houses. What are some safeguards that people can take to make it more livable?

    For example:
    Switching out new deadbolt
    A way to lock windows better?
    Motion detectors to alarm when sleeping
    Video cameras (in app + one in hallway hidden)

    I have NEVER lived in one before. Do you suggest anything else?
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    Switching out new deadbolt
    If the door frame is not up to the task, a better lock or bolt won't do much more than briefly inhibit someone without the key. Kicking the door in is a simple task, unless the door/frame unit is built to withstand that specifically.

    A way to lock windows better?
    A bolt that goes all the way through the frame of the door and into the track can help. Or, you can cut a length of 1" dowel that just fits into the track of each window and sliding door. But then, windows are glass, and glass is easy to get through, so such precautions are only so effective.

    Motion detectors to alarm when sleeping
    Anything that actually delays an intruder is a good thing. Anything that helps give you advance warning is a good thing.

    Consider: a tougher door/frame to the house; secure windows and doors, all around; motion/alarm system; one or more effective four-legged friends (dogs); pick an apartment that has a defensible layout; a heavier door/frame/bolt/lock on the bedrooms, with perhaps a door brace to the floor if insufficient.

    Video cameras (in app + one in hallway hidden)
    These will only help you if you're awake and viewing them. Otherwise, they're only useful for cleanup.

    Whatever you can effectively get to, use, and keep from the BG's.

    None of these things make it more liveable, though some of the steps can make it more defensible.

    Dogs can be a pain in apartments. Since it's not your place, you'll need to work with the owner for things like a heavy-duty door/frame that can withstand attack. Being on the second floor can help, as folks can simply climb into windows.

    Fortifying one room as your "safe room" can help, to which everyone will run if needing to defend, though this depends on being able to get there when needed, which is tough in a small place. Have two independent phones, ie one land line and one cell.
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    you get get a door kicker preventer thingy,unsure of name,but its basically a pole that has a rubber foot,and the top is a C shape that cups under the door handle and you adjust the height,and lock it into place.... So long as your front door isn't carpeted,it seems to work very effectively,and just remove it when you need to open the door (wont do you good for invasions while not at home,but its cheap,and in my expereince works VERY well.)

    Other than that,I can say try to decorate ,like say my old apartment,only one set of windows on ground floor,rear windows were second floor,so we put the cough up against the windows to block any possible climb-in,but still enough to be able to see out of it//enjoy the window. (It would make one HELL of alot of noise if someone did,first brech the window lock,then push the couch out of the way,climb in,then climb over the couch.

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    Video taping the inside of your apartment would go well if you ever have a damage dispute with the landlord. Renters insurance would be a good idea to cover your possessions if you were burglarized and that's where the video tape would help also.

    Does the apt have a peephole with a working exterior light?
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    When we lived in an apartment in town we went to Wal-mart and got the sticky 140/dB window alarms, that sounded when the magnetic field was broken (basically when the window was slid open) It had an option for a chime and to turn off if you wanted to open the window on a nice day. We got the same for the doors. They have a keypad instead with a 30 second timer to enter or leave. If you didn't punch in the code in 30 seconds the alarm would sound. We talked to the landlord about changing the locks to a dead bolt. He agreed. We got a safe and kept guns close by. Also we got to know our neighbors. We looked out for one another.
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    Second floor

    Renters Insurance

    New York Dead Bolt (pole under the door knob)

    Dowels in the window tracks painted to match the color of the window tracks.

    Motion sensor lights inside (Home Depot and others of the like has a wireless motion sensor that will activate a wall outlet to turn on a light and or a beeper)

    Wind chimes in the windows

    To hell with attractive floor layout, make it a maze

    Keep you valuable items (stereo, ET center, ect...) away from view of the windows and door when it is open.

    Get to know your neighbors, either friends or ones to watch out for.

    Locks keep the honest people out, thats all. I have bypassed-defeated; window dowels, non-dead bolted doors with supposedly high end locks, New York Dead Bolt, and other basic measures. I learned if you want to catch or defeat a criminal, you have to think like one. Point being if someone wants in, they are going to get in, it is just a matter of how much noise and damage they will make in the process. A criminal is not worried about marring up the paint, breaking glass or wood.

    The motion sensor and wind chimes in the windows will make noise, no way around that. Those will give you warning in the middle of the night. If you are not home, and they want your stuff, they are going to get it...Renters insurance

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    The window alarms Pro2A had are great door and window alarms, cheap and easy to install and remove.
    If there's enough room a cheap, small-ish driveway alarm covertly placed close to you door outside......IF there's room AND it's not that well traveled. I had one for my first apartment but I was lucky with room and very little traffic.
    Dowells or old broom/mop handels work as chead window locks....preventing the window from being opened from the outside without breaking the glass.
    Lowes/Home Depot sell door "jam bars" (I can't for the life of me remember what thier called) that screw/bolt into the door and floor for the 'extra' level of locking security.

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    as a security guard in an apartment complex i can give you this advice that you will think is silly/common sense...
    -Shut your blinds! Just about everyone who gets robbed is on the first floor and has their blinds open.
    -Don't live on the first floor! Nearly all incidents of breakins happen on the first floor. BG's are lazy by nature.
    -Get to know the security in your complex.
    -Video Cameras are nice, but only help after-the-fact. The best security comes in layers, with psychological (peace of mind) being the first steps and recovery being the last. Some people use phony cameras for their peace of mind, but phony cameras only show you have somthing worth protecting and stealing. Always always always always *did i say always?* park in good lighting. Its worth the 5 minutes a night/35 minutes a week/30 hrs a year driving around looking for the ideal parking spot (lite, and in securitys normal route). Whats not worth it is letting your car get stolen and missing out on hours a work that first days, then spending 15mintues a day/105 mintues a week/91 hours a year trying to find a buddy to take you into work.
    hope this helps.

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    If you go to you tube and put in bump key and check out some videos you will be surprised about most locks can be open in seconds. I replaced mine with a lock made by Medico lock co. Kind of spendy but it a good lock that is almost impossible to pick even by a locksmith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    Locks keep the honest people out<snip>...Renters insurance

    There's no securing an apartment... someone wants in, they're going to get in. If you're not there, that's what insurance is for. If you are, that's what your defensive weapon is for. In an apartment setting, pay close attention to possible over-penetration.

    A good safe, securely attached to the floor, is a good option for keeping the things you would really miss, provided the apartment owner/manager doesn't have a problem with you securing a safe.
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