Game Plan?

Game Plan?

This is a discussion on Game Plan? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have recently found myself back in the dating game after a moderate absence. The lovely young lady I am spending time with knows I ...

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Thread: Game Plan?

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    Game Plan?

    I have recently found myself back in the dating game after a moderate absence. The lovely young lady I am spending time with knows I carry and has no problems with it.
    My question is this. How many of you have discussed what to do (seek cover, call 911, etc.) with your signif. others or spouse/responsible children, in the event of a defensive firearm situation? How soon is too soon to broach the situation?
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    We've discussed at length, but heck, she carries too, and we've been married 32 years, so its old stuff...just like us.

    I'd discuss as soon as the time is "right".

    Good luck in the dating deal.
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    I have, but that's usually a discussion best saved for a certain stage of a relationship unless the person you're dating is particularly prone to an interest in self defense for personal or professional reasons. I would discuss it at a point where the relationship was "serious" or at least "semi serious" (that point at which by either overt or tacit agreement neither party is seeing anyone else).

    My wife is a Navy corpsman (HM2). That discussion was easy enough.

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    If she is open to the discussion, the sooner the better. At least some kind of basic plan in the event something does happen. It will be much better if she knows what to do so that so can concentrate on the threat at hand.
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    Or save it for the right time in the progressing relationship UNLESS you find yourself in a questionable environment. For example, you go to the opera, and after congratulating the performers you enter the parking building only to discover it deserted and spooky. You might say, "If there's trouble, your job is to run like mad to safety and call 911 while I distract the bad guy." Details ARE important if you're training properly (Lima/JD, for example), but early in the relationship the basic goals are probably sufficient.

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    Be 'gentle', but the sooner, the better...OMO
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    If dating someone I would not revel that I was carrying for a few reasons.
    But in your case she does know & the door is open for you to talk about it.

    One concern would be to put too much “if someone starts shooting” possibilities out there.
    I have family members that know I carry and feel better I’m armed when potential BGs are near.
    They do much better with some ignorance leaving me to yell for them to do in a code red.

    You could add stress to your relationship associated with being with you.
    Find the best balance that fits, she may like a full game plan so to speak

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    Everyone is different play it by ear. Start slowly and don't overload her with information. My wife carries too. But if I spend too much time doing this, her eyes start to glaze over the way mine do when she starts showing me upholstery swatches or paint chips. I have found that I can comment on the actions of sheeple on TV shows and in the movies. "Criminal Minds" is a gold mine.

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