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Good or Bad to Shoot?

This is a discussion on Good or Bad to Shoot? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; my thought is that if my gun was already in my hand, why wouldn't I just shoot him before (or while) I handed him my ...

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Thread: Good or Bad to Shoot?

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    my thought is that if my gun was already in my hand, why wouldn't I just shoot him before (or while) I handed him my wallet?

    Shooting someone in the back after he's already leaving is going to be a "hard sell" in court.
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    I'm petty sure that at least one juror would vote not guilty. Was he turning to leave or checking his six? Reasonable doubt? Me thinks you would be found not guilty. That said I don't have an extra fifty grand lying around for an attorney so I wouldn't shoot, at least I don't think so.
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    If I got caught where I had to hand over my wallet, and they turned to leave; If I couldn't draw before, I'd draw after they turned. I don't carry a pocket pistol so I would fit in the original scenero. I'd draw and yell "Stop or I'll shoot". If they turn around before droping their weapon, then I would start firing. If they started running, I'd give chase. I wouldn't want to take the chance of them having my address and coming to my house. There is so many ways that can play out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbary View Post
    The individual is leaving and the danger has passed.
    In the scenario, the BG has merely turned and is now a bit farther away than just a moment ago. One cannot know for certain the BG is leaving, and it's simply not possible to know the threat has passed until the BG is GONE. Caution, as at any moment the BG could easily turn and eliminate the witness. Doing nothing for one's defense in that lull could easily be the last thing we ever do.

    Only when the BG has left has the immediate threat subsided sufficiently that it would be safe enough to head to a well-lit public place for that 911 call. Until then, the threat is absolutely real and present, despite the physical orientation of the BG to you.
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    If they are leaving and no one is hurt, let them. I imagine in most states, shooting someone in the back of the head will result in charges.
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    If the BG was handed your wallet, and still has a draw on you (looking for more - pocket cash;whatever) and in the meantime you caused a distraction, like looking as if someone was behing him and he turns to look giving you an opportunity to draw and obtain a quick shot to the head (his side/back), then what does that look like from a ballistics standpoint? Some can say you shot him as he was leaving?

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    As long as he leaves with my wallet he lives, if he turns around....BLAM
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    Definitely a bad kill. Most states would prosecute you for that. But, having said that, there is the true story of a Boston police officer, a friend of mine, who chased a guy, his partner was way way behind him, he chased a supposedly unarmed guy into a housing project building, the guy ran up the stairs, the cop had not unholstered his weapon at all, just chasing him, the guy gets to the first landing he comes to, then takes out a knife and comes running back down the same stairs right toward the same officer. Now the officer draws his gun without even thinking, and fires, but the bad guy had turned his head a split second earlier and the shot struck him in the back of the head. The officer was ruled to be completely justified and there was absolutely no controversy about it in or out of the newspapers. But not being a police officer, I am positive that no justification in court could ever successfully be advanced for shooting someone in the back of the head, while fleeing or not, no matter what had occurred just before that shot was fired. Unless the bad guy is firing at other people and has his back to you. That is a different story, if he is engaged in violent activity even though you see only his back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdwolf View Post
    If he puts a bullet in you, a good hey you! May turn him back at you! Then the hole would go in the front and your case would have alot more legs!
    Yup......a loud whistle and the Art of Ka Pow..............again, we all understand that these are Hypothetical situations and that ALL of us are training, in our own way, for the big game that I hope we never have to play. But, by reading some posts, I know that a few of you have already been placed in some difficult situations. I'm glad you're all okay enough to write about it.
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    In Texas you can shoot to prevent him from stealing property that cannot be replaced,and he has your wallet,In that wallet he now knows where you live and your wife lives and your kids live,Is the threat really over? What is to stop him from walking 5 feet turning and shooting you.In some States you shoot him they hang you out to dry and in other states they give you a medal
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    While I would say you'd have a hard sell to a jury I would also say you could articulate a good defense...There are many instances where people have turned away only to turn back and shoot their victims...maybe they were looking for witnesses, maybe they changed their mind about leaving a witness at the last minute, who knows. If you could move away quickly out of the line of fire and to cover and challenge then fine...if not and you challenge and they turn...

    You'd probably be charged and prosecuted though...

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