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The Warning Shot

This is a discussion on The Warning Shot within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As was posted in another thread, once that bullet leaves the muzzle you are responsible for it. Legally, morally and ethically. A warning shot has ...

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Thread: The Warning Shot

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    As was posted in another thread, once that bullet leaves the muzzle you are responsible for it. Legally, morally and ethically.

    A warning shot has no useful purpose and a hell of a lot of trouble tied to it.

    I was told by a couple of LEO instructors at Thunder Ranch that when giving a verbal warning you should yell, "Stop Police!!" Later when recounting your actions and you are asked about it you say, "No, No what I yelled was "Stop Please!!!, I begged him to stop."

    Sounds logical to me.
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    In the the last two of three times I've had to clear leather, I haven't had time to issue a verbal warning, let alone a casual shot to make sure the gun fires (ala the warning shot). It happens that fast.

    Once the gun is out, I *may* have the luxury of a verbal warning, but quite frankly, that's the least of my concerns at that point.

    I've found that if the cretins who have found themselves suddenly downrange typically listen to Mr. Sig, but even he's not always persuasive enough.

    Two idiots at the shop last summer didn't listen until I pulled out Mr 12 Gauge with my other hand and warned my regulars who were covering my six to stand aside as I didn't know what the pattern on this thing would be like.

    Amazingly, right then and there, I had compliance.
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    Thumbs down Warning Shot?

    Quote Originally Posted by rocky
    The only time I may consider a warning shot would be someone who was wielding a non projectile weapon and attempting to close to engage another person. Even then I probably would shout a warning over firing a round. Mainly , not to waste ammo.
    In Florida even the DISPLAY of a firearm is considered to be the use of deadly force. Therefore firing a warning shot or aiming for any place rather than an "alpha zone hit" (head or COM) is going to land you in hot water. The judge is going to say: Well you fired a warning shot and so you used DEADLY FORCE but you weren't trying to stop the threat and you endangered others with your errant you must not have felt the true NEED to use DEADLY FORCE..... Do you see?

    My feeling is that if I'm pushed into an unavoidable state of Condition Red....that's Combat! I shoot and I'll keep shooting until the threat(s) have been neutralized....
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    We were told in CCW class if we ever fired a warning shot, the instructor wil hunt us down and pistol whip us until he passed out from exhaustion. I am not kidding either. He really said that.

    Warning shots are for the movies, same for kicking the weapon out of the hand or shooting it out of grasp too, for that matter.

    In cop school, there are foreign students in my program from Canada, who are the " shoot him in the leg" ultra-liberal crybabies. Even the instructors get furious at them for their ignorance. They told them if they were ever involved in a deadly force incident, hopefully they would not be there too. Some morons never will learn.

    SIDE NOTE- What's even scarier than a warning shot??? Read below.

    There was even a (true) story from my program president tonight in class about two Oregon state troopers who NEVER CARRIED A LOADED WEAPON ON DUTY!!! It was against their religion to kill a human. They could not face the taking of a human life so they never had any bullets in their guns or magazines. No bullets in the gun WHATSOEVER!!! Now what would have happened if they needed to help a fellow officer whose life was in danger- Never mind I don't want to picture it. Needless to say, those two officers were promptly fired. The other troopers were understandible and rightfully IRATE!!! Talk about an officer safety issue!
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    Just to add my two cents in, but I distictly remember being told during training both military and civilian to never fire a warning shot. Any warnings given were to be verbal, any shots fired COM.

    A1C Lickey

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    Quote Originally Posted by A1C Lickey
    Any warnings given were to be verbal, any shots fired COM.
    I think that sums it up very nicely.
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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    Another reason not to give a Warning Shot: Why waste ammo that you may need to defend your life?
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

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    This was briefly stated earlier, but couldn't a warning shot be considered a 'illegal discharged of a firearm', or is that dependent on local law?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle
    Warn all you want, but when you pull that trigger it better be for keeps!

    <sigh> I agree 100%. If I feel the need to draw, then the need to shoot is already justified, a warning shot will not stand up in court.
    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child might have peace."
    - Thomas Paine

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    The only place I've actually seen/trained for a warning shot was in Corrections. If the inmate crossed the wire, one round and a verbal command; if they did not immediately freeze/drop, we were to fire COM.

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    Mentally J U S T I F Y; then,

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    Just in case someone hasn't gotten the message,...

    There's a reason The Sopranos is set in New Jersey.
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    Warning shots are a danger to the public. Even if I'm not aiming at anything, I'm still going to shoot something.

    To be perfectly honest, they dont make sense to me. If one cant justify lethal force, why shoot? If one can justify lethal force, why shoot and intentionally miss?

    I give animals a warning shot (if one can be safely fired) on a situational basis. For example, this one.

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    Ummm... here's what I wanna know. Why did his neighbor wait 5 months to call animal control?

    OT: I wouldn't do a warning shot there either. I'd use a .22 to limit the danger radius from ricochet, but I still wouldn't send a bullet out into the world, that could end up anywhere, for no purpose.

    If a racoon, feral housecat or whatever is causing enough of a problem for me to get a gun, I'm going to shoot it.
    "I am a Soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

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    My neighbor, actually. He's made enough BS calls to CPS to be threatened by the DA for malicious reports. Just someone we dont get along with. From what I understand, he doesnt get along with many of the other neighbors either.

    If you re-read my pst at FvC you'll see that I didnt send a shot out into the world, I sent it into the ground. The coon wasnt causing so much of a problem that I thought it needed put down, but enough of a problem for me to be prepared to do so.

    When I lived in the sticks, unwelcome four-legged critters (such as coons, cats, dogs) weren't uncommon (but, not all that common either). Generally, they would run off when yelled at. If not, one shot would be fired into the ground to scare it off, and if it didnt run from the gunshot it was assumed that something is wrong with the animal and it was put down and disposed of. A warning shot saved us from some digging after a day in the fields.

    Lazy? Maybe. But after spending 14 hours or so in a few tobacco fields the last thing I, or anyone I worked with, wanted to do when we got home is pick up a shovel. Old habits die hard I guess.

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