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This is a discussion on Real Incident within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; it was not until post 39 that someone mentioned other potential ccw holders. hmm....does 911 have text ability? should it? i think in this case, ...

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    it was not until post 39 that someone mentioned other potential ccw holders.

    hmm....does 911 have text ability? should it?

    i think in this case, bg2 and bg3 taking ladies to another room, well, you can only presume that some sort of physical harm is going to be done and in az, rape can be stopped using deadly force.

    very interesting scenario and to the o.p., thankfully no one was killed and thank you for posting this. you live and learn and you sharing this allows people to help you, and help others.

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    Depending on some unkown for help is not a good idea.
    There are some great people out here who would step forward and help, but for every one of you type, there are hundreds who would just stand there and watch while you are being beat up. Unless someone steps forward and identefies themself as a helper, you are on you own.
    I would think my primary responsiblity would be to contain the crime until help arrives, then back out with my hands in the air.

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    Was this a real event? When and where did it happen? Were the BG's caught? Is there a news article?

    I know what I would like to do in scenarios as I read about and have time to think about them but with the adrenaline flowing; if I was in the fray, my actions might be more emotional or reactionary.

    I have experienced "buck fever" but not been placed in a situation to shoot a human. Buck fever if you don't know is the adrenaline rush felt when a prize game animal is in your sights while hunting. I think the physiological affects would be similar.

    In my mind I would do whatever to protect myself and my family. I probably would not otherwise act as a LEO and actively try to take these guys down or rescue strangers unless it was to protect myself and family.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    Tough call. Not every situation provides us with a way to "win", or even come out OK. That's life.

    I'm inclined to do the 9-1-1 thing with the cell phone under the table and shoot miscreant No. 1.


    If one (or more) of my relatives (daughters, wife, etc.) is involved, then the situation is going to get violent very quickly, and probably very ugly as well.

    Bad deal all around.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

    Gary D. Mitchell, A Sniper's Journey: The Truth About the Man and the Rifle, P. 103, NAL Caliber books, 2006, 1st Ed.

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    I agree with a lot of you. I think golfer summed it up well in his post. However if it was my wife in the back room I would acted differently. I would take out number one, tell everyone else to get out, then go hunt down dead guy two and three. They had better be serious and ready to fight because, no questions asked, armed or unarmed at that point, their dead. Is that the best idea? Who knows, but it wouldn't take long to find out. Time to put your war face on.

    Should I do the same for every female? Maybe, maybe not. Would I? Maybe, maybe not. Most likely I would take Golfs course of action. Would I take my family and leave everyone else to fend for themselves. No way! Not on my life. Literally. My wife knows how to drive a car, she doesn't need me to do that. If I felt like I needed to escort her all the way to the parking lot, then I would. Then I would grab an extra mag I keep in the car and get back to a point of cover until I was sure everyone else go out.

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