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Pulled Firearm Now What???

This is a discussion on Pulled Firearm Now What??? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you carry a gun you better carry a cell phone also. I had never really thought about it until in my CWP class the ...

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Thread: Pulled Firearm Now What???

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    If you carry a gun you better carry a cell phone also. I had never really thought about it until in my CWP class the instructor brought that up. Always try to be the first to call 911 and tell your side of the story. The first one to call always has the advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc0811 View Post
    Now what should you do at this time, call the police to let them know what happened, to give your side of the story before the BG does or a bystander that only saw half of what really happened?

    Basically to cover your butt.

    Ultimately, for me, the goal is to see if the BG can be found, 'cause if I am drawing a lethal weapon to defend myself then he's bad enough to be a clear and present threat to anyone who gets in his way. He badly needs capturing and prosecution for preying on others.
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    As soon as I am sure he HAS DEPARTED the area:
    1. Call 911 and inform them of who I am, what happened, where I am and that there is an unsecured weapon on the ground.
    2. Move to a location where I can safely monitor the area until LEO arrives.
    3. Have my CHL readily available for LEO when he arrives.
    4. Upon his arrival reholster my weapon.
    5. Make my presents known to the LEO keeping my hands in plain sight while informing him I am armed.
    6. Follow his commands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperKnight View Post
    In this case not only because you pulled your gun, but because now there is an orphaned "weapon" lying on the ground that you probably don't want to take home and don't want to leave on the ground for a kid to come across.
    +1 I agree with my brothers in arms.

    dial 9-1-1 ASAP!
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    You have to call 911 after presenting your weapon, if nothing else than CYA puposes. If a person witnessed you drawing your weapon, without seeing the reason why, and called 911 on you, you'd be in a huge legal mess. Never take chances with your liberty after the fact.

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    Somewhere in all of this good samaritan-ness with calling 911, I would suggest:
    A. As soon as you feel that you are out of danger, re-conceal your own self-defense tools.
    B. Engage other witnesses with dialog similar to "Did you just see what that criminal did? ... He dropped a gun and fled."

    Please don't take my suggestions to be in lieu of calling 911 and hopefully I am stating the obvious here.

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    You have his weapon. Do not touch it but guard it. Let him go. Call the cops. Make sure you calm down enough to give the cops a good description of the BG. The guy has his prints all over the gun.
    You have a good reason and proof of why you had to pull out your gun. Find a witness an quickly get the story straight.
    No reason to go through the bull (paperwork) and memory of killing another human.

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