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You got a Dollar???

This is a discussion on You got a Dollar??? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; About 1990, there was a panhandler regularly outside a big food discount store in Sacramento. He had that spot staked out for at least a ...

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Thread: You got a Dollar???

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    About 1990, there was a panhandler regularly outside a big food discount store in Sacramento. He had that spot staked out for at least a year. One day, a TV news crew interviewed him. What he told them, had he actually thought about it, was insane. Doing the math, the TV story said that he made TAX-FREE about $36,000 per year, or about $50K if you actually had a regular job that took out taxes. Funny, after that story, the store banished him and he was nowhere to be found in my area.

    Today, we have the island panhandlers, next to the turn lanes, in the high rent districts near my home. One of these guys actually drives a late model Corvette to the area, parks a couple of blocks from his panhandling location. Others have expensive mountain bikes, etc. that lay in nearby bushes, disguised and covered with crappy clothing during their begging hours.

    In short, SCAMMERS! No sympathy for them at all.

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    My son used to drive through McDonald's and spend a couple of dollars on a cheeseburger & small fries and go back to the guy at the stop light. Some tookit and expressed appreciation. Some cussed him out & threw it at the car. He brings me lunch now...

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    Many street people have mental, alcohol, drug, or some combination of all of the above problems. Many carry some type of edged weapon. That just goes with living on the streets. I don't allow them to get close to me even at the risk of being impolite. I make donations to my church, some other organizations that help feed people and I pay my taxes which are overspent on social programs if you ask me. I would complain to the gas station about his hanging around. Don't let them get too close to you is my advice.

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    I never give money when requested. First off I work too hard for it. Second I refuse to let someone distract me as I try to get it out, giving them the perfect opportunity to try something if that is what is on their mind.

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    I seem to recall a story about a couple who panhandled enough to buy a house and put their kids through school.

    It's a shame about all the scammers since there are SOME people who legitimately need help...but I doubt anyone who's ever approached me was one of them.

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    I recently had an encounter at the local gas station while armed. About 5 a.m. I pulled in to the station to fill up. While waiting for the gas to pump, an old car pulled up to the front of the store. This guy gets out and starts walking toward this time I'm yellow ready to go red. He gets within 30 feet and says "hey man, I lost my wallet and need some money." I turned to protect my strong hand and thrust out my weak hand while yelling "STOP! DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" He froze in place with this surprised, quizical look on his face. Within two seconds he turned and walked away while mumbling something about "hey man, stay cool...I just need some money for a phone call."

    I'm really glad he didn't produce a weapon and threaten me.

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    Back in the mid-70s, while in seminary, the Journal-Constitution did a story that highlighted a couple who would go from church to church each month until they got their rent paid, utilities paid, food, etc.

    They figured they were making $1,000/mo., tax-free, just from gullible church folk like me. My wife was teaching school and making $8,000/year, minus taxes.

    The churches set up an agency that would pool the resources and help those with legitimate needs. The others could figure it out on their own.

    I will help the truly needy, but I will not enable the cycle that many of these folks have lived for too long.

    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    I used to have to go to the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, and there were signs in windows from the city that stated that if you were observed giving items to panhandlers that you would be fined.
    I suggest that if you can find in your inner self the will to inflict violence on someone who is trying to victimize you, and can back up that iron will with all the force that you can muster, you will most likely be successful.

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    I worked for a large consulting company, where the owner was an extremely witty, intelligent guy... Who also happened to play the bagpipes. At a company party in Miami (on one of those open streetside resturaunts) he showed up in a kilt with his bagpipes. Really just his way of entertaining his employees.

    Everyone gathered around and he started playing. While he was playing, all kinds of people walked up and put money in his bagpipe case, thinking he was a street performer. He would just kind of nod at them or wink or something. We took it upon ourselves to go tell some of the people, "Do you know you just gave a dollar to a multi-millionaire?"

    To a person, they found it amusing, and not one went back for their money.

    Not sure what this has to do with anything, just that this thread reminded me of the incident.
    The facts are indisputable. There is more data supporting the benefits of Conceal Carry than there is supporting global warming. If you choose ignorance, in light of all the evidence, in order to bolster your irrational fear of guns, you are a greater threat to society than any gun owner.

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    Situational awareness means I spot them before they think I spotted them.

