We have some more work to do...

We have some more work to do...

This is a discussion on We have some more work to do... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I found out last night that my family and I have some more work to do with our home defense plan. Thankfully, we found out ...

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Thread: We have some more work to do...

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    We have some more work to do...

    I found out last night that my family and I have some more work to do with our home defense plan. Thankfully, we found out in this way, with no actual threat.

    Here's what happened:

    It was just after midnight. My wife had just gone to bed, and I was finishing up some reports for work, but getting ready to close the laptop and drift off to sleep too. I finished my reports, set the laptop aside, did my nightly ritual... brushing teeth, washing face, etc... had just climbed into bed, when I heard the storm door slam violently.

    Before I got all the way out bed, I had my Beretta 92 in hand, quickly woke my wife and told her I thought someone was trying to get in our house. "Get the kids and be ready to call 911!"

    Our plan is that she wakes the older kids, the oldest teenager grabs the 7 year old, my wife grabs the 5 year old, and the all lock themselves in our bedroom. It's not the perfect "safe-room" but I have a solid enough door and lock combo that it should slow someone down. And my wife is supposed to grab the Mossberg and shoot anyone that tries to break their way through.

    I grab the flashlight by the washer, and drop to a crouch as the door slams again.

    My wife, just getting out of bed, shouts, "I heard that!!!! Should I call 911?"

    I shout back in loud whisper, "I don't know yet!!!! SHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

    I could see from where I was that the chain was still in place, so that meant nobody had been able to defeat the deadbolt and get in that way.

    So I go to check the back door, and the ground floor windows, thinking my wife is up and getting the kids. That's when I heard the door slam again. Violent slam... so at this point I'm thinking its just some kids throwing rocks at my door or something. That's when I hear the toilet flush.

    You got it. My wife decided to use the bathroom before she went to get the kids... (mistake number one in my mind)

    At this point, I'm beginning to relax a little (very little) thinking its just some neighborhood kids trying to spook me, so I head for our back door. Someone had left the porch light on the last time the dog was out (No my dog is not a watch dog. She doesn't bark at all... ever... and is the first one to hide under the bed if there is trouble.... but we love her to death) so I can get a pretty good look at the back yard.

    I didn't see anyone, no tracks in the dusting of snow we got, so I throw on my boots, and quietly head outside, pretty sure who these kids are, and thinking about what I'm going to say to their parents.

    Well, as I come around the front of the house, I still don't see any tracks in the fresh snow, but I'm thinking I might be missing them since I didn't want to turn on the flashlight just yet. Just as I get around the corner, out of the corner of my eye, I actually see the storm door open quickly, and now I'm thinking, "Holy Crap!!!!"

    I turn on the flash light, bring the Beretta up, and then the door slams closed, and there is nobody there!

    Ghost Thief???

    Nope. Teenage son.

    He had been at his youth group meet at church, got a ride home, and when he came in the front door, had kicked a bunch of snow up into the frame so it wouldn't latch all the way. Then the wind picked up and blowing just right that it kept blowing the storm door open, and then slamming it closed.

    So I kick the snow away from the door, let close and latch and go back inside and find my wife and kids in the kitchen!?!?!? (mistake number two)

    The oldest teenager decided he was going to "Be a man" and come and check on me. (mistake number three)

    Well, they eventually decided that nothing was wrong since they didn't hear me shouting or shooting, and came out to get a late night snack for the little ones, but she didn't bring the cell phone (She is supposed to keep that on her to call 911 until she gets and "all clear" from me). She left it back in the bedroom. (Mistake number four) And she had already put the mossberg back in it's place with the "all clear" from me. (mistake number five)

    So all in all, an interesting night, but I think we need a little more practice as a family.
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    It is best to get the bugs out in trial runs.

    There was a movie, based on a true story, of an East German family that wanted to escape to the west. On the night of the big departure, the husband comes to get the wife. She is in the bathroom CLEANING the bathtub. He asks her what she is doing as they are never coming back. She replies, when they come to investigate the departure, she doesn't want anyone thinking she was a bad housekeeper. I guess women have a different set of priorities.
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    you got problems

    I feel for you...problems. I bit tongue in cheek here, but consider this.
    Foreveryoung, I was laughing so darn hard at your tale I can only see you have set yourself up for years of problems. Now..we both live in liberal michigan and my experience is similar. After pondering this I came to some simple ideas to share and maybe help ease your burden.

    First of all, to expect your wife and kids to listen to you is just crazy here in Michigan, the schools and social system has them trained that we men are here to pay for there existence but are in no way to be trusted, relied on or at worse trusted to use good judgment. So the first thing to get out of your mind is that they will actually listen, trust or obey to anything you say.

    Next is your kids...my public school system (ann arbor) made sure that the kids are aware that they know more than parents and have rights we are still trying to figure out. The trick of the schools is to make sure the parents are trained to obey what ever the school says and the kids demand. Hence...can not shut the door properly...clean room, turn off lights, do homework oh the list is long and my kids did it all as they all were public trained to ignore crazy dad. Remember, we are here to provide them what ever they require, no questions ask or we may hamper their creative development.

    As for wife going to the bathroom first..well hell never turn down a chance to use the bathroom is a huge priority over getting kids safe, what the heck are you thinking to argue with that. I can tell you need some serious training for Michigan females, obey...whew..now that is a reach. And...you expected her to stay in a room safe and trust you downstairs ? Once again...both wife and kids just knew dad was going to need some back. Again...to ask a Michigan wife to trust her hubby is like asking them to not like chocolate or watch soap operas.

    For teen son to want to help...hell good for him to want to step up and earn his spurs, get another shotgun for the fella to back up your wife. Of course get him to start shutting the door, turning off the lights, TV when he is out of the room plus homework and cleaning his room.

    Now the good part..at least the kid, wife and a weapon were in the room with out the kids calling a social worker for a crazy dad and the wife was not upset to have a gun in the house...you have done pretty good there. As for getting them to do what you need them do, I would write a book if you manage that.

    Thanks for letting me laugh a bit and humor here..been thought a similar situation where I had a drunk trying to get in and wife did not follow our arrangement after we had practiced it quite well.

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    Well at least you had a plan. Maybe a stern talk will do it. Otherwise you can start running drills at 2:30 until they get it right....I bet it will be right the 2nd time, if not the 1st.


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    Yeah... I think I would have the same problem, unfortunately. I think the answer is to practice it, not just preach it (which is all I've done so far). Thanks for the post, good food for thought (and I can see my wife using the bathroom, too...).
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