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Strange Thing Last Night

This is a discussion on Strange Thing Last Night within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Either way it was a good decision on your part to get out. You being the only one of us that was there have a ...

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Thread: Strange Thing Last Night

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    Either way it was a good decision on your part to get out.
    You being the only one of us that was there have a unique insight as to how these guys were behaving. If they were BG's you got out before they were able to formulate a plan. If they were plain clothes you took yourself out their equation. If they were working and it hit the fan and you were still there after they made you I imagine at least one of them would have been watching you very closely. That would mean that they couldn't focus completely on who they were there for, and you being an armed question mark in their area of operation would have to be controlled or managed in some way.
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    When I was a newly sworn rookie cop, an old gray veteran took me aside and said "When in doubt, son, follow your gut."
    Best advice I ever got.
    You did, you're alive, well done!
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    If you think about it, humans are the only animals, (if you agree with that terminology) that no longer trust our instincts. If a deer in the woods thinks your in a tree with a gun, do you think he's gonna hang around to find out? Heck no.

    I believe that if there was nothing funny going on, you wouldn't have got that funny feeling. God gave it to us for a reason!
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    “Trust the force Luke”. Good words 25 years ago, and good today. Only I call it that little voice that is NEVER wrong.

    Glad everything worked out for ya.,

    Some may say it’s a sorry state of the world we live in, but there's a bunch of weird people, and you never know their true intentions.

    So if you little voice says “get out of here” don’t waste any time leaving.

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    Better to do what you did and be wrong than to later say, "I KNEW something was up with him!"

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    Even though I doubt a UC would do a bump and touch over just watching you or even just asking your gut told you to cut and run and you listened, good job.

    I've been "bumped" before, for me they way I carry IWB it would be more likely that they were going for my wallet or cell. The one time I know they were trying to get my phone, bunch of young teens at a fair a good look made them cut and run. Took about .5 second. One other time it was a friend who had found me at a mall and thought it would be funny to catch me unaware. It didn't work out the best for either of us.

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    I have to agree with the majority, you did the right thing as I see it. You had your girlfriend with you, who's safety was your responsibility. As the old saying goes, the first time you don't listen to your instincts could be the last time you wish you had.

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