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Would you fire a warning shot?

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Thread: Would you fire a warning shot?

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    Warning shots go against my principles.

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    Yes I would say at lease three warning shots...two to the body, one to the head! End of story...
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    No warning shot(s)!
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    In the state of Virginia a warning shot is not a shot in self-defense. Therefore It is illegal and you will be charged with various firearms crimes. Should your bullet cause damage, injury or death you will likely be staying at the gray bar hotel for quite awhile. Check the laws in your state and you may find the same is true there.

    The rest is well covered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garyacman View Post
    I agree with most posts, but add one more thing. The person has no weapon that YOU CAN SEE. What now?
    Would a reasonable person keep approaching you if he is unarmed and you a weapon pointed at him and you are telling him to stop. What do you think he is going to do with your pistol once he has taken it from you? He is either going to kill you or stick it where the sun don't shine.
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    No warning shot. No verbal warning. If I see a lethal threat directed at me, I respond with lethal force if the BG is in range. That's legal in my state.

    I consider anyone other than a uniformed LEO pointing a weapon at me to be a lethal threat. I will ignore anything said by the threatener--my sig line says it all.

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    If I'm shooting...the warning part of the engagement is over.
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    Hell, yes. Right through what passes for the scumbag's brain.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    no warning shots here, if someone keeps coming at you after you have told them to "stop or be shot" and they can see that you obviously have the means to back that statement up. Then They are a definate threat to your well being.
    The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference-they deserve a place of honor with all that is good. -George Washington

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    If you ever have to use your weapon to protect yourself &/or family, you neutralize the threat as quickly as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    I have read a lot of posts about people using their firearms to defend themselves and in worse case scenarios actually having to shoot the BG. The aftermath is never pretty and can be very, very expensive.

    The last post I read was about some BGs that were inebriated and were out to cause some type of trouble. The poster drew his weapon and they fled. Probably the best outcome.

    But let’s say that they don’t flee. Let’s say that there is enough distance between them and you that they are not an “immediate” threat. (Yes, I know that the distance can be closed quite rapidly. But let’s forgo that for now.) Now one of the BGs states, “Come on buddy. You don’t want to use that. Think of all the trouble that it is going to cause YOU. Legal fees, law enforcement, etc., etc., etc.” (I know. He is quite eloquent for being drunk. What if he is not drunk?) Then he starts walking toward you, not fast, but he is closing the distance. What do you do?

    Some thought that come to mind is trying to use your command voice and make your intentions known. Something like, “STOP NOW OR I WILL SHOOT”. But he ignores you. Would you fire a WARNING shot, say at his feet?

    I can see the good and bad to this. But was wondering what your opinions are.
    Drawing a firearm is not a negotiating tactic. If one draws a firearm, they better have the intestinal fortitude to fire if the situation warrants firing. Once the firearm is drawn there is no conversation. There is only directives given by the possessor of the firearm to the adversary. If directives are followed, no shoot. If directives are not followed, well shoot is viable option.

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    Are we detecting a pattern here?

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    Some thought that come to mind is trying to use your command voice and make your intentions known. Something like, “STOP NOW OR I WILL SHOOT”. But he ignores you. Would you fire a WARNING shot, say at his feet?
    If you are not justified in shooting you are not justified to use a "Warning Shot" IMHO.

    If you have the time to give a "Warning Shot" it could be argued that you were not really in fear of your life. I hate to use absolutes, so I won't. However, I will say that the odds of me firing a "Warning Shot" in a self defensive scenario is pretty slim.

    Things happen fast and if the verbal commands and presence of the gun don't work then most likely it's going to be a shooting situation. In fact, my gun stays concealed off duty unless it is a shooting situation. However you do have to be able to recognise when the verbal commands and the presence of the gun has worked and shooting is no longer justified.

    It's sort of a "Catch 22". Good luck and just make sure that you can articulate why you did what you did.


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    no warning shot, may give a verbal but that would be it.
    Jack dog

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