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Stange behavior???? or paranoid

This is a discussion on Stange behavior???? or paranoid within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; IMHO, I don't think I would have detained them, too messy, and trouble causing. Plus you need to be sure they are doing a crime. ...

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Thread: Stange behavior???? or paranoid

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    IMHO, I don't think I would have detained them, too messy, and trouble causing. Plus you need to be sure they are doing a crime. 20-40min is a long time to wait. Plus, that might have been cue for them to pull out weapons or use the truck as one, or to just rush you. You did good, carry concealed, the only time I would bring out a weapon is if I was sure there were armed men out, or if I lived close to the border. Yeah I might die, but probability wise there are so many other things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    No sir, not at all paranoid.

    You also have the benefit of this experience to sharpen your tactics if there is a next time!
    Thank you all for your time and words, my reason for posting here was to get feedback, I did decide one thing and act on it, I did not have a good weapon light before because I never really saw a need for one, I purchased a weaponlight/laser in case I do need a light, I got a detachable one so I can put it on my weapon at home. (dont see needing it on or about me when I am out in public, but now I am thinking it may become part of my carry kit/vehicle kit as well)
    My shotgun had ridden closet duty for so long that I had not kept it loaded, but I did keep an old M-16 cleaning kit case with it that had bird and buck shot, Sad but my 590 is the oldest weapon I own, got it back after panama in the early 90's, took an old alice ruck strap and made a decent sling for it, I know there are better ones on the market but this works for me, sort of like the 16s cleaning kits pouch serving as a shotgun ammo pouch for me. (replaced all the birdshot with buck and shotgun is loaded for now, will probably be unloaded in a month or so, but for now its getting some love again) Wife gave me grief two months ago when i bought more 12 ga ammo, said something along the lines of "when was the last time you shot that anyway, so why you need more ammo" I told her you can never have too much buckshot, and if its on sale I buy it, need or not.... Now I am glad I did, not that I ever expect to need more than 10 rounds of 12 ga.
    Someone asked how much property I own, I actually do not own the property just the house, we rent the lot, and it is not a lot of space. I say 60 yards by 30 yards.

    I dont go more than 12 feet from my front door without a firearm, but when I do go out to smoke at night I stay on my porch, that night I was out at the corner of the lot so I could watch the side of the house I felt a threat may come from while I was waiting for the sheriffs to show up, DID NOT TAKE MY OC SPRAY WITH ME, bad choice, lesson learned. I carry oc at work and never really thought about making it part of my home carry, now it is.

    AX HANDLE? nah, if I want a club the 590 does that job pretty well, just wish I still had my old m7 bayonette, I used to laugh at the thing because I said heck if I ever had to put it on that 590 in civilian life I was in a world of hurt, Now I think I will get another just for intimidation factor. (maybe not such a good idea, if I had to use it I dont think a jury would be happy with a homeowner who had that EBR with a bayonette too) Yeah I am gonna get one anyway, (I can justify it now to my wife, in two months she wont let me get one) it wont ever git to sit on my shotty but when my friends come over I can play mall nija/tacticool. Never liked sidesaddles before, but I think I am going to add that to the 590 as well. ok done ranting for the day. once again thanks.

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    Personally, I might be inclined to make a point of seeing them "here is me, looking at you", but not engage them verbally. Some might consider that wimping out, but as your experience shows, your verbal exchange seemed to end with them threating you.

    I think you want to provide a deterrent, but not actually get into a confrontation if at all possible.

    Of course, this is water under the bridge. I think you did fine. And I don't think you were paranoid -- something was up.

    Like others have suggested, it is probably best to keep on elevated alert for a while, considering the threats. After all, they know where you live.

    Best of luck,


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