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This is a discussion on can't trust anybody these days within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by mrhutch I had thought that in order to use lethal force, you had to be confronted with lethal force. but i've been ...

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Thread: can't trust anybody these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhutch View Post
    I had thought that in order to use lethal force, you had to be confronted with lethal force. but i've been set straight by a few helpful members. i now know to address all threats as potentially lethal ...
    Being herded in back (out of sight) isn't a prelude to them learning how to fold those little origami figures hanging in the window. Whatever it is, it cannot be for your personal benefit. At worst, you're about to be slaughtered unless you take immediate and decisive action to save your life. Take your chances, or take charge and turn it around. Up to you.

    Definitely, review your state's laws regarding the use of force. Review the concept of the "deadly force triangle" of Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy. Perhaps speak with a competent attorney if uncertain where the legal dividing line lies, in your state.

    See GA Title 16-3-21 and 16-3-23. In short, you are legally allowed to stop a forcible felony. You are also legally allowed to use force, up to and including lethal force, to prevent death or serious injury to you or other innocents. You must reasonably believe that to be the case, but then that's basically true most everywhere.

    In any case, if you use force to thwart a crime against you, you'll be taken to task to explain your actions. So be it. Expect to do so. But ... realize that in order to do so you must be alive. Being taken "out back" is a prelude to nothing good. Too many good people are pushing daisies who started the day thinking that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrhutch View Post
    i know i know. my kindness is my weakness. i just really hate to be that person that assumes everybody is bad and treats everyone like a criminal.
    It need not be that way. Being kind is fine. But, dishing out trust without it having been earned can get you burned. You can be circumspect, have some basic caution and maintain good situational awareness without giving up full trust. Don't worry about others feeling treated like a criminal. You're not doing that. You're merely holding your cards close, treating the situation as a business engagement with a potential customer who is currently unknown to you. Oh yeah ... regarding those little hairs on the back of your neck that were rising up as those three people were moving in concert and obviously "casing" the place? The hairs were right. They knew something you instinctively knew to be true, but didn't listen to. The trick is to listen, subtly, all the while going about your business and yet not dropping your guard. The right instructors can help you find this within you. It's a critical skill to build. It's your built-in radar. That situational awareness can be your most effective tool to seeing a situation brewing and being able to manage it as it turns sideways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhutch View Post
    we frequently have people dropping big bills, but it's usually on purchases of over $50. since the more recent incident, we have been trying to keep cash in the register at a minimum and all big bills get dropped in the safe as soon as the store's empty again. our register is also right next to a large parking-lot viewed window, which is good and bad--armed robberies would be more likely to be noticed, but so would cash in the drawer. we have mixed feelings about it.
    OK first off, dropped in the safe when the customer is gone??? why wait,, drop it right there in front of the customer, so everyone sees you are not holding anything large at all,, DO IT EVERYTIME, you may know the customer, it does not matter, do you know who is walking by your window?

    also forget the mixxed feelings, put a poster or anything that blocks the direct view of your register from the outside when it is open,, You can do this and still have the register area seen from outside, and if you are creative it wont even be noticed. (meaning put the blocking item not on the window but by the register so it covers more area from different views)
    Each time you open your register you are putting your self at risk,, all it takes is a guy standing outside to glance in and see a large amount of bills,, even if its just a lot of small change, if he can see it and has bad intentions he will be back thinking you are a good target.

    IF he is casing the place and cant see in the register he will either case it some more,,, (hopefully you will notice) or he will find another target, You saw how the folks choose somene else, they set you up to be robbed and changed their minds, you will never know why, but you can make your own store less likely a target.

    Installing cameras that the customer can see is another good deterant, there are two views on this one says if they can see the cameras they will avoid them,, the other is that if they cant see the cameras/monitor they wont care/know they could get caught,, I choose the viewable screen,, as well as cameras that are not so noticeable for other locations... The key here is detterring, because you will not have the advantage if you are getting robbed, as you noted the first guy controlled you,, put you on the ground,, even though you then secured your weapon you were still controlled,, there will be no difference if they have a gun and you have a gun, if you are controlled your gun is not a good option... so back to detterance..

    Stay safe, stay alert, and keep working on the wife,,,she may never carry but she may be open to having a gun in a secure area like the back of the store,, which is still back up for you if things go bad...
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