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This is a discussion on Pick one--Gun or Flashlight within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I go for gun. But I don't get the need to "challenge" another person for walking in the same neighborhood or assume that shadows are ...

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Thread: Pick one--Gun or Flashlight

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    I go for gun. But I don't get the need to "challenge" another person for walking in the same neighborhood or assume that shadows are targets. Would you be compliant if someone you don't know commanded you to in a dark place? You're probably in their neigborhood. It's a unfamiliar place, not a known hostile one.

    Anyway, if I'm anywhere in dark I try be stealthy and not draw attention to myself, especially if I'm unarmed.
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    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    edc. im combat arms so im used to being kept in the dark. beside by 2230 my eyes will have completely adjusted.
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    EDC for me....although the two wouldn't be left home at 10pm....
    strange town...dark...2 miles...I am not in shape enough to run 2 miles with just my flashlight, Bg's, dogs....yup edc common sense choice IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsumner View Post
    You guys must be some impressive shots to be presuming to make hits in the type of darkness the op describes. I'm just a mere mortal. I sometimes have trouble making A-zone hits at friendly IDPA matches in daylight. My hats off to ya.

    Environment is an equalizer, in this case. If one isn't foolish, and gives the eyes 15-20 minutes to adjust, and walks with steady deliberation, you're in fine shape.

    We've developed a rather artificial attachment to light for "identification" purposes. Why? If its dark, you can disappear by remaining stationary. Do you need to shoot? Again, why? If you're relying on a FL in a bad urban area with NO ambient light, you're pretty well screwed. The goblins who know the ground will circle, and get you from behind, if they are going to. At least if its dark, everyone plays roughly the same field.

    A rural area is a bit different- you really do need the light. One has to rely on the ears more than the eyes. If you hear something "concerning", turn your light off, move laterally, then stop & observe.

    In this context, I wouldn't be getting "A" zone hits at 20 yards, I'd be grabbing a neck and jamming a .32 up someone's nose. If its dark, and someone grabs you, they're looking for trouble.

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    Most definitely my carry weapon. A flashlight may help you see but be of limited use in case of a multiple assailant situation.

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    Okay, since we aren't going to take this poll in context, I'll change my answer.

    I would find a young sapling and use my hunting knife to build a bow. I would use one of my shoelaces for the string. I would then find some reeds and or sticks to make arrows.

    After that, I would use my other shoe lace to bind brush/reeds to a stick to make a torch. I would extract the gunpowder from one of my rounds and use the friction from spinning my bow to start a fire and light my torch. Some of my arrows would be fire arrows, so that I could light the arrow prior to dropping my torch. That way I could ensure my target is well luminated/on fire.

    I would keep my EDC, but I would only use it as a BUG in case my bow and arrow was not sufficient.

    When time allowed, I would stalk and kill a deer(with my bow) so that I could acquire sinew to make a better string. I could also use the bone fragments to make arrow heads if time permitted.

    When I get back to safety, I will have to reassess my habits so that I never find myself in such a stupid hypothetical again.
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    But, You Can't

    You can't make up your own - What you would do.
    The scenario is that you are required to walk the 2 miles in total or near total darkness.

    You can't sleep until daylight according to the original post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    My EDC since I know I can walk around the woods in the dark on most nights and those that I can't, I lay down and sleep till daylight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    Situation is that you have to walk 2 miles in a strange area to you. Out of the city, so no street lights, and under a New Moon so very dark outside. Your walk would start about 10:00 pm. No cell service, and you have to choose which you would rather carry a good Sure-Fire type light, or your carry piece. (sorry no mounted light on gun allowed.)

    this generates some questions.

    Why cant' I carry both?
    Why are you making me Walk?
    Is calling a cab not an option?
    Am I being chased by zombies?
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    I chose the light.

    If I am walking through a dark area that is so dark that I cannot see anything reliably then I am already at a severe disadvantage. Whether I have a firearm or not is not going to change that disadvantage to an advantage. Add to that the fact that I do not know the lay of the land and I am doubly disadvantaged. A flashlight on the other hand can remove the disadvantage of the darkness. If used correctly, it can turn the dark into an advantage for you since you can temporarily blind the assumed assailant and run. Then I just hope that I can run faster scared then they can mad.

    In this kind of situation, I am the hunted not the hunter. I need to recognize that and act accordingly. Carrying a gun instead of a flashlight would go against that mindset. In the dark, a gun is all offense. There is no deterrent factor since the assumed assailant cannot see it. In this scenario, I am not on offense, I am on defense.

    I have had to use my flashlight way more often then I have had to use my gun. I would be willing to bet that in my lifetime I have pressed the on/off button on my flashlight more often then I have pulled the trigger on my gun.

    You will only survive about 4 seconds without thinking, 4 minutes without breathing, 4 hours without shelter, 4 days without water, 4 weeks without food, and 4 months without hope. Prioritize appropriately.
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    Gonna carry my pistola. Shooting lightbeams doesn't leave a big 'nuff hole.
    "Beware of the man who only owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    It's an interesting scenario though I can't imagine how I would find myself in a situation where I would have to choose between the two.

    But, I'll play.

    Statistically you are far more likely to get seriously injured groping around in total darkness while traversing blind across unfamiliar territory than meeting up with a truly deadly threat in any given two miles of travel.

    I have been out in remote areas when there was absolutely NO ambient light. Nights when even "eyes adjusted" I could not see my hand one foot in front of my face.

    I'm assuming that this is one of those nights.

    I'd opt for the light.

    Reason being that if it was that dark and faced with a threatening BG - I'd temp blind him with the light - switch off the light and immediately change location & so how would he find me?
    It would also be pretty easy to take out a threat CQ with a rock or whatever was available as a "found object" offensive weapon. A well constructed light is a decently effective tool also.


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