Massad Ayoob knows what he is talking about, especially from his experience as a LEO. How do I know this you ask? Well for one, I am a former LEO myself, (many moons ago when my PD carried revolvers), and I have been a firefighter and EMT for 25 years running some of the same calls LEOs run. My brother-in-law is also a LEO for the same PD I worked for all those years ago. Let me tell you something, you see a lot of things that the ordinary civilian will never see in a lifetime. You also learn a lot about gunshot and knife wounds, street fighting where anything goes, and the immoral depravity of the hardened criminal. Years of experience teaches you things you could never learn from any book. I, for one, do believe that he truly is on your side and is only offering his advice as to what works and what doesn't should you have the unfortunate experience of being in a defensive shooting situation.