In the early 90s some of my old college buddies rented a house in Jackson. (3 of them) One night during a party one of the guest got too wild and they threw him out. A little background...they had known this guy since childhood and knew he was paranoid/schizophrenia. He'd been in and out of the state hospitol and was always on or off some medication or another for it. Anyway, the guy loses it and comes back w/two or three gas cans and starts pouring gas all over the house...mainly the cars in the garage and the garage walls. Fortunately someone was leaving the party and saw him so they came back inside and told my friends. One of my buddies bursts out the door into the garage w/a Browning auto-5 just as said lunatic was getting to the street where he was about to light a rag he'd stuck into another gas can and throw it into the garage. My friend fired a warning shot at his feet which probably skipped up into the neighbors garage. Freak show ran away down the street on foot screaming "you're all going to burn!!" 35 minutes later the police arrived. (This is Jackson we're talking about not the suburbs) They asked who did the shooting and at who and they didn't have to ask why...the whole intersection smelled like gasoline and the can with the rag in it was still sitting in the street. The cops checked up on the loon and found out he'd been in and out of trouble all his life (due to his rich dad) and my friend was clean as a whistle...they huddled around one of their cruisers for a few minutes and left. My friend never got in any trouble of any kind for it. They didn't even ask to see the gun. The whole thing blew over...I'm certainly no fan of warning shots but the guy just couldn't kill a long time aquaintence he knew to be mentally deranged...tough call...Sad part of it was that in the heat of it all he never gave a thought as to where that buck shot would end up...just didn't have time to worry about it. He took a dangerous risk and got lucky.