You got a Dollar???

You got a Dollar???

This is a discussion on You got a Dollar??? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You ever had that guy walk up to and ask you for some money? Well, that just happened to me down at my local gas ...

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Thread: You got a Dollar???

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    You got a Dollar???

    You ever had that guy walk up to and ask you for some money?
    Well, that just happened to me down at my local gas station.
    I'll remind all of you that I'm 19 and can NOT carry legally, so as i pull up to the gas station I see a tall black male probably 6'4".
    As I get out of the car he's about 5 steps in front of me, he grabs the door for me so I enter before him.
    There are two people in front of me and he's right behind me, he says you got 75 cents man? (with both hands in his black hoody.)
    I'm unarmed so I say sure.
    Its my turn at the counter so I pay for my Red-Bull and give this guy 75 cents.
    Finally he takes his hands out of the hoody and takes the change.
    As I'm walking out he says 'let me get 5 dollars' I say ya right, he presumes to walk toward me - so I walk out real fast and get in the car and lock the doors before he can do anything.
    I left with him standing about 3 feet from my door.
    My question is:
    Would you have acted differently if you were armed?

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    You did well. If anything, carrying would only make you feel more urgent to escape.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!!
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    No money from me...ever! He would get a loud verbal decline to donate...

    Actually, I've had attempts to ask me for money in several parking lots. Once this fat, bald, old man let's loose with some loud vocabulary about staying away and not bothering me...the usual suspects' have just put up their hands and said, "OK, man, not a problem!"...and walked away mumbling something about that crazy old man...

    As you have already experienced, a donation does not end the situation...even allowing someone to get close enough to reach for money could have been your undoing...OMO...

    I choose to NOT be a friendly person to people I do not know...l do not trust anyone...

    Stay armed...stay very alert...think ahead...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheatum007 View Post
    You ever had that guy walk up to and ask you for some money?
    yep, many times...I always tell them "no."

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheatum007
    My question is:
    Would you have acted differently if you were armed?
    I would have acted differently if I wasn't armed (which never happens).

    I'm glad you're okay but you allowed him to get way too close to you. Go to this thread over at TPI, it's worth the time to register and read and it will give you tons of good info on dealing with these types of situations.

    Keep in mind that just because you're too young to get a CCW doesn't mean you don't have other options. OC, a flashlight, a knife, and some h2h training are things you should consider.
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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    I've had several attempts to illicit money from me at gas stations. Most of these folks wish to make a play on your emotions. Me----I have no emotions, and if they so happen to swell up in me, they are quickly suppressed into nothing. My conscience? My conscience is employed by me on a part-time basis---it's a contractor so to speak to summon in particular situations. The way things stand right now----approaching me in public for anything indicates to me to a certain desperation and possibly questionable psychological background from the inquirer. Ignore them. If they get adamant about things---start dialing the cell phone and have the local gendarmes remove them from that location. Best for you and them.

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    It embarrasses my girlfriend and Mom, but when I see them heading my way, I ask them first. HEY BUD, SPARE SOME CHANGE? Always catches them off guard, and they head the other way.

    Now in the potential robbery, I'd head back into the store, making noise.
    Treat me good, I'll treat you better. Treat me bad, I'll treat you worse.

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    My wife and I were in San Antonio last weekend.One guy asked if I was a jerk,I said yes,he walked off.A very clean cut man asked for bus money,I said no,he said he was ashamed of himself!Spare change beggers all over.My point?Always say no for money requests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    It embarrasses my girlfriend and Mom, but when I see them heading my way, I ask them first. HEY BUD, SPARE SOME CHANGE? Always catches them off guard, and they head the other way.
    I'm trying this next time I go downtown. Just look them in the eyes and say, politely but seriously, "hey man, can ya spare some change?". I love it.

    To the OP:

    I think you did just fine, as there isn't much else you could have done. Maybe the guy at the counter would be on your side, maybe not. Leaving in a hurry was a good move. Reporting the incident might be a good thing.

    Pete Zaria.
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    - Margaret Mead

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    I actually had one of these guys, standing at the end of an offramp holding the cardboard sign, approach me and tell me to turn down my radio. Said I was hurting his business. Needless to say, I told him to take a long walk off a short pier. Then he started off on some rant saying "I am not a liar." These people are nuts. You never know what they could possibly do. The sad thing is good intentioned people give them money, enabling them to buy more booze, dope or whatever. These same crazies that are begging by day are stealing by night, no matter how pathetic and harmless they look.

