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Young Children?

This is a discussion on Young Children? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; [QUOTE=farronwolf;693488]Hmm, lets see. If you put the gun in the quick access safe, (which happens to reside in my bedroom closet) before going to bed. ...

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Thread: Young Children?

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    [QUOTE=farronwolf;693488]Hmm, lets see. If you put the gun in the quick access safe, (which happens to reside in my bedroom closet) before going to bed. Son is already asleep. I know for a fact that the safe hasn't been tampered with, because I just opened it to put the pistol into it. So if said bad guy breaks into the house, I was the last person to access the safe, and am sure that it will open up. At this time there are 3 loaded pistols available to me, my 9mm, a .380, and a .357. [QUOTE=farronwolf;693488]

    You never stated that in your response to this thread. If it works for you great. Just watch out for Murphy.

    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    And yes, if you have read some of my other posts, my son is pretty gun proofed already, since he has been with me when I shoot since before he could walk.
    I was adding to my post for people reading the thread and not directing those comments to you. Mea culpa.

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    Mine are all in a safe in the closet. Between the dog downstairs, the alarm system and me being a really light sleeper, I don't need any unlocked guns around. The safe has a digital keypad, so it is very fast and I can do it in the dark. I timed myself and it is only a few seconds.
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    We are blessed to have 7 children with one on the way. I agree with Chuck - the best policy is to train them in obedience, but also familiarization and safety procedures for firearms. I have introduced all my children to the proper use of guns beginning at their earliest interest ( about age 5-6 ). Start with pellet/bb/guns or now airsoft - then move up to .22.

    All my guns are kept in one of two safes, a quick access safe with keypad in the bedroom, the second a larger gun safe. I usually carry a Kimber Ultra CDPII on my person - otherwise it's in the quick access safe.

    The recommendations I've read of hiding guns on high shelf of hiding behind the headboard just wont' work - I've tried both.

    What got my attention on the need for a safe was when my oldest was 4 and found a loaded .38 in the glove compartment of my car after a family trip. I went right then and bought my first inexpensive pistol safe for about $30 at WalMart.

    The Eddy the Eagle program along with your state Hunters' Safety Programs are good sources for education - but don't underestimate the curiousity and determination of children.
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    Discipline. For you, not the kids.

    You need to discipline yourself to do a fwe things religiously. I have a young son with an inquisitive mind and have adopted these and it seems to work.

    Everything but the HD gun is unloaded at all times when the kids are around. This will change as they grow up enough to go hunting with my wife and I. Ammo is in a locked box my three year old has never seen open. We've tested the "go get a gun" and "go get a bullet" requests. He'll come back with a handgun, but cannot find any ammo. Talk about incentive to keep them locked and ammo seperate!

    CCW gun is unloaded unless it is on my person. When I go to bed or remove it for some reason, the chamber is cleared.

    HD gun(s) is/are loaded only when the CCW isn't. When I go to bed, CCW comes off, HD gets loaded. When I get up, CCW goes on, HD gets unloaded. There is no loaded firearm outside my control this way. When I'm at work, the shotgun in the bedroom isn't loaded. Wife has a CCW, so they're not defenseless.

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