    Left hand goes straight out, palm up. Right arm bent at the elbow, hand close to waist.

    "ain't got time for you brother, back off!"

    Had one guy tried to tell me he wasn't a bum, etc. but he was still 15 feet away and I was already in my truck before he really got started.

    Want to be charitable? Try United Way, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, etc.

    Winos on the street won't spend it for anything but trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheatum007 View Post
    You ever had that guy walk up to and ask you for some money?
    Well, that just happened to me down at my local gas station.
    I'll remind all of you that I'm 19 and can NOT carry legally, so as i pull up to the gas station I see a tall black male probably 6'4".
    As I get out of the car he's about 5 steps in front of me, he grabs the door for me so I enter before him.
    There are two people in front of me and he's right behind me, he says you got 75 cents man? (with both hands in his black hoody.)
    I'm unarmed so I say sure.
    Its my turn at the counter so I pay for my Red-Bull and give this guy 75 cents.
    Finally he takes his hands out of the hoody and takes the change.
    As I'm walking out he says 'let me get 5 dollars' I say ya right, he presumes to walk toward me - so I walk out real fast and get in the car and lock the doors before he can do anything.
    I left with him standing about 3 feet from my door.
    My question is:
    Would you have acted differently if you were armed?
    no,i would have acted the same.i usually dont give money to bums and crack heads but in this case i would have.i also then would have called the police and told them i felt threatened by him even though i didn't.
    everyone needs to call the law about these aggressive panhandlers.
    you should also go back later and tell the people that work at or own the store what happened,they dont like bums hanging around their stores either,bothering their customers.
    these creeps are becoming a real problem in Austin, there are so many of them and a lot of them under 30yrs old.
    all they do is beg and scare women and children. i cant stand them. we are trying to pass more laws regarding them here in Austin, but of course here they have groups that want to defend them and make sure their rights aren't violated...

    Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
    ― Thomas Paine

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    I think the tough part was the begger being in the store, right behind the OP in line. You're waiting in line and he's already pretty much in your space. Haven't had that specific experience, just the usual being hit up for money after parking the car or getting gas.....especially in Tallahassee. It's a smaller city with two large college campuses right next to downtown with a health homeless population squeezed in between everything. Probably every other time I was stopping to get gas I would get approached by someone looking for some change or something. Usually just say No fairly forcible and they'd be on their way. Had a couple start to argue and call me names, at that point it's a quick hop into the car and I'm out.

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    A guy asked me the other day if I had any round quaters to spare, I replied nope just square ones...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southtexas View Post
    Armed or not I say "back off" its a clear warning that no further communication is needed/desired.

    I use and have had good results with eye contact and "wrong guy, back off".
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    Here in Austin, Tx, there are many such people - on every corner, it seems. I just have fun with them when they have the gall to approach me. I'm not intimidated easily, and I'm an old fart (52) with a history, an attitude, and (now) a CHL, so your mileage may vary.
    "You got any spare change?" {Assume the mental midget, Steve Martin/the Jerk personna:}
    "Gee, 'fraid not. I'm broke, too. I've heard of 'spare change,' but I ain't ever even seen any such thing."
    (Expletive deleted) (but they leave)
    "Hey, dude, got a dollar?" {Assume the Gomer Pyle visage:}
    "Gee, thanks, but I already have one - thanks for offering, though! Awful kind of you!" ("Crazy fool!! -Get away from me")
    Sometimes I'm not in the mood to play, of course. That's when I look them straight in the eye, walk towards them without blinking, and say in a very low and monotone voice: "No. I don't. Good-bye." I've yet to have one stay long enough for the "goodbye" part, but I say it anyways.
    I've had some other interesting "conversations," but these are the "repeat performances."
    One time I did cave (decades ago, when I was almost your age), and he immediately pegged me as a mark. Rather than leaving with what I gave, he accelerated until I lost my patience and temper. As I had been training at black-belt level since I was 14, I don't - didn't - intimidate easily; I was trying to be civil and "charitable" - but I learned quickly.
    I haven't copyrighted or patented these responses, so feel free to use them or any variations that suit your situation. Or create your own and share them with the rest of us. Have fun with them; they despise us, so they warrant no respect from us. I can explain and expound on this last statement if you want, but not right now (and only if asked).

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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