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    Request for money are met with the answer of "NO".

    I donate to the charities of my choice, where I know that at least some of my money will go to help those less fortunate.

    Request for the time are met with, "Sorry, I don't have a watch." My watch is in plain view on my wrist. These are good ways for street criminals to "size you up" before striking.

    Yes, I seem cold and unfriendly to those I don't know. I don't care.


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    Ya know, it works to have a few bucks handy to give away. I mean why not? Unless you know they are going to mis-use it, why not? You could say you've done your part. No need to explode if your hey-this-is-crap detector isn't going off.

    When I reflect upon my life, I'll be glad I helped where I could. The Big Man upstairs gave me what I have, and if I share it even in a small way, that puts me in a better spot. If someone approaches me with a need, and mis uses it behind my back, then that is between them and Him.

    By the time I retire, I won't miss the few dollars given away here and there, but the sting of constant refusals to help (when I can, and it was safe to do so) will weigh me down.

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    The whole thing depends on where I am, where I need to be and my general mood.

    Generally speaking they get a no. They will reduce the amount and still get a no. Rinse repeat until they curse you or whatever and move on. If I feel that they are legit, i.e. just on hard times and need some help I will point them to a church. Most churches have a petty cash fund to give a few dollars for a meal. A lot even have meal vouchers or gift cards to local restaurants or grocery stores. Some will give out gas cards. If they don't like that idea, then they don't need money or whatever bad enough.

    When I worked in DC my pastor told me a thing to do that worked very well for me. Buy cards for a large sandwich at McDs. Now they just do the gift card thing, but then they sold specific types. Anyway, somebody panhandles you offer them the card. If they take it you have fed them several times. If they don't take it they would only use the cash for drugs or booze anyway.

    Now the feed them several times comes from the fact that in DC the McDs and others don't put out their condiments because the homeless take them all. So giving someone a large sandwich allowed them to request ketchup and in the case of a filet o' fish, tarter sauce. The condiment packets made soup later.

    It's a personal decision, but cash they don't get from me. In Missouri the meth heads will try anything to get cash for their next fix. Now that McDs just does the generic card I'm sure they probably can trade those for hits now as well. At a rest stop I had one trying to sell me any part of her car to get money. I just asked her to smile for me and when she flashed that meth grill it was all over for her.
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    I don't give money to people on the street. Producing my wallet in his presence may tempt him to snatch my wallet and run. I don't need that risk and hassle.

    Personally I think some of the best methods to avoid the money hustle, are ones that refuse, confuse and defuse.

    Him, "Hey, you gotta couple of bucks"
    Me, "I'm with an agency.....they don't allow us to carry cash.....sorry, I gotta go I'm running late"

    Avoid further verbal engagement. Avoid debate or insults that could escalate your encounter. As usual distance/speed is your friend.

    If your conscience is an issue, donate money to the local soup kitchen, homeless shelter or whatever. The guy hustling me for a buck is probably already getting benefits from my previously paid income I'm already helping him.
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    When I was a mail currier for the state, I used to get asked by the same guy EVERY DAY at the same corner downtown. I never gave him any (I am of the opinion that the gods help those who help themselves - Lots of Day labor places around town...rant coming...)

    Anyhow, after about a month of this I finally said "You see me every day, and I have yet to give you a cent. The next time I see you, I am going to take everything you have collected for the day, and every time I see you there after, no matter where you are at, I will take 75% of what you have. Do we have an understanding?"

    I saw him 1 more time on a different corner on my route, he saw my van and took off a runnin'. Never saw him again after that.

    I have only given to two people. The first one was when I saw a guy with a "Why lie, all I want is a beer" and I happened to have a couple of cases of beer so I tossed him a 6 pack as I drove by. He dropped his sign and was looking like a pot of gold from God was coming at him. The other had a sign that said "Need $$$ for a pizza" Another original, he earned a buck.

    To the OP - You did good, spooky situation. I'd have probably called that one in on the non emergency line to the locals.

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    I always liked what my uncle did when someone asked if he had any change. He would pull out some change and count it and then put it back into his pocket and say, yep and walk off.

    Talk about some dirty looks he got. LOL.

    And to the original poster of this thread, I think you did the right thing in just getting out of there.